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I have been having a rough time dealing with these issues I have posted about.. The parents thing,, the insurance cards not showing up,, and just alot of stress in general.. My fiancee has ALWAYS BEEN THE ROCK!  Since we have been togather 14 yrs,, she has had my back 100% but she is getting just plain sick and tired of the repatition of this pill addiction( and i dont even blame her) on top of that, she is now starting to experience depression issues and very very bad stress.  She has been getting horrible migrane like headaches, also she has pain in her neck and upper spine.  She has had to go see her DR about this and they first gave her fioricet NO codiene, and amatryptiline for sleep, and overall stress.  We gave it time and the fioricet did NOTHING to help, even hurt due to the caffeine in it(had her shaking and feeling weak)!  The amatryptiline was helping her sleep due to the fact it was making her in a commatose state of being.  So we cut those into half doses(Dr said was ok) then the DR called in the Tramadol.  That is why I was posting about that, amoung other reasons.

Well, the tramadol do NOTHING FOR HER AT ALL!  She was even able to take the 4-50mg tabs per day..  She was also precribed flexeril(muscle relaxer) and those have been helping alot with the knots in her neck.. So she is going to call the DR office tomarrow and let her know that the Tramadol and Amatryptiline are doing nothing to help, but the flexeril is helping..    I ALWAYS nag at her and say "do those make you feel good?"  Afraid that she will like something then get addicted like me.. I love her SO MUCH and could not handle that, even though whatever happens I will be there for her 100%

Does anyone know what might help in this situation?

I feel this is ALL MY FAULT. Even though she says it isn't..  I feel like a horrible man, and I want to be able to get on this suboxone treatment and start retaking over my life! Getting things to a better place for us both..
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Flexiril really helps me when I need it. I add melatonin and usually sleep sound. Can she get a massage? Someone trained in getting those knots out.
     It sounds like your ready to take the reigns.This is good, even though it may not feel like it yet. I wouldn't try the Trams. They never helped me at all. And they are a synthetic opiate too.
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Yeah the flexeril helps with the knots in her neck, and from what I read they are not addictive, and I know her so good she hates to take anything unless she absolutly needs to.  So I think we are ok on that.  

I am more concerned about the spine pain, headaches, and overall stress, pian, DEPRESSION!  They are going to do a MRI on her tomarrow and then we should know more when the test results come back. She thought she was pregnant when we first went in, and I personall think that until the DR got the neg test results back that is why she gave her the weaker pain meds..  I could be wrong, but something tells me when she calls tomarrow and since the DR knows she isnt Pregnant, that she will call in a narcotic pain killer for sure.. I am more worried about her getting addicted to these pills than I am about anything about me. Without her I am nothing anyway.. Some might say that "gotta love youself to be able to love others" Well phoooiieee!  I hate myself and love the living hell out of her!!!!  

Some ideas on this before she has to make the call tomarrow would be great. I will also check in the morning as well. I know its late for some  Thnaks for the reply Thomas
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L-Tyrosine and SamE 400 mg help with depression.
Well the Dr can call in Vicodin, but anything stronger, the Rx has to be picked up. Hope she gets better. I will be praying for you both.
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Thanks alot man.. in our state you cant even all in vicodin, but this is supposed to be some very highly reccomended DR.. She better think of something.. Also, we could just pick up whatever script is written from the front desk ---anything narcotic

I might be over reacting, but going through this for me has been a nightmare and I would never wish that on anyone, ESPECIALLY THE ONE I LOVE!  
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just wanted to let you know that fiorcet is also a narcotic although a weak one. it's between ultram and vicodin. i wish the both of you good luck with the MRI. i hope everything turns out just fine.
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Fioricet with codeine is a narcotic yes, but the Fioricet she has is a NON- NARCOTIC! Trust me man, I know this much-- Check out webmd, or anywhere like that.. There is a fioricet that just has apap, saffiene and some other **** that isnt narcotic
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i can promise you that it has been my experience as a nurse that it is. i've had to count it hundreds of times at the beginning and ending of each shift. unless the scheduling has changed in the past year that i've been at home with the kids, it is a narcotic. if i'm wrong i apologize.
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Wow, it looks from the posts I have read recently from you that things are changing quickly for you.  Almost likely you are definitely gonna have to put your PLAN into effect sooner than expected.  The situation with the PA, the deal with your parents, and now this.  

It may be that your gal is having some "sympathy feelings" of stress/depression related to you being bound by your addiction?  I am not a psychologist, but if she loves you the way you love her, it is quite possible.  (and there is no pregnancy).  

It is WONDERFUL you have this loving concern for her enough to do something about it.  Do this for her.  

Once again, and as usual, "You Can Do It"....(Rob Schneider, in The Water Boy") hee hee
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Why is Fioricet prescribed?

Fioricet, a strong, non-narcotic pain reliever and relaxant, is prescribed for the relief of tension headache symptoms caused by muscle contractions in the head, neck, and shoulder area. It combines a sedative barbiturate (butalbital), a non-aspirin pain reliever (acetaminophen), and caffeine.

This was an exact copy and paste from a health website I found..  

I am not looking to argue about the drug fioricet that she has already dismissed and has moved on to other things..  There is also a Fioricet with codiene and yes that is a narcotic.. But the one we are talking about isn't!  I hopw this is proof enough for you..

And yes I accept your apology---
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Always find a way to make me smile...  Yes things are changing quick.. You are also right about having to boost that plan of mine sooner than planned.  God has a plan for us all, and maybe as someone posted above it was so that I wont OD or something bad nefore I got a chance to get to my plan.. I am trying to find positive other than looking at ONYL NEGATIVE!

As always thanks for the posts and caring. You are truly a good frind of mine.. Thnaks
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Your gal has a great guy!  Take care of each other!
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I am here for you as well... ANYTIME!!

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Muahhhhh muahhhhhhh!!!   Evil funny laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you crazy guy... go hit the sack...

Man, I wish I could sleep, day almost four of no vic... w/d central here.  tossing and turning... creepy crawly legs... my eyes/brain are tired, but I cannot shut it off.....

Tomorrow will be a better day, i hear.....i hope.  g'night, friend
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Not getting sleep due to the w/d is a nightmare!  Good thing is that you are going to get through this nightmare and wake up to a clean, bright beautiful reality!! YEAHHHHHHHH

Also i was doing a kiss kiss  muahhhh muahhhhhh lol

I cant sleep but i might go play some madden08--
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oh  DUH!  

Ok, I will take the "kiss kiss" over the "evil laugh" any day!!!!!!

Gosh, where have I been?? In a cave?

yahoo - madden08  --- addicted to video games... love them!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yeah, I am gulity of being addcted to video games as well.. I have gone on some pretty long binges of Halo 3!!!!

Also On NAB LIVE 2006 I was ranked in the top 25 in the ENTIRE WORLD!!  That will look good on a reume right? Thats what my parents always said when I would brag about it!  
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I didn't read through all of the comments you've received, so this may be a repetition fo someone else's suggestion.  If so, sorry!  Has your fiance' tried anything homeopathic or natural?  Valerian Root is good for relaxation and sleep and there are other sleep aids in natural supplement form at health food stores that you might want to have her try.  I can tell you as a mother of an addict that my stress level has been through the roof & it's taken everything in me not to go to my doctor and ask to be put on something for my own anxiety.  Doing so would just seem so ironic, though!  If there's anything you can do to try and take the focus of your relationship in a new direction - get a new hobby together - go to a gym and work out together - get into a couples Bible Study or something - anything - to give you a fresh outlook.  Just a few suggestions.  Hope they might help.  
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MY fiancee and I both read some of these posts including yours and there is some good stuff! WE THANK ALL OF YOU WHO TOOKT HE TIME TO CHIME IN AND GIVE SOME ADVICE!!!
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Hi, just be careful of the adivce for some of the "natural" supplements.  I think I saw that your wife is taking amitryptliline.  That is a tricyclic antidepresent.  Lots of stuff, like L-tyrosine, is not compatable with that.
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thank you for that heads up.. The amatrypitaline has been making her a zombie.. She cant focus, stay awake, work or anyhting.. She gave it a try and it didnt work.. So she has been off that for 4 days now.. I think I might try some natural remadies..  Any other info on this from ANYONE WHO MIGHT HAVE ANY LIGHT TO SHED WOULD BE GREAT!

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I tried ami for migraines also.  It did the same thing to me - I went off it because of the tremors.
I ended relapsed on vic due to migraines - which is a joke, because they actually make them worse.
Has she tried a tryptan like Immutrex.  This actually works for me - it's non-narcotic.  It's expensive and it doesn't work if you take it too often.
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She hasnt tried that.. did you say it IS EXPENSIVE? or mean to say it is inexpensive?  What is it generally used for and what is it?
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As far as video games I usaully get addicted to the Sports games like Madden, Nbalive, Mlb2k.. I have been known to abuse the Halo games as well. Not really into shooters, but the Halo series online gets me for many many hours!  

As for the pain killers I am addicted to oxycodone.  30-45 mg per 2-3 hours all day and night!  When I was playing online for NBALIVE06 I was ranked in the top 100 in the world rankings.. So I was spending massive amounts of time online game after game hours after hours playing this. ALL WHILE TAKING THAT AMOUNT LISTED OF PAINKILLERS!  IT got so bad that I saw a quick flash of white, and then felt a sharp pain in my head and eye.. I looked at it in the mirror(only after the game was done) and I had popped something in my eye and it was not just bloodshot but it was actually a something that had blown or popped and it caused my eye to have a huge blood spot all in my righ eye. I had to go the Eye dr after about a month when it didnt get any better.. also when I tried to play any games after that it would HURT SO BAD IT WAS UNBEARABLE!

I had to put down the games for about a month straight.. I had gotten to be ranked #9 OVERALL IN THE WORLD RANKING SYSYTEM OF NBALIVE06!  When I came back from the eye injury, I was around #80 something rank..  
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