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Natural anti anxiety? Help!

Help me! I think I'm losing it.  Jumped off the tramadol this week, w/d not too bad, but the anxiety is killing me!  I have always had a lot of anxiety (part of why I liked pills so much to begin with), but I just seems so much more unbearable now!  I was up the entire night for the past two night just worrying about everything- at one point I couldn't find one of my cats and actually convinced myself he had escaped and I had to find him!  I know it's all really ridiculous and I feel like an idiot, but I don't know what to do.

So, I finally made an appointment with a therapist- I don't like therapists, but I figure if I don't handle to reasons that caused me to use pills, I'll just keep doing it.  Unfortunately, that isn't until next week.

Can anyone recommend some natural antianxiety/ anti-insomina supplements?  I've had no luck with valerian and kava.

thanks and god bless!
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sorry you are having this problem but it goes with the territory, the only thing i've tried is valerian so far so i know i'm not much help there but have you tried to get out and walk or exercise for thoes surges of anxiety? i am going through that right now myself and i have found when things overwhelm me if i walk or keep myself busy other ways turn up the music to drown out the thoughts it helps some just remember this too shall pass give it time and don't give up ,keep that appointment and i will pray for you
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I like passionflower. I take 2 capsules ( not sure on the mg). I didn't like valerian root either. Give it a try!!
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I found the anxiety to be the worst too. There is lots of info on things you can take in the health pages. I found taking a deep breath and on the exhale repeating to word peace helped me alot. I know it sounds stupid but it did help me ALOT!! Good luck to u =)
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Thanks all for the replies!  
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I think the most important thing to do is keep telling yourself you're not crazy.  Anytime I am lying around in bed watching tv whatever and the overwhelming feeling of anxiety hits me I change my scene, get out of bed, turn the channel, go outside and take a deep breath.  Deep breathing works good for me, a hot bath helps, and chammomile tea.  Its finding what works best for you.  It will get easier and you can do it.  You have already taken the biggest steps, a proffesional in anxiety should be able to show you other steps that may be helpful.  I read a good book call Anxiety and Depression.  I don't recall the name of the Writer.  But it was great.  Go to the Library, they are a great resource for self help books.   Good luck!
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I used klonopin this time but you have to have a prescription, it worked great.
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klonopin may not be a good idea as it is highly habit forming in itself

theanine worked for me...SAMe and 5htp also helped...a cup of hot T/the real green tea from the chinese market soothed me as well

But nothing better than a brisk walk around the block or just jog in place for 5 minutes to lower anxiety
If the anxiety does not ease up and relapse becomes a concern, talk to ur doctor..there are rx drugs that are not habit forming that can help...some use benadryl which is otc...some ADs are good for anxiety...buspar is what i used a while back...it is not habit forming and it kinda works fast unlike ADs that take weeks to start working...another drug called dilantin in small doses is used for anxiety and is not habit forming ..talk to ur doctor and tell him u do not want a benzo
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oh...GABA is also a natural anti-anxiety supp
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Hey so goes - I'm with ya.  Just wanted to throw you some encouragement.  Deep breathing helps.  Sit and think ONLY about your breathing.  Just breathe and think of nothing else but your breath. My therapist kept asking me to do this and I just never did, until she made me in front of her once.  I had to laugh out loud becuase it actually helped and I could physically feel the difference.  I don't count or anything.  I just breathe and think only about my breath going in and out.  I can only sit around enough to do it for a few breaths, but it works!

I'm also TIRED as I'm tapering off the Tram.  That is the worst so far for me.  And my stomach is weird, like there's a war going on inside of it.

Today I've taken only 1 pill so I've dropped probably too fast (from 8/9 last Tues), but so far my W/D are not enough to make me take more.  The pain is so I got into the doc tomorrow morning so he can help me with that.

Anyway, hang in there.  You were right about us having the same situation.  You're almost there!
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Try Green Tea.  
> http://my.webmd.com/content/article/104/107641.htm

IMO seems to be safe for every-day long term use.  A helluva lot better/safer/healthier than narcotics (eg. Xanax, etc.)
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melatonin, or you can goto your local whole foods or earth fair and look at other natural supplements for anxiety
congradulations by the way, i think anxiety is the worst symptom i had with ultram wd
it willl pass
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