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{My Husband gets high}

What can i do. My husband is an addict and i can't make him stop. Can sombody help me?
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hi nikky,  what does you hubby get high on?  the sad part about addiction is  that it is a family disease,  but only your hubby can stop it.  and even when you really want to stop it is hard at best.  please let me know what he is using,
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what is he taking and for how long?  do you know?  be open to him and don't make him feel bad.  get him to tell you everything and don't judge him.  tell him you are there for him during w/d (withdrawal), paws (post acute withdrawal syndrome), complete recovery, and beyond.  with your support, he can quit.  good luck!!!  there are a lot of people, much smarter and more experienced than me, that can help you here..
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What is it that he does and you are right, he won't stop until he is ready, but you can support the fact that you love him and want him to stop.
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The short answer, no. Like confused said it has to be his decision. All you can do is be sweet, loving and sexy. Make him decide you are much better than any drug.
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