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I no longer know if the drugs help or I need the drugs. Haven't slept longer than 3 hours in 3 years. I'm on 120mg Oxi X daily. Plus 10mg 4x daily.6 years of this. So tyred
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You must always take an advise from your doctor before you take any step to either tap down or stop the medicines prescribed to you. And you must discuss these issues with your doctor who has full knowledge of your medical history, to avoid any future complications. Your sleep disorder is something that cannot be taken on a light note. Sleep is itself like a healing medicine.  And In my opinion, In the long run, I believe in switching to more natural forms of therapy, meditation and medication with time, while staying on medicines prescribed by doctor as long as it seems sensible to do so especially when I continue to make improvements in my way of living. And at some point of time when you feel you are not moving any further, have a chat with your doctor and if he recommends no change, have some more patience , until may be when you get an approval of change or select a new doctor who can understand and address your issues better, or may be you just find your way in the natural form of cures the nature has to offer in the science of Ayurveda . Wish you all the best. Never give up. I am sure you will do great as the time goes by. Take care
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What did u start taking all of these meds for?
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