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My new Hobby......Sneezing!

So I'm coming down to the last part of my Sub. Taper, I'm on Day 15, and at .5 mg, and I've been sneezing all week. Wow, how we forget about sneezing when we're using.lol. I dont think I ever sneezed once in the past 2 years on Oxy. Overall, the taper has been doable so far. Still not at the energy level I'd like to be (of course). But over time, it will return. Got lots of healing to do. I managed to get some housework done and of course packing. Hope u all are having a successful day. Don't give up! :)
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hey amaria way to go on the taper !!!! hang in there and hoping the last leg of this goes well for you
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Hi amaria, part of it could be the taper but this is also allergy season. I woke up with a sore throat and all stopped up, probably because we had the windows up. Not trying to diagnose, but some allergy medicine may help. Good luck and hope you feel better soon :)
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Way to go!! Awesome job!! Hugs and smiles!!
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Thanx everyone. I never had allergy problems before, but I know it can start at any time in life. I'm gonna rename myself Sneezy! Lol. Thanx 4 all your support. I realllllly wish I could speed this taper up! Im so not a patient person, but I know I gotta finish it right. Thanx again! Have a great day :)
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Sneezy; It's likely the opiates. Before opiates I never had allergy symptoms at all. I thought I grew into them and was taking more & more allergy meds. A couple months after I stopped the opiates (Darvocet) ALL of my supposed allergies were gone, all of them! It was a real eye opener. After a couple of relapses, the 'allergies' came back until I stayed clean for a while then they dissapeared again. For some relief, try the herbs 'Yellow Dock' or 'Nettle Leaf' they work really well. You could celebrate every sneeze as a sign that your body is healing and welcome it as your friend...
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Sneeze away!!  I could tell you horror stories about my adventures!!  lol

Your doing great so keep it going.  The sneezing does slow down after awhile.
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i set about still sneeze like crazy ........ 5 months off Heroin. and it s so true how we forget about sneezing. i don t remember if i did sneeze in 14 yrs of use.
anyways good the taper worked out well for u. i m so happy for u.
take care and keep it up.
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Yup- I'm setting sneeze records too. For the past week every time I take one step outside I sneeze like 4-5 good ones. It's only a little embarrassing to sneeze every 1/2 hour. I also don't think I have sneezed in the past 15 years. Nor did I ever get sick. I guess we're just getting our bodies back....we gotta take the bad with the good.

I'm pretty sure the sneezing is very normal for our stage. I've read it here many times.

Good luck and keep fighting the good fight!
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Im going c/t off of percocets and ive sneezed everyday 5 times in a row, i thought its just me haha guess not! Good job tapering, your doing amazing keep it up!! Much wishes!
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Lol, u guys know exactly what I am going through!lol! Thanx for all the support too!
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I'm at day 23 of sub withdrawal...and still sneezing....but not as much as in the beginning...hang in there....those who sneeze together...stay clean together ; )
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Lmao lilasme, aint that the truth!lol! And congrats!!!
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