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My sister is going to kill herself

My sister is 25 and she has benn abusing perscription drugs for years now. She has overdosed more than i can count. She just overdosed again last night on 4 anti deppressants, 8 backlafynn,6 zanex she wont get help she has four children i am raising two my brother is raising two and she is still abusing drugs. Please tell me what i can do to help her i dont want to loose my only sister. We are only a year apart and we have been close until she started using. What can i do to get her commited or anything. She addmits she has a problem but wont stop. Please Help
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Sounds like there's some mental issues Letta.  

Did you have to take her to the hospital?  A hospital can commit her and get her help.

Has she ever been in trouble?  
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My sister starting heavy drugs in high school and was in and out of programs until she died before her 30th birthday. (I was stupid enough to get hooked on percs for 5 year so be careful yourself).

My parents did everthing possible. Hospitals, halfway houses etc... but she always went right back on drugs. If you cannot get her in a program willingly you may need to take drastic (hard to do steps). Can you or will you and your brother be willing to tell her that you will go to court to get legal custody of her kids if she does not clean up? Just some food for thought.

Drastic steps are needed or you will get that call at 3 AM like I did. My sister had no kids so at least we did not have that to deal with.  Good luck - this is a tough one.

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Hi I'm jimi :o) sounds like Your sister needs some swift and serious intervention. If she becomes a danger to herself or others You can have medical or court intervention. If you want to help her You have to be strong and sometimes tough Love is the only option. She can't go on living like this because its not living at all. Its existing in a slow and shallow death that will sooner or later take her away from You and Her Children. Where is the husband? Stay strong and seek professional help ASAP!!!! You Have my Heart felt Prayers and Blessings....

                                                            much Love much Serenity much Light....

                                                                                               jimi (little wing =0)
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