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My sons mother is addicted to Heroine and I need help.

We split up about 3 months ago because we were constantly fighting. She packed up our 3 yr old and moved abt 20 miles away to her mothers house. She's been very distant lately so I started pressing her on why she hasn't brought our son to me the last two weekends as we'd agreed. She became very frustrated and broke down sobbing and then went into a huge rant about how she is addicted to Heroine and has been since a month before the move. I was shocked. I am a recovering opiate user myself with 5 yrs sobriety and I noticed nothing.How could I be so blind? Anyway... I love her still. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. What do I do in this situation? Do I forcibly take her to Detox and Treatment? Do I find her a Suboxone Dr.? I know that she has a desire to get help somewhere inside her otherwise she would never have told me without me so much as hinting at it. I need advice!!!
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I am sorry everyone. I pressed 5 when I meant to press the 4. I was typing too fast I guess.I have 4 years clean. Not 5.
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Hello Jesskess Welcome to the forum.. Congrats on your 4 years this is Awesome !! It is a lil worrying when a addict wants to help another as the chance of relapse goes up for the helper.. Saying that and looking at the sweet pic of your Son Prompted me to write.. You can not force her into rehab This has to be her choice.. If she has been hooked a couple of months I would just go ct myself it would take a week of sickness a few months of uncomfortable feeling then you are thru.. Rehab would be her best bet with a recovery house stay after while you take care of your son.. Getting her out from her Mothers house also would be a good thing.. I would suggest for you to join Al Anon it is a support group made up of family members and loved ones of addicts.. There you would learn to read the signs and how not to enable her.. As you know it is not easy to get clean and it has to come from the Addict All you can do is offer her support suggestions on Rehabs but in the mean time You may want to hit up some meeting for extra support thru this time as You do not want to relapse.. Your Son needs 1 of you clean.. I hope others come along with advice I wish you and yours the very best.. lesa
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I just wanted to respond but Lesa above said it all. You as an addict know you can't "get" anyone into rehab or anything. Try and get your kid away from her if she's using. You may have to pursue legal action but the safety of your child is at stake. She could nod off w/ a cigarette burning or one million other horrible situations. As Lesa said, up your meetings and get to some Alanon meetings. You will need to learn how to keep a clear head whether the addict is using or not. As hard as it is, keep the focus on your sobriety and your son's safety. That's where it belongs. Good luck to you.
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