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Nasel damage or paranoia

Ok iv been doing coke for years now and I'm starting to get really obsessed that my nose is going fall off or the middle fall out strange thing is I only obsess when iv done a load of coke, iv noticed a line appears across the bridge of my nose and recently a little indent next to it....ask and I'll send photos I want some advice I mean the nostrals have been worn a lot and I'll also send photos...is it possible for my nose to have been worn that much? I have done thousand of pounds worth of coke in a short time so I'm worried....I get really obsessed about it and I can't stop looking at my nose also I have hallucinated and seen it melt of my face when on coke a few times....but the next morning it looks worn but it's not how I saw it the night before....any advice would be great...
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I would assume the hallucinations were related to the coke,as well as any paranoia & obscessive behaviors. But to answer your question, yes, you can have nasal damage from coke, esp with long term use. I am a medical professional, and I have seen this damage. The septum of the nose is usually the site that is affected the most, often causing a hole in the septum which requires surgical intervention.
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We are here to help you stop this dangerous activity.  Your nose isnt what you should be worrying about, death is~
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Hi & Welcome,

Using coke on a regular basis for an extended length of time leads to paranoia & eventually even psychosis. You will never be able to re-capture that euphoria that you're chasing. DominoSarah is right, coke is serious business. It can also damage your heart,& actually causes perforations to form in brain tissue. It can also lead to strokes.

In large amounts cocaine can cause:

    Shallow breathing
    Unpredictable or violent behaviour
    Chest pain
    Blurred vision
    Heart attack
    Feelings of paranoia, anger, hostility and anxiety even when the “high” is gone

Long Term Effects

Injecting cocaine can cause infections from needles or impurities in the drug. Sharing needles can cause hepatitis, HIV/AIDS or other diseases.  

    Snorting cocaine can damage tissue in the nose. Over time, snorting cocaine can cause sinus infections and loss of smell, stuffed, runny chapped or bleeding noses, and  holes in the barrier separating the nostrils.
    Smoking cocaine can damage the lungs and cause “crack lung”. Symptoms include severe chest pain, breathing problems and high temperatures. This can be fatal.
    Weight loss
    Sexual problems (like difficulty getting an erection)
    Severe psychiatric symptoms including psychosis, anxiety, depression and paranoia.

So, when was the last time you used. What are your feelings/ thoughts around your use? If you want to you can put a stop to this cycle of abuse & reclaim your life. Please let us know how you're doing.

We're here  & we're pulling for you:)
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