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My Goodness I feel like Crud!!!

I got absolutely NO sleep last night.  I went to the chiro and over to the gym.  I went on the treadmill, stretched then used the bike.  Was ok.  Now trying to down a freaking protein shake.  Uck!!!  It's been over 8 hrs since I took a vicodin.  I'm actually detoxing from the fentanyl pain patch.  This is literally like hell on earth.  My feet keep wanting to be moving because they feel asleep.  My back is BURNING... my stomach is BURNING and bubbling like a volcano!  This is the tri-fecta (sp?).  I am ready to go out my damn mind!!!!!!  Ugh!  Now I think I need to stop the vicodin.  Yest I went over 13 hrs no vicodin.  Then tried to sleep and the RLS kicked in, so I took a vicodin and thought that'd help.  The RLS went away but still didn't sleep....  Somebody rescue me from this HELL!!!!
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You won't start detoxing until you've eliminated all opiates from your system. The vicodin may help a little your just delaying the inevitable.  I made the same mistake before if u take the vic's it will be worse once u stop them. Just suck it up and get it over with.
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Yes,I think you need to stop the vicodin.You're on a rollercoaster and it's not fun. Just be done with it!  You'll feel bad for a few days but then it gets better.What you're doing now just prolongs the inevitable.    Hang tough~keep posting

Vicki     xo
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