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Narcotics During Pregnancy???

     Hey guys!  I wonder if I write this here will a doctor answer me???  I hope so, I need help.  Here goes...  I'm a 23 years old.  I have been taking lorocet 10/650 everyday for a little over a year & I'm up to about 7-8 a day.  The problem is I found out I'm pregnant, I'm about 14 weeks.  So, when I found out I was pregnant I was taking at least 8 a day (3-4 at a time).  So after I realized I was pregnant, I tried to quit.  I had no luck.  I needed the pills (at least 3) to even get out of bed.  Plus, I was scared of what withdrawal might do to my baby.  I know what it does to me & I figured it was probably not good for the baby either.  I'm scared to go to the doctor for fear of what he might do or say.  I've heard stories about women being put in jail when they use drugs while they're pregnant.  The last thing I want is to be seperated from my baby or to hurt my baby.  I'm trying to quit, believe me.  I just wanted to know what the dangers are to my baby & if I slowly stop using will my baby still need detox?  A good friend suggested taking them on a schedule, that way I'm not high, but I'm not in withdrawal either.  It worked great, I had only a little discomfort.  I took 1 every 3 hours, sometimes sooner, sometimes later.  This sounded smart to me because that's how you're "supposed" to take them.  I never thought of that for some reason?  My thinking was all or nothing.  I only took 4 yesterday.  I was also wondering what effect the drugs or getting off the drugs would have on my blood pressure?  I have a little girl & when I was pregnant with her I had GBS (Group B Streptococcus).  My OB did what was necessary to treat it, but I almost had a stroke.  My blood pressure was sky high.  I have been checking my blood pressure because I'm a little scared of what might happen & it's a little too high right now.  Please help, I'm terrified!  Thanks so much to anyone who takes the time to read this.  I appreciate it...

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I feel for you.  I know you must be terrified.  If we ever needed a Dr. to answer a question on this board we need one now.  I will tell you what little I know.  And I dont know much but I will tell you from past experience.  I know that in the first trimester they dont want you to take anything!!!
I can also tell you that I had one TERRIBLE bout of hemorhoids (I forgot thank god how to spell that word)  ANYWAY I was on Darvocet for almost the entire last trimester of my pregnancy.  Because no one wanted to operate on my being pregnant.  Are you getting these pills from an actual doctor? or you must have alot of refills.  Or maybe I just dont want to know! If you pharmacist sees that they are for you and notices you are pregnant that could be the end of that anyway.  The thing to think about is cutting down as much as you can! It sounds like you are definitely trying.  The thing to think about too is the stress you are under worrying about this could do more harm than if you just quit for a few months.  Your worrying is probably making your blood pressure stay high.  I dont know if I helped you in the least but you are in a position now to help yourself. How much therapy are you going to be in for the rest of your life if something wierd was to happen. AND what if it WAS out of your control and you STILL blamed yourself because of what you were taking at the time you know what I mean?  Are you better off coming out with it now and have a MAJOR load off your back?  The stress you are under now and will be under until your baby is born in not good for you either!  Hang in there.  I wish I could give you a hug. AND I wish the doctor would answer this and help you.
Keep us posted please.  Sorry if I rambled so much I just want you two to be okay.
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I'm glad you were able to get your new thread onto this site. I never can. I'm gratified that you consider me a friend. Again, I'm encouraged that you've been able to stick to that schedule. You must admit, you've proven that you have SOME control over your condition. Mariah, I seriously think that if a newely pregnant mother presents herself to a doctor, tells him (or her) that she's been using legitimate pharmaceutical vicodin, which, at 7-8 a day, is not really outside of the legitimate therapy dosage (recommended dosage is usually 1 every 4 hours or 6 a day), and tells the doctor that she's been on them so long that she's become dependant on them, I doubt very much that the doctor would do anything drastic like encarcerating his own patient. That, I believe, usually applies to heroin or crack addicts. I think the doctor would simply order the patient to undergo a standard detox process, which would be the usual taper method. I know he wouldn't just make the mother go cold turkey. For your baby's sake, you're going to have to trust some doctor somewhere with your secret. The one thing you don't want to do is proceed any further in a state of ignorance. Mariah, in this day and age, do you think it's really all that unusual for a women to find she's pregnant and also happen to have develped some sort of chemical dependancy? It happens all the time! Can a family member get you in to see their doctor? Until then, keep up that schedule. It sounds like that really is working. In a way, you've already started to detox yourself. You need to trust some doctor soon with your secret. But I really, really think it will be alright. Take care. Stay in contact with us.
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Lindy, I am terrified, I cry all the time.  I guess a little of that is just from being pregnant.  I wish you could hug me too!  I know you shouldn't take anything while you're pregnant especially in the first trimester!  I have read where some doctors say it's OK to take narcotics while you're pregnant, even in the first trimester.  I'm really concerned about how I was taking them.  Doctors prescribe them 1 every 4 hours & I was taking 3-4 at a time.  I found that under "legitimate drug use during pregnancy".  You know like for dental work, ect.  Some doctors even have said, "they're harmless".  But then you have the other ones that say, "definately not".  I'm so confused.  How could doctors go from one extreme to the other?  Then on here I found this woman asking a question about demerol, she was pregnant & taking 10 a day.  They said it wouldn't hurt the baby & if she did quit & went through withdrawal that it would cause her to have a miscarriage.  They told her to keep taking them until delivery & then they would detox the baby.  But I'm wanting to know if I slowly stop taking them will my baby still have to go through detox?  She was 30 some weeks & I'm only 14.  I have all of this going through my mind, plus the guilt of getting myself & my baby in this situation to begin with.  I found out I was pregnant when I was 6-7 weeks.  I tried to stop completely & that didn't work.  (as you can imagine)  I would try to stop & not take any, then I would get so crazy I would have to take 3 to calm met back down.  I've been going through hell.  After that, I realized I just couldn't stop, I just cut down on how many I would take at one time.  But I was goofy, I took like 2-3 at a time, but like 6 hours apart.  I knew I was making no progress.  Until I found this forum.  Now I'm taking 1 every 3 hours & I finally have some hope.  It worked yesterday taking them as the doctor would prescribe & I'm continuing today.  I have to admit though, I thought today would be easier, but it seems to be harder.  I'm sticking to it though.  Believe me, I hate myself for this.  I know what people must be thinking of me, because I'm thinking it myself.  In this forum is the first time I've said anything about this to anyone besides my b/f. My family has no idea, so that's hard too.  Keeping all of this hidden.  I took great care of myself with my daughter & they are wondering why I haven't went to the doctor yet.  I tell them, I've just been really busy.  I first started taking the pills 1 every once in awhile & it just progressed over a year & 4 months.  My b/f gets them for his back.  I never thought I was addicted, because I never had to go without.  He gets plenty from his doctor for both of us.  He will also continue to get them & that's going to be extremely hard, because they'll be in my face 24/7.  And yes, I would have guilt not to be lived with if something did happen to my baby & I caused it.  Which if anything happens, I'll think that's why.  Thank you for caring & the support, I appreciate it so much!  
Tom, I do consider you a friend & everyone else on here that would spend their valuable time trying to help me with my problem.  I know I sounded silly with the jail thing, (I'm a drama queen anyway) but I don't know what to expect.  I've never had any experience with people & drug problems except the ones that get put in rehab & in jail.  I'm just so scared.  I wish I knew what the doctor was going to say before I went!  (wouldn't that be nice?)  I wish you were my doctor!  he-he  I know I have to go to the doctor, especially because of last pregnancy.  That's why my family is so concerned.  You really think it will be OK?  My b/f keeps telling me about all these girls he knows & their babies were all fine & they were doing everything (way more than me).  I'm just going to keep praying & hoping.  I thank God for all of you too.  I'll keep everyone posted & hopefully in February I can sign on here & tell you how beautiful & healthy my baby is, maybe even send you all a PIC!  Thanks!
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I was thinking too that they say in adults it is not the Narcotic that hurts us it is the Acetomenophin (SP) that is in it.  I think cutting down is the way to go too because the LORCET 650 has a TON of the Acetomenophin in it.  That is why some Dr.s switch people over to things like Oxy because it is time released and it has no Aceto/Aspirin in it.  So keep in mind you are doing yourself a favor to your kidneys and liver by cutting out all that extra stuff other than the narcotic.  I think that Tom had an excellent idea by telling you to come clean with the Dr.  You know they have had stuff like this before. I have FIBROMYALGIA and I take Oxy every 12 hours if I was to become pregnant I would be in exactly your situation with the Dr. right? So I think you will have a MAJOR load off your mind and with your family to tell the Dr. that you are on the meds. (for whatever reason you tell him) I know that you will feel a million times better therefore bringing that blood pressure down! Hang in there.  Please keep us posted.  Make sure you understand that I did NOT mean to imply that if anything happened it would be your fault.  I meant that if something happened totally unrelated to the Lorcet use you would still probably think that had something to do with it.  NO WAY would I every say that it would be your fault! I reread what I had sent you before and wanted to make sure it did not come off that way.
Please keep us posted!
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There is a doctor at this site who participates in the Spinal Disorder chat forum. You have to go to the bottom of  their web page and select Spinal Disorders from their pull down menu.

HE is a pain specilist but more importantly an Anestisiologist.

His name is Doctor Whitworth. If you leave him a message on this forum, he will reply to you. I have an email address  for  the doctor but would prefer not to give it out in here. If you like you can email me at will_do_29730***@****    and I will give you his email address.

For whatever reason he is a very courageous physician and it will not  cost you a dime.

I have even gone so far as to check his credentials to make sure I wasnt being duped.
He is on the staff of Columbus Hospital in Columbus, Indiana and practices Anestisiology and Pain Management as well.

Tell him everything and he will give you an honest answer.

Here is the site, just highlight it and right click your mouse and copy it and then paste it in your browser.


Like I say, once you get  to the site, scroll down to the bottom of the first page and find Spinal Disorders..select  it and hit "go" and you will be on your way. You will have to register and that takes all of 5 minutes.

Good luck,

Ronnie G
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Lindy,  Hey!  I know you didn't mean anything by what you said.  I've thought about this so much, no one could ever tell me something I haven't already thought of myself.  I think about this night & day.  You didn't offend me in any way!  :)  I didn't know that about the asprin in those!!!  There's something else to worry about, because you're not supposed to take asprin while you're pregnant either!  OMG!  I'm in a mess.  I guess you would be in the same situation if you got pregnant, but let's pray to God you never are.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  It's the hardest thing I've ever had to go through in my life!  It's not so much the physical part (getting off the drugs) as it is the mental part (thinking about what I'm doing & have done to my baby).  Believe me, it was not a planned pregnancy.  I flipped when I found out!  I know I need to tell a doctor about my situation, but I don't want to get my b/f in trouble among other things.  Do I have to tell him where I got the pills?  I would feel so much better if I could tell a doctor, just telling it on here & talking to everyone has made me feel better.  Do you think there is anything that a doctor could possibly do to make me regret going & telling?  I know I sound like chicken, that's because I am.  I don't want to cause more problems for myself.  How long does it take to get all of that out of your system?  Does anyone know?  Like how long before it doesn't show up on a blood test?  Because I was going to quit & then go, just to avoid all the things that come with taking drugs & going to the doctor.  When I go, should I tell the doctor about it or just let him find out himself?  You're right about my blood pressure, I do worry & cry all the time.  What is Fibromyalgia, I'm sorry?  I've taken oxycontin (20) before, I think that's what got me into this mess in the first place.  I guess the reason I started taking lorocet was because I was looking for something that would make me feel like the oxys did.  I had never taken any kind of drugs or pills before that & all it took was one pill.  They made me feel like nothing else, I remember it like it was yesterday & it was a couple years ago.  I need to shut up & quit thinking about it!!!  I'm doing good today, it's almost 6:00pm & I've taken 3.  Today was harder than yesterday.  I wonder why?  I thought it would get easier.  I haven't felt like doing anything today, I've watched TV & got on here.  That's it!  I'm sorry about all the questions & worries, but I really have no idea about these things.  The only time I have ever seen a doctor regularly was when I was pregnant with my daughter.  That's the only time I have ever been in a hospital too.  So, thank you.  I appreciate everyone & all the help I get on here.  Mariah
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