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Naltraxone Implant-Irratic Behavior? Depression? Suicid?

My husband came off of a couple year addiction to Oxy last year. He got the Naltraxone implant December 08 and in June 09 he got a nasty abscess from one. The doctor told him it was fairly common to get an infection from the particular implant he was using. They were actually going to be discontinuing those and using a different one. The doctor took it out so the area could heal and he started with monthly shots. He only went twice for the shots and decided he could do it on his own. Well, 2 weeks shy of his 1 year anniversary he relapsed. He used for a few weeks and then detoxed in order to get another implant. It is still Naltraxone, but it is implanted every 2 months (the last one was 3 months).

When he was on the implant last time I remember he was very depressed and moody. I chalked it up to the whole detox and recovery process. Once he started to get the shots as well as when he wasn't on anything his spark came back and it seemed the fog he was in lifted. He got his new implant on January 4. The first few days after he was almost despondent. He is working, but when he got home at night he would try to sleep. If he wasn't trying to sleep he was arguing about everything and complaining about how he hates pretty much anything and everything. He is also extremly angry. That is the part that has me concerned because he has never had an angry bone in his body. he has always been a very even tempered person. A week and a half into things he came home from work one night and announced that he is "over it" and is moving out. He will not discuss it, he will only do mediation. His reasons are totally irrational. Actually everything he says and does right now is irrational. He is thinking of leaving his job and moving away. Said he doesn't care if the house gets foreclosed on because of him getting his own place. This is so not his nature. We have a 22 month old son so I'm really worried!

I get it if he wants a divorce, but I've been doing research about the drug and it seems that mood swings, depression and suicidal thoughts are a common symptom. I'm very concerned for him and I'm not sure how I should precede. Should I consult a doctor to try and get him some help? I know if I say anything it will be perceived as I'm trying to sabotage his recovery.

I'm interested in other's experiences on the implant and how I should approach him. I don't want to ignore this if it gets deeper. The whole suicide thing has me really concerned!
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Hi ahh1977,  I see you are in VA.  I suspect that I know where your husband had his detox and got the implant.  I too live in VA and went through a detox in Richmond and had an implant back in June.  It was horrible!  I went through extreme anxiety and depression until the implant dissolved.  Once it was gone, I felt completely normal.  I have been clean for close to 8 months and have not even though of using once - don't have cravings either.  I know that Naltrexone has it's place, but from what I have read, the side effects happen at about a rate of 15%.  Naltrexone implants are still experimental and are not 100% FDA approved either.  I noticed the side effects after about 3 days if implantation.  My surgical site was fine, but when I visited the doctor and complained about the anxiety, he tried to sell me another impant - NO WAY!  I can't advise your husband on what to do, but for me personally, I would never get another implant and if I was in his shoes now - I would get the one removed.
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Thank you. Kind of a small world isn't it?  I found this site be doing a search on side effects of Natrexone implants and saw a thread that had a lot of comments about the anxiety and depression. I just don't know how to approach my husband about this because he is sort of unapproachable. I thought about calling the clinic just to let them know what was going, but based on your experience with that it doesn't seem like that will matter.
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Why not have him come on here and read. Maybe it will help him see what it could be doing to him. I am on day 3 and anger, suicidal thoughts you name it and I've been through he'll but they keep saying it will get better and I know it will but nasty mood swings, rage and self loathing and pity are all part of the early detox. It's hell but maybe he needs to do some reading and get that implant out.
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I agree with what Salsinator said.  I also had those side effects from the implant, just not as strong.  

Yes, it is a small world.
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Hey! Yep, small world! I'm just over the mountain from you! I'm in a similar boat as you already know. I'm over here most of the time, this is where I started out lol. I'd call the clinic and ask to speak with the doc treating him anyway. Ask him to keep the call confidential, I'm sure they'll understand the fragile state and respect your wishes. Tell them what you're observing, it's by your observations that they might have to rely on if he's unable to make logical decisions on his own. If for some reason he was rushed to the ER, unable to think or talk it would be up to you to make decisions on his care....by LAW. I'm sure it would be a similar case now. Honestly, no judge in his right mind would gran him a divorce considering his state...however I'm sure a judge would grant you one if you wanted it.

I wonder if they can give him an antidepressant along with this??? *Big hugs*

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