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My son is detoxing from almost 1 month of heroin use

Hi All,
I'm new to this forum but have been lurking for a few days and have been impressed by the support and compassion offered here.

I thought I was trying to educate myself for my sweet niece, 25 yrs old, ~5 yr Heroin habit, and now living on the streets after 1 failed 28-day in-patient detox and rehab 2 months ago. This has been devastating to my sister, my mom and I. Nobody has heard from her for several weeks. (My sister was about to go over the edge, so finally ended up starting on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. I dislike anything pharmaceutical, but I know it was better than the alternative for her.)

However, now I have another interest in being here. I just learned that after 1 year clean and making huge progress in his life, my 20-yr old son relapsed on Heroin for almost a month and just called to share this with me, and ask if he could come home and quit cold turkey, with my help. I would have never ever though this would happen, and it's devastating news, but I am happy that he caught himself and resolved with every fiber of his being to quit, because today he graduated from technical training, top of his class, interviewed with several companies yesterday, and has opportunities for great jobs ahead. He has every reason in the world to get off asap, so I know he's highly motivated. He's already been offered one job but is holding out for the best. He just has to get clean fast... but the right way, so he is really healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

He will be starting tomorrow, using in the morning, working a few hours, then 3-1/3 hour bus and car ride to my house. I've been frantically trying to read up on every way to be ready to help him through this naturally, if possible. He has been doing research as well.

My question for the forum is, does anyone have any experience with someone withdrawing after only 3-1/2 weeks of smoking lower doses of Heroin? I am hoping to hear that the w/d will be less painful and shorter..?

Any other suggestions for getting through this are welcome as well. I know about all the physical issues, I actually think the depression might be the hardest though?

Thanks for any and all comments, and all the best to all of you. This is a hard road for everyone. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I pray that everyone gets to that light!  Namaste.
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My meetings encouraged me to go, even when I had to sit by the door, in case I had to hurl. It was good for reminding them of what it is like, and it was good to wake up, or regain my consciousness, surrounded by support who gets it. From my experience, the sooner he goes to meetings the better.
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Hi there and welcome
I think you are awesome and that your son is very lucky to have you as parents.  It is wonderful that he can be so open and honest with you.  I'm sure he doesn't want to disappoint you so being accountable to you will help him in the long run.
I can understand him wanting to be with you.  Withdrawals are very scary and some compassion from you will help with the depression especially.
Please let us know if we can help in any way and tell your son to come on and chat with us if he feels up to it.  There's always questions and concerns going through this.

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I applaud you for helping the way that you are. Your son is truly blessed. I always suggest some form of aftercare to every member I speak with here. So few do it and follow through and each time I see a member return who has relapsed I ask "Are you engaged in any form of aftercare?" And sadly the answer is always no. I could not do this alone. I have a disease called addiction for which there is no known cure. I have to work on my recovery every day and I do not do it alone. I will be an addict for as long as I live. I have the choice to be a active addict or an addict in recovery. I make that choice every morning.

It is imperative that your son work on the issues that cause him to use drugs. He needs to learn life skills and coping skills and he needs to learn relapse prevention. He needs to work on his triggers. Getting away, or moving, from one place to get away from the people he used with is great. But he can easily find new people. There is no geographical cure and if he is like the rest of us he will find drugs on a deserted island if he wants to.

Again, I think what you're doing is wonderful but at some point he will need to go it without you. His recovery is HIS and your Al-Anon program is YOURS.

As soon as he can let him go to a meeting. If it is day 2 that is great. As long as he can get there. He doesn't even need to talk. He can simply listen for the first few days. That is important as well.

I suggest that he come here and become a member so we can support him and guide him through this. Again, this is his recovery.

Both of you are in my prayers. I hope we hear from you and you continue to post. Someone is always around should you have questions.
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Thanks so much everyone. It's hard to believe how much people here care :-)  He got here tonight, doing OK. Last use was 8 AM this morning. He had a good dinner, trying to eat while he still has an appetite. We have gathered a bunch of suggested over-the-counter meds (Imodium AD, Advil, Advil PM, a remedy for RLS, sub-lingual B complex vitamins and multi-vitamins, BenGay, and have Withdrawal-Ease daytime and nighttime formulas. Epsom salts for lots of hot baths. Bottled water, Sprite, soup & crackers and peanut butter, etc. Some nice tea that helps with sleep. I'll be available for massages as needed. I know the next 3 days are going to be hard. I'm sharing your comments with my son. We really appreciate your feedback, concern, and especially prayers! I hope all of you are doing well!
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Well it sure sounds like you are well stocked and prepared.  That is huge.  Maybe you could run a small rehab after this?  lol, kidding.
I hope it's not too bad for him.  I'm sure he knows that withdrawals get worse the older we get.  He is so young and doesn't have to have all of the wasted years that so many of us have, regret and wish we could do over, clean.
Please check in and let us know how you are ALL doing.
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Thanks Pat!  Actually my heart is with all addicts and I would certainly like to find a way to help make the world a better place, free of addictions and drugs and medical systems that contribute to addictions. I wish people knew of other, better ways to reduce physical and emotional pain. I do think there are but we have a lot to learn about all that, and it takes lots of time. I'm working on it!

It's 28 hours after son's last dose, he's all bundled up in bed and not feeling great but he says he thinks he can eat lunch, at least some of it. That's a good thing, because he may not feel like eating for the next few days. Hopefully the NFL will keep his mind busy for awhile today.

Thanks again for the support, it helps :-)
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