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I am hoping to be completely off sub within a week. However, my psych Dr wants to put me on Naloxone for 6 months after that to ensure I don't have a relapse. It basically blocks the high I would get if I took any vicodin like the suboxone does. I really don't know if I even want to go on this, just b/c it's ONE MORE MED to be on. Does anyone know anything about this medicine? Or side effects?
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naloxone will have no effect what so ever on you so the idea, which i understand where youre coming from of "just another med" does not work for naloxone...it is a great idea by your therapist, it will just ensure that if your having a really rough day and have a lapse in judgment and use a few pills that youll know in the back of your head that it is absolutely impossible to get high on any amount or any potency opiate...naloxone is a great idea for anyone coming off of suboxone or methadone..it will no effects physically or mentally, but will secure your sobriety, i would def. do it if you are serious about getting and staying clean..-christos
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it is used for some types of depression.....it has really no side effects/some but rare/if used on a long term basis...ofcourse it has alot if taken right after narcotic use...but on its own very lttle and has actually been shown to improve mood

we use it in the hospital to reverse drug induced respiratory depression...and it works..the person wakes up quick after IV administration...but the half like of this drug is not as long as narcotics so u have to watch as u may lose them again 30 minutes or so later.......this capcity is not hat u would be using it for tho...it is like anabuse that alcoholics use/but for narcotics...and unless u take narcotics while on it then there r no major side effects...ur doctor is an intelligent man...sounds like anyway as most are not as proactive as this
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