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My JESUS soapbox! #1

I was raised pentacostal, so you can imagine my up bringing.  I used to get along with christians well, but lately, I have seen a trend.  I was raised under the impression that christian meant try to be christ-like.  SOME poeple, not ALL people who are christians, have lost there compassion.

For example,  I was teaching this one little girl piano, and her mother came to pick her up.  She kindly invited me to her church on Sunday.  I told her kindly no thank you, that I don't go to church and left it alone.  She asked me why, so I decided to tell her in a very nice way, that I don't know if I really buy into the "jesus thing".  She totally changed her tune.  She was so upset and trying to agrue with me, that I was wrong, and talking to me like I was was bad or mean for not believing in jesus like she does. I was so floored by how angry she was, and I have ran across this so many times lately.  

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Long ago, when I told a christian that I didn't believe in christ, they would be so sad, and tell me how sad they were for me that I have not experienced God like they have, and they will pray every night that I find the peace they have found in christ.  

Now, all I have gotten is angry and judgement from christians that I get personal with. (and again, I don't mean all christians are like this, because I have plenty of christian friends that are not like this, its just MY OWN experience lately)

Where is the love and the forgivness that you are supposed to have ooozzing from your pores.  If you are christian , then why can't you just forgive me!

(thats my soapbox for the day.  Thanks, I really needed to get that out for sometime!  Whew!  I feel better!)

Can anyone shed some light on this, because it doesn't make me feel like turning my life over to christ if I might act like that!
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Sure I'd love to chat with you about it.
I was an altar boy, entered a seminary-prep program, intended to be a priest!
I know a thing or two about most mainstream religions.

But - please don't take this the wrong way - but HERE is definitely NOT the place to talk that sort of stuff!  

IM me sometime and I'd be happy to chat more.

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Okay, I won't bring it up again, it was just weighing on me!  Sorry if I offened anyone.  I thought a change of conversation might be nice, but I see thats not correct.  I'll stick to drugs from now on.  

What IM do you use?  I have yahoo or at&t.
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I'm so sorry about those kind of experiences to both of you.
I come from a pentecostal back ground as well.
However, when people who say they are Christians take on the role of judge, jury, and executioner they are not following what the bible says.  
The bible says a christian is not supposed to argue with others.  But as a Christian I'm supposed to love God first, and then my love my neighbor as myself.  Love is a committment to try to show unconditional love to other's; not conditional where I'll love you if....if you'll do this or that for me.

Sometimes there are people who come as wolves in sheep clothing, and have been still birthed instead of being Born Again.  
And of course I do not want to offend any one here.  Especially while people are so vulenerable; including myself.
But if a person is going to be a Christian they have to take up their cross daily, and can't have every thing they want.  And are supposed to have had forgiveness, and repented to where there is a change of heart. A person is supposed to consider the other person before themselves.

Any way hope the best for each of you.
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That was nice, thank you!
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You are more then welcome.

And I do hope the best for you.  My righteousness is as filthy rags.  
But I'm only justified by faith.  Certainly not my works which can never measure up.
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I'm on all of them - same screen name as here - DAnthrope.

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Well said.
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