WOOHOO!!! I did it guys I finally found an NA group that I like and everybody there is very nice. Its about a 20 minute drive away so not too bad and so worth it! I actually found a lady there with a similar story to mine and she has been clean for 10 years now. I am exctied I was really getting nervous that NA just wasnt for me but this is in a nice area in the next town over.
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Yeah!!! It took a few times but I found a NA group and I live in a rural area so there are only like 10 of us and I love them all!! We do all kinds of stuff together,,pot luck meetings,,bingo,,fish fry's,,lunch on the riverfront. Its very close knit. Tomm we are all going to a charity bowling event. We are a very social club but minus the drinks and drugs.

You will see soon how valuable NA really is to your recovery. I wouldnt have made it this far without it this time around.
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Yea the first one I was going to flat out scared me and there was so many people in there atleast 60+ this one has a lot less people and the people at this meeting are there because they want to be there, not because they have to be which is what I need. atleast 5 people came up and introduced theirselves to me when I got there and at the old meeting nobody did. I am very happy I found this one.
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I noticed there were a lot of older people too ! Scary I know ..
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I didn't mean age group 60+ I meant 60+ people!! Omigoodness did not realize it came out like that! Oops lol.
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Good for you scared!  Proud of you for going after that!
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Background Info: 21 yrs old College Student just lost my job today :(
(WARNING): First segment of this post is my Opiate History, and the Second segment is my Suboxone Story including my Question:
***Asking for Adivce/Help***

1)    Started with Vicodin age of 18, @19 I pretty much was on Oxy once or Twice a week that's all I could afford. Continued on into the summer I was 20 and a co-worker had the same addiction making the habit increasingly easy to access. I never felt W/Ds during any of these Periods of Use until the end of that summer. But for some reason my ignorance made it much easier to deal with I remember I went straight to the Gym lifted and Ran for about 2 weeks and powered through it. As someone goes through W/Ds for the First Time, they have no idea that they feel that way because of the drug they have been abusing (at least I wasn't aware of such a thing as Withdrawls). So in those cases W/Ds are more Phyiscal rather than the dreaded Mental side of W/Ds. Anyway my point is that W/Ds have a huge part to do with knowing that it's coming and worrying(anxiety) How Bad, How Long.. It's inevitable that someday no matter what you do you will end up having to fight through somesort of W/D effects. So stop stressing so much about it, we know its gonna happen and there is nothing you can do to change it! So take my advice, take their advice, take the Doctors advice, and just do what you can to ease your self through it! When thee Time Comes.. Make sure and have the "Tools" nesseccary to fight through it! Relapses are EXTREMELY COMMON but that's because those people were not ready, so its crucial to BE READY!

2)     Now that I have Preached its time for me to ask for Help! My current situation involving SUBOXONE, I was Prescribed 30 8MG's on Jan.6,2012 now I took it the first night and felt "Normal" the same normal that I Pray for every night without the help from drugs! Now today March 9th 2 months later I was on and off it while relapsing (by taking oxycodone) about 3 different times then returning to Suboxone. However the break down goes like this, throughout those 60+ Days I have taken 20 of the 8MGs but not consistently or at a certain dose either. Regardless if you do the math it equals out to 2MGs/Per-Day! I know it isnt as severe of a "Case" compared ro some but Its still very uncomfortable W/Ds. Moday of this week I was super stressed out with anxiety through the roof, between school and work plus kicking this stuff I took a 2MG at midnight becuase I couldnt sleep. I told myself that I could quit cold turkey... ***Well to tonight 5days later I caved in and took 2MGs (Its sad that within a Half an Hour l went from sweating insomnia and anxiety to feeling Great!) by taking this I was hoping that I can push it another few days til' I cant stand it then take 1.5MGs then just continue to do that for my "Painful Weaning Schedule" don't know if this is a good idea or not! PLEASE HELP*** if you can, us Sobriety-Seeking people need to stick together and get each other through the "Storm" Becuase there is Sunshine behind those Clouds!
Contact: ***@****
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Drew please copy this to a new post. At the top of the page it says post a question. My thread is pretty old and that way you will have more people who can offer advice and support you. Your email is **** out so we cant contact you. Please post again so we can help. I have never been on Subs so I cant give you much advice there but I can offer support. Others will be able to help you more.
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Thank you! I'm new at this so I appreciate your help!
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