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My Mom is overmedication on Ativan, Paxil, and Zyprexa. What should I do?

My mother has had a history of depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. I don't think she's ever truly been "treated" for this things, except for being prescribed meds. In the past few months, she's been out of work and I've been around more often and witness her in a stupor state some days, a really bad state.

I started monitoring her consumption of these pills and she'll take twice or three times the recommended dosage. The last check was 7 mg of ativan, 2 Paxil, 3 Zyprexa's. The next day it was 5 paxil's 1 Zyprexa, and 6 ativan. She is an older woman and she is in complete denial. She's also had a history of alcoholism. (As do I, I've been sober over 4 years now). What, if anything, can I do to help her? I know an addict must want to stop, I just don't know how to behave even. We (myself my father and brother) tried talking with her, expressing our concern, the first time, she layed off them and took as directed for a few weeks, when she got her new script, she over did it again. We just confronted her about it again and she claimed to know what she was doing, and to basically leave her alone. I'm so completely lost. Please help. I
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I would suggest attending Al-anon meetings and calling her Doctor and let him know what is going on. Share your concerns with the Doctor (or just talk to any Doctor) to find out what she might be doing to her body and brain. The reason I said any Doctor is because her Dr may not talk to you unless your mother signs a consent form saying she gives him permission to talk to you. But even if he doesn't say anything to you, he might listen to your concerns and give you some direction on where to go. Hope that helps!
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I agree with blue. they also have a narcotic  alanon  for familys of addicts. Maybe even a meeting online.  
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Thank you guys, I appreciate the advice. I will try that.
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I concur with others who mentioned Al Anon. This is one of the best things you can do. Please go to Al Anon. You will learn alot there. There is no reason not to be honest with your Mom and tell her exactly what you've told us: Mom, I feel you are misusing your medications, I watched you and you took 5 paxil's 1 Zyprexa, and 6 ativan on Friday, and twice that on Saturday...I am very worried about you. Of course there is no guarantee she will respond in a positive way. Probably she won't as she will attempt to protect her drug abuse, but at least you will have said your piece. You are not responsibile for this and you cannot change it. Only your Mom can.
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