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My boyfriend: withdrawing from FentanyI & Roxie's. HELP US

My boyfriend. My best friend. The love of my life.

...is struggling with the addiction and currently withdrawals of FentanyI and "Roxie's". I know sobriety and regaining life back by far out stands anything, but he is terrified of losing his son and self owned business. He is one of the most outstanding fathers know to myself. He is such a handsome, talented and hardworking man. He hurt his back, shoulder, hand, hip and feet from years of being a reckless guy; from car accidents, atv accidents, bull riding in rodeos, falling through a wooden bridge into a dried up creek...etc. A family member, I guess "brave enough " to contact his supplier in whom he paid 1000$ monthly for 5 years. Yes things were/are very out of control, but to the naked eye it seemed he was a hard working guy who had lots of energy and got things done. I know an intervention needed to be done, he and I have talked about it numerous of times, he's cried to me. So, now it's just basically myself who is by his side and mainly his choice with the exception of a few who have written him off. He's obviously so terrified of losing rights to his son. His ex cannot find out. He is our main source of income. I am trying to pick up because I pretty much won't doubt that he most likely will have to put the business on a stand still. How and what can we do?? I love him terribly to death. He is getting angry, obviously paranoid, losing hope, has no feelings for anyone most of the time, hasn't slept in 3 days, all sorts of stomach issues, sweating, loss of appetite...etc.

I'm terrified of what's next!! He has not done heroin and I hope and pray he doesn't turn to it. He's said he never would, but anything to numb his pain physically and mentally I'm sure will overstep anything he's said and promised.

So my question is.... How and what do I do?  What should and shouldn't I do?

Thank you so much in advance
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gnarly_1 I've seen you commenting several times. Do you have any insight?
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Welcome , so has he hit bottom or just decided enough was enough? getting clean is no fun and the pain far outweighs the high of 5 years but it can totally be done with lots of guts and willpower and from what you have stated you guy seem to have what it takes but addiction is a "helluva drug" and it will take 7-14 days just for starters so get ready with you plan OTC vitamins liquids and get started, now this memorial day weekend wont be much fun but next week your guy will be a different person and on his way to being PILL FREE but you have to cut ties with all supplies all cell#'s everything or two things will happen it will drive him crazy that the pain will stop once the call is made or after days of clean time he will think ive been good just one and the cycle will restart best of luck..
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Well, you may not like this, but the VERY first thing for you to do is go to Alanon. I can tell by your prose that you are very involved in this, and you need to step back a little emotionally. You can help him succeed by allowing him to feel the consequences of his actions. There is nothing another person can do to make withdrawl any easier. Unfortunately.

Alanon will help you relax. It will help you see addiction differently and help you feel calm no matter what the addict is doing.
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gnarly would tell you that he has to be okay not being okay for awhile. There is no easy way out of this.  He has to go thru it.  There are addiction counselors out there and i would highly recommend checking into that.  Using is only a symptom of this addiction.  He has to do this for himself and you need to get yourself help also. This is alot to put on your plate and you need to be healthy mind wise to be that support system for him.
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Gnarly will be around shortly I'm sure. You are wise to ask for him. One thing he and the other "old timers" will need to know is this - Why is your boyfriend going through withdrawal? Is he choosing to get clean? Is he broke? Is his supplier in jail? If he is making the choice why are you here instead of him? You seem like a very sweet lady.. Get to Alanon today please.
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