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I have a dr.'s appt tomorrow with a rhuemotologist. Most of the meds I am currently taking are NOT helping at all with my Fibro and possible AS. Most of them are muscle relaxers and all they do is put me to sleep, but don't help the pain. My thoughts today were that: I CAN get through the w/d, but I CANNOT stay in pain...something has to be done. I know some ppl may feel better after getting off certain addictions, but for those who have legit chronic pain....what's left for us??? My mom gave me a Tramadoyl today since I was almost in tears from the body pain and it actually helped. I know tramadoyl MIGHT also be addicting, but it has to be better than norcos...right? Already tried lyrica, cymbalta....and nothing. I guess I will just have to wait and see what the doc says...been needing to see a Rhue for a while now.
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You've been given excellent info above.  Below here, I'll post the journal area where the tram warriors (tramadol addicts) post back and forth.
Maybe your Mom might want to read it, too.

I read two really good things you said.  You are going to be HONEST with your dr. tomorrow.  Your hubby is going with you.  Good on ya!  That's a fabulous start.

The only thing I'd add is what you been told above.  MANY, or maybe even MOST of us on here have ongoing, legit pain.  There are a variety of ways we all live and deal with it.  You will, too!!
And if you only took one or two Tramadols today, I wouldn't think that would be enough to re-set your whole norco w/drawal.  It might have initially have brought you relief, but now you know.  That's fortunate.
Hope you'll keep posting and let us know how the dr's visit come out!
Blessings to you~
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Sorry, my spelling really ***** as my brain feels like jello! TRAMADOL!
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NO, PLEASE stay away from the Tramadols!! There is no  MIGHT be addicting, They are!! And the w/d's are far worse than Norcos IMO!! They are a synthetic opiate which acts on the same receptors as norco does. It also has an antidepressant componant to it. Please stay far away from this drug.

Im not sure what other meds you can take for Fibromyalgia, but im sure someone will be able to help with that.
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There are some strong NSAIDS that the doctor might recommend depending on where your pain originates. But, please, know that Tramadol is addicting and I'm not sure it's fair to say that it's better than Norco. It's chemically different, though. It contains an antidepressant along with an opiate like combination.
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My first question would be were you addicted or dependent?  If you're addicted, then narcotics, including Tramadol, is not the best route.  There are other meds to try.  I've had fibro for 13 years and I can tell you what helps me the most is exercise and diet.  I still have flare-ups but can work through them.  

I also have RSD and nerve pain that's enough for me to break down in tears.  I came off a boatload of meds, though I was dependent.  I didn't have the mental part of addiction.

Right now I'm considering going back on a long-acting med for the winter but I'm still weighing the pros and cons.

No one should have pain where they're not functioning.  If you are addicted and they give you narcotics, you need to set up some sort of monitoring where you can't abuse ... is there someone that can give your pills to you?

I know it's hard to think about exercising when the fibro pain is so bad but I promise it works.  When I first started, I could only WALK a length in the pool but the water made things feel better, at least temporarily.  I built up very slowly and through trial and error figured out what worked for me.

Personally, from what I've read, Tramadol is as bad if not worse than the rest of the narcotics.  It can be very hard to come off and it has an antidepressant-type component to it as well.

Talk honestly with your doctor and see if he has any other ideas.  PT might also be helpful.
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WOW, ok I am so glad I wrote this post! Now I feel like **** for taking the Tramadol from my mom today! I am 12 days clean off Norco, yes I was addicted and dependant. I already told myself that I was going to be honest with the doc, and aslo have my husband coming with me. Well, I guess it makes sense why I had a sudden bursts of energy after taking tramadol today...ughhhh. Is this going to drag out my withdrawls even more!!!??? I also have more than Fibro. I have a ruptured disk in my neck, bursitis in my hips, and possibly AS ( ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS) going to find out more about the AS tomorrow :( Thank you guys so much for ALERTING me just how BAD TRAMADOL IS....my mom swore that it would be ok to take. But I guess that's what I get for trusting someone who is an addict! She honestly believes that they are a NON-NARCOTIC, NON ADDICTIVE pain killer. Let me take a moment to slap mahself!
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You only took a couple so no I dont think this should really affect your w/d's or anything like that. You should be ok :)

I hope that you and your Dr can find something that works for you so you can get some comfort with everything going on.
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Ok, I was a bit worried. I have worked so hard to stay clean off narcotics. My anxious to see what my Dr. says tomorrow...

Thanks ♥
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Your welcome :)
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1st ur mom told u tramadol isnt a narcotic and non addictive because its NOT A NARCOTIC&DOCTORS SAY ITS NOT ADDICTIVE.She wasnt doing anything except help u and also support ur sobriety by giving u something no doctors seem2know about.Im waiting2c if/when they FINALLY realize trams r dangerous4a few reasons.1st obviously u know for some people they get u high/the euphoric feeling u got.They VERY addictive(never knew til medhelp so commonly abused&lots of addicts who thought the same as ur mom).Its a synthetic opiod&yes the A.D. element makes is more dangerous(to stop taking them)w/prolonged use&many who abuse there is a HUGE risk of seizures if u abruptly stop tramadol/ultram.I assume u were abusing opiates we all know about.Just so u know I have very legitimate and multiple pain issues(fibro,herniated discs,degen.disk disease&others too not to mention severe muscular pain,arthritis&,&,&)point is most of us here have LEGITIMATE PAIN.Im not trying2b rude but I just wanna let u know that assuming we r all just abusing pills&dnt have legit reasons
for when we started taking them isnt fair and a little insulting.I have tried lots of stuff.Cymbalta120mg a day helps a little w/the fibro pain.I dnt know ur whole story but there r lots of us that also have real legit pain everyday&we too got off the pills like u.R u saying u wanna get back on the pain meds u were on?How long have u been clean???BTW Im really sry I can relate to awful pain
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If you have to go back on something that has the potential for abuse, then you are going to have to have someone you trust give them to you as prescribed, but even then, you'll still become dependent.

Pain management is a slippery slope.  I would never judge someone who has to take things on a daily basis but for me, the worry of crossing into addiction was creating so much anxiety it wasn't worth it.

There are a lot of different things to try.  Some people say massage works great for their fibro (though my skin/muscles are too sensitive to it)  Ask about a lidoderm infusion.  They tried that on me for the RSD and while it did not work for the RSD, it did help the fibro for a while.

The idea is to piece together a bunch of things, preferably non-narcotic, that work for you and it can take a while to figure that out.  Everyone is different.  In my old house I put in a jacuzzi tub (And it was a medical write off) and that helped me tremendously.  Supplements can help, fish oil/krill oil is helpful for pain and has other beneficial properties as well.

Stretching helps.  I use prescription gels and creams for RSD but also use it for the arthritis in my back and hips.  I still think ibuprofen, if you can take it (and make sure to protect your stomach) is undervalued as a pain reliever.  I take that before my feet hit the floor every day.

I agree with the others in that your withdrawals won't be set back by what you took and I also agree that Tramadol is a very dangerous drug and a lot of doctors think it's not nearly as bad as other narcotics ... seems to me it can often be a lot worse.

There's also a pain management forum here hat you may find some support from.  It's not as active as it used to be but there's still members there with good support.
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I sincerly apologize if that came across rude...did not mean it like that AT ALL! I am failry new to actually using this site, and was not for sure if some on here were just abusing w/o legit pains. I only mentioned me having legit pains, due to the fact that I was trying to find others who have it and what they have taken to help it. Again, sorry if that came across insulting....not in my nature by any means :(
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One thing to keep in mind is, right now, you're probably experiencing a lot of rebound pain, which is why you're in such misery.  If you can try to hang in there, give your body time to readjust and normalize, I think you'll actually be surprised to see that your overall baseline pain level will be much better than you think.  Long term opiate use (even without abusing them) can actually exacerbate chronic pain.  It's a difficult situation for sure.

You are going to have to address the pain for sure, and find something that will keep you more comfortable, but like I said, right NOW isn't the time to assess your pain, with the rebound pain issue.  

Don't worry about the Ultram, it isn't going to affect your recovery.  Look at it this way, at least now you know!!

Try to hang in there...after probably another month or so, you'll have a much clearer picture of what your true pain level is, then you can start discussing how to proceed with your doctor(s).

Good luck!!
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I totally agree with nursegirl, above.  I am also a nurse, who has a history of chronic pain, multiple joint replacements, bursitis, yadda, yadda.  I had VERY much more pain while using large amounts of Norco and other opiates.  The pain was very real, and seemingly intolerable.  I was shocked when, after about 2 weeks of ceasing all narcotic meds, my pain subsided remarkably.  I still have pain, but nothing like while those drugs were in my system, telling my brain to signal an enormous amount of pain so that I would take some more.  Just my experience, Hope you get real relief soon.
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Have you been to the Dr. yet?    Just curious how that went?  

I don't need to tell you anything that anyone else hasn't already said.  I suffer from fibro, spondolytis, headaches, neck/shoulder pain, back pain too.  I honestly found that after being off the opiates/tramadol that I can get rid of most of it with a couple otc pain meds.  

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Makes a lot of sense! TY
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Awwwww man, I just got back from the doc....it went HORRIBLE! This place was such a waste of time. The nurse looked so confused and could not even figure out how to take my blood pressure right. The Dr. did not seem to be very experience either. I was a new pt and she spent maybe 10 mins talking to me. I was there to be double checked for fibro, AS, and general chronic pain. The lady did not even give me any kind of physical. she just sat there and typed everything I was saying on her laptop. I DID tell her about the norcos and that I had decided to quit about 2 weeks ago and now I needed some help managing my pain opiate free. She freaking told me that she needed to run bloodwork first before giving any perscriptions to help with pain....has anyone every heard of that!!! Why would a dr. want you to wait for your BW...especially if you are not asking for pain killers??? She did mention that the only other thing was TRAMADOL, but I told her I did not feel comfortable taking that. But she still insisted on running BW first. I brought my husband with me and even he was like...WTH!??? I basically paid to see this dr only for her to tell me that YES she does agree that I have fibro and possible AS...but sent me home with nothing....gawd. I'm going to call a friend of mine and get the name of her rhuemotologist, which will be a far drive, but has to be better than this lady. I cried the whole way home :(
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I'm sorry, I know I sound like the biggest freaking crybaby!
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NO, I do NOT want to get back on opiates...I've come too far and don't want those to be my crutch for the rest of my life.
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I'm sorry your experience was awful there today.  I know you were hoping for some answers and relief.    I hate it when I feel the Dr isn't listening or rushing.  I'm guessing that she wants the bloodwork to make sure there isn't any underlying issues that could interact with any potential meds she might write?   For example, my Dr has me come in twice a year for bloodwork and does a full panel on my sugars, cholesterol, etc.  

I wish I could help more sweetie.  :(  
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I didn't read all the post above but I have heard nothing but good things about lyrica for fybro. I have taken it for nerve pain before and it worked really good for me and it is non narcotic
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Well, I think that she was just a fill in doc, was really young, and possibly inexperienced. It came across that I was a little more than she could handle, and may have wanted to consult with the real doc that was SUPPPOSED to be there. I'm going to try another doc, and this time get referrals.

Thanks for checking on me, muahhhh♥
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I have tried Lyrica and Neurontin.....neither of them really help.

thanks for posting ♥
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