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My boyfriend is an addict. Need some help!


My boyfriend is a Xanax addict. He will go for a few weeks without doing them hardcore and then will go off the deep end and take a bunch. He says he took 75 this last time. After that he does all these crazy things and doesn't remember hardly anything. The last time it happened was May 21. He slept for 2 days after that. When he came to I got the regular apologies and promises, but this time I feel like it's my last straw. I can't go through another relapse again. The past 15 days he's done really well. He hasn't even smoked any pot. However, he does have moments where he will get a little irritable then will chill out again, but I keep waiting on that next foot to drop.
I need some help or advice on how I can encourage him to keep going. Do I bring up how well he been doing? How do I do that without giving him "permission" to smoke pot, take a pill, etc "because he wants to reward himself". Please help!
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It's great that you want to be supportive to your BF.  There are quite a few of us here doing this w/o the support of someone.  So you educating yourself and asking question to help him is terriffic.  Just know, beyond that,  there's not much you can do to aid in his recovery.  He will if HE wants to.  If he's not ready yet, then it's very possible you will go through another "cycle" of using, not using, using......

Because addiction is a family issue, you'll need to strengthen yourself emotionally in the event your faced tougher decisions about your BF, relationship.  He is the only one who can make himself stop.  But having a loving, interested person along side goes a long way to aid in recovery.

Be sure to take care of you as well.  

All the best.
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rue, that was well put.

Xanax in that quantity is very dangerous. I do hope he is not drinking too. It can be deadly. Keep supporting him as best as you can. It is up to him to change. Sometimes if you can get him on here. It can help.
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Show him this forum and your post.  If he truly want's to stay clean this may be the wakeup call for him.  Truly knowing how you feel might also turn on that light.
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