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Natural anxiety medicine

Hi!! I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion for a natural anxiety medication.  I really don't want to take prescription anxiety medication because there is a chance of addiction and I have a very addictive personality. Thanks!!!
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There are also a lot of changes you can make in your daily life that will drastically make a difference in anxiety levels.  Most of this is common sense stuff, but they're worth mentioning....

Exercise...that's a biggie.  The more active and fit a person is, the less anxiety they have.  If you're not very active, start slowly, with walking, and work your way up.   Always check with your doc first if you have any concerns about starting a new exercise program.  Aerobic exercise is great for reduing anxiety.

Avoiding stimulants, like caffeine, energy drinks, monster drinks, nictoine, etc. is obviously a biggie too.  I know, easier said than done...but cutting down on these things really does help.  (I say that to you after two cups of coffee and a smoke...lol...so know I'm not indicating that this stuff is a cake walk).

Sleep...to improve your quantity and quality of sleep is very helpful.

Diet..a healthy, well balanced diet does wonders for the psyche.  Even adding a daily multivitamin if you're diet isn't so hot may help.

Avoid streesors...most people could tell you point blank, the things in their lives that cause anxiety.  For instance...a financial situation, where you may have a creditor harassing you.  Instead of ignoring it...deal with it, talk to them, and try to make some kind of arrangement.  That kind of stressor will cause a lot of anxiety and once it's addressed, anxiety levels drop instantly.  That was obviously only an example..I'm not saying that's an issue for you.  You would have to determine what stressors in your life cause excess anxiety, and work to either reducing or eliminating that stressor.  Obviously, there are some stressors in life we cannot eliminate completely..like mother-in-laws...lol...but you get the point.  The basic premise is to make positive changes where you can.

Change your environment...this one is HUGE.  People don't realize just how much our senses affect our moods and emotions.  Depending on your environment, it could either be making you feel worse, or better.  

For example, a person who listens to death metal all day, plays violent video games, watches horror movies and smokes like a chimney all day long will probably not feel nearly as good as someone who may listen to jazz or classical, no video games, enjoys scented candles...and likes comedic movies.  Our sight, hearing, smell and touch ALL contribute to our mental state.  If the environmental stimuli for those senses is more "dark", or "heavy", or "negative", that will absolutely affect how a person feels in a big way.

So, you don't have to commit to turning your entire life upside down right now, but you can start to make some positive changes.  The more factors you change for the better, the better you will feel, and the better your anxiety will be.  You may even discover in 6 months time, after many lifestyle changes, that your anxiety is gone and you won't need anything to help reduce it.

Always feel free to stop by the Anxiety community as well.  If you really want some good advice on more natural supplements, find Paxiled.  He has an unbelievavle knowledge about more alternative ways to treat anxiety, versus the traditional medical model.  He's a smart guy!

Best to you!
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Natrum Muriacticum is an all natural herbal supplement.  Also, B6, B 12 and Magnesium is a great combo...
BTW just suggestions I am not a physician : )
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For me exercise was #1, especially walking our two dogs 2 miles a day broken into two sessions. Anything to get the natural tireds going. Jimi's suggestion of Valerian Root also worked for me. Vicki's L theonine also.  Hyland's Calms during the day and Calms Forte' at night to help me sleep a couple of hours after my hot bath, as hot as I could stand it. I read on here to never underestimate the power of the hot bath during WDs. Finally Keeping busy rather than sitting there and dwelling on my symptoms. Doing anything to get my mind off of the symptoms, which always surprised me at their intensity no matter how many times I've gone thru the WDs.  
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I think L theonine is the best stress/anxiety reducer. It's an amino acid and it increases dopamine so it also offers a feeling of natural well being.

Go to the Health Pages here and read the articles on amino acids and foods that increase dopamine. They're excellent!

Good luck
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I really like your advice! Esp about the environment....it really is a huge thing as it surround us daily. Thanks for all the great reminders of how to reduce stress.
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Great post, girl~
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Walmart has 5HTP that many take.  I swear by my B-6 and B-12 vitamins.
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You might be thinking of Valerian Root. That is pretty good for sleep and anxiety. Give that a try.


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I was given a bottle of natural anxiety medicine right before I went to rehab. I never used them but I'm posting because I know there is such a product. Look it up online to see where you can find it. Sorry I couldn't help more...
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