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Narcotic addiction, I'm done just need help

I have been on some form of narcotic for the last 2 years. Recently it has been norcos. The last few months I have been up to 25 -30 10mg pills a day. I started weaning with what I have left yesterday. Yesterday I took 3 1/2 pills in AM and 3/12 pills in PM. Today I took 3 pills. But I only have 3 1/2 pills left. I don't know where to go from here. I cannot talk to my dr about this. I need to do this on my own. Can anyone here give me some suggestions o nwhat to do? I was going to take 2 pills tonight. 1 tomorrom AM and th half in the PM. Please help me if you can.
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Hey there - well a quick taper doesn't really help in my personal opinion.  I don't think my withdrawal would have neccesarily been any less had I just jumped buy psychologically tapering did help I think.  It is all based on what works for you.  Physically though because you aren't really tapering more than a few days you are not giving your body enough time to adjust down.

Once you stop the pills completely you'll prob go into withdrawals within 10-16 hours or so.  Most likely Days 2-3 will be awful but just keep telling yourself you just have the flu - that has helped many of us knowing we just have to enure it AND that it is temporary.

After that it becomes more mental.  Let me ask you - what are you planning for alternatively managing your pain?  That is crucial because when you are in awful pain you can talk yourself back into anything.

I'm gonna PM you more to go into this.  Hang in there!
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I have gone cold turkey before and it was absolutley horrible. Then was put back on pain pills after numerous knee surgeries. I am doing this because I am sick and tired of pills controling my life. I am tired of the anxiety that comes when I get low on my stash. I was really hoping that this fast taper would help some with the withdrawals. I do have immodium, gatorade and a multi vitamin along with my prescription xanax. What kind of withdrawls am I in for? I looked into the Thomas Recipe and plan on getting those items to help.
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Hi & Welcome - well you've waited too late to really do any meaningful taper at this point so you'll need to work with what you have.  Whether you stop right now or continue taking a couple pills for the next day or two the results will likely be the same.

Go get yourself gatorade, brand name immodium (2 packs usually) and some easy food for the next few days.  Also consider some nyquil or benedryl to help you sleep at night just to get you through the worst part.

Have you ever gone through withdrawal before or will this be your first time?

For me, I just told myself I had the worst flu ever and had to endure it.  Lots of hot showers (like every hour) helped tremendously.  Get control of the diarhhea immediately and keep hydrated.  Bananas are good as they contain potassium.  Foods that are easy on your stomach like mac n cheese, mash taters, soups that type of thing will be all you'll want if even that but try to eat something to maintain your strength.

You'll feel like doo for a good few weeks but days 2-3 are usually the worst.  About day 4 force yourself up and out and for a short walk.  Starting to move around day 4 is critical to get moving in a better direction.

Are you detoxing out of choice or because you have run out and plan to get new script or buy more?

Give us a little more info and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

I can tell you that I got a plan together and I just stuck to it even though it is hard at times.  I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired on pills - they no longer gave me the great energy and I was no longer myself.  

I made a hard choice over 90 days ago and I'm so glad every single day that I did!  You can do this if you really want to.

Sending you lots of support!
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