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My taper is a joke

Well, as a lot of you warned me - tapering is not as easy as it sounds. I haven't stuck to my taper schedule at all and have taken even more on some days. I set it up so I would be done on the 22nd. Right now at the pace I am going I will be out next Thursday. I know some will say to flush them now and stop but I am leaving tomorrow for a business trip and won't be home until Thursday. I have to drive 6 hours to get there and have 17 appointments Mon-Thur. I just can't do it now. But since I will be out on Thursday, I think I can drive home the 6 hours and then have a 3 day weekend to do this and see how I feel on Monday. Hopefully I will feel good enough to make an appearance at my office for a couple of hours and then come home. I work at home mostly but on Mondays we have staff meetings so I have to go.
So for the poll, were you successful with a taper or CT?
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I believe the only reason my taper worked was because I had my husband hand out my medications.  Sometimes my husband would leave me 2 pills and by the time he got home from work the pills were still there.  Therefore I believe I started WD during my taper and that is why when I went CT I barely got sick.  Good luck to you.  
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Yeah, I agree with chronic that tapering is better accomplished by having someone handing over the pills to you.  It is very hard to taper by yourself. If it isn't possible to have someone handing out the pills to you, the way to taper (by my trial and error) is this:  Start out with however many a day, let's say 3, stay with 3 a day for at least 3 days. Go down to 2 1/2, stay on that for at least 3 days and so on and so forth.  For me, the first of the three days on each level was fine, the second day was uncomfortable and the third day on each level was ok again. Just know that it's going to suck on that second day and suck it up and take a benedryl to help you sleep.  If you can stay on each level for longer, that works even better.  After I got down to 1/2 a pill, I stayed on that for only 2 days and then I went off and it was ok.  But I would recommend staying on each level for longer.  But DON'T mess it up, be CONSISTENT, don't go up and down. Give your body the chance to adjust to each level. Remember, you can't rush these things, detox takes time but it's completely do-able.  Just know that you are going to have some days that are more rough than others but it gets so much better within several days.  I have over 3 weeks now after following this exact tapering method and doing great.  Write back, we will be listening.
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Tapering can work, if you have discipline....

We never have been able to do it. I'm not trying to be harsh, but sounds like you can't either. It's the nature of the beast and all of us on here loath that!!!!

If you do cold turkey, what helped us out was buying protein shakes before hand. We lived on them for days!

Just like you, we planned our pill count to our weekly schedule, just to not get sick. They have health pages on here with different suggestions of vitamins, etc, but for us it didn't matter what we took... All you need is time!!! Stick with it, life is so much better without our bottle of pain meds by our side!!!!

BTW, check out the "Oxy Express" video on the internet about pain meds, I wish we would have watched that before so we knew what poison we were playing with...
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Thanks everyone, I'm gona try again but I don't have anyone to hand them to me. If I don't make it like I said I will be out next Thursday either way and I'm not getting more. I already cancelled my appointment with my pain doc and the girl I use to get extras from went through 12 days of WD hell so she says she is done too, thank god!
I watched Oxy Express, is was sad. The addict in me looked on mapquest to see how far I am from Broward Co. even more sad!
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Good luck to you! I did the taper but it was hard. I just kept telling myself why I was doing it and that hopefully the next day I would feel better. I wish you the best!
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Ct is awful. I would really try to stretch what you have out as long as possible to give your body a chance. 3 days will not be enough.  
Serious try to spread out, you just have to do it because it's going to be brutal once you start ct. Day 2 and 3 are the worst.
Good luck
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