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NO SLEEP and crawling skin is driving me mad

How can I go on with my skin crawling like this!!!? Please tell me this goes away. Also its 3:15am, I can't sleep. This is maddening! Can I take any meds to help me survive this crap?
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I'm starting day 7 and yes that creepy skin thing does go away.  Hang in there.  I don't know what all you have to help out of the CT symptoms.  You can try a hot bath with Epsom salts....what worked for me is I had some Parafon Forte (for muscle spasms) and ativan (for anxiety).  

I'm not sure if there are any herbal supplements that will help but hang in there...there will be more people here in a few hours and you'll get lots of great suggestions.  If you have a significant other maybe a gentle massage to help relax you?

Drink lots of water and/or gatorade...something to help with dehydration.  Sorry I can't be of more help but hang in there...it is going to get better!  I promise!
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Do you have any tylenol pm or melatonin to help with the sleep?  If not pick up some 10 mg Melatonin tomorrow.  It isn't very expensive at all...I get a bottle of the 10 mg for about $5 at Walmart.
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Hot baths for the crawling skin.  Yea it does go away, your body is not producing the right amount of endorphins (natural painkillers) and your feelings in your body are not right because of this.  You've just gotta stick it out and it will come right.  I know it's maddening, crawling the walls maddening to be precise, but it does go away.    
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Hopefully, by the time you read this, you will maybe have gotten a couple of hrs sleep, but i doubt it. Lol! Yeah, w^d *****, but it does lessen over time. I found the best thing to help with the creepy crawlies was the hot epsom salt baths. Take multiple ones a day! I also found that laying in the tub and listening to music helped alot. You need to try to get somewhere else in your mind (the right way of course) and i used the **** out of music. Some tylenol or ibuprofen might help as well, just to maybe take the edge off. Good luck to you and keep pushing yourzelf forward!!!!
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Hi there. I hope that you are getting a little bit of rest. The skin crawling feeling and no sleep are rough, but they are temporary. I know it feels like forever when you are right in the middle of it, but it will pass and soon. I'm not sure what drug or dose you are coming off of, or how long you have been clean. Usually the most acute symptoms start to ease off around the 3-5 day mark. There will be lingering symptoms, but they are merely an annoyance compared to the more acute stuff. Hot baths with epsom salts really do help a lot. Also, doing anything to keep yourself occupied like listening to music, going for a walk, watching some funny TV or movies. Anything to distract yourself and pass time. In my experience, taking anything whether over the counter, or prescription for sleep will only make you more miserable. A lot of people find they become more restless, agitated, yet exhausted and unable to sleep. I hope that you will continue to post for support on here and that you get some much needed zzz's very soon. Hang in there and take care.
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Hi  well the baths with epsom salt will help the clonadine will also if your doctor will give it to you  it will go away in a few days so just hang in there...................................Gnarly....................................................
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This will pass, hot baths loud music thats how I made it...that was a years ago
sleep will come back and it will end
keep pushing through this you are doing great!
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