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Need Advice Where To Go Now...

I really need a doctors help with comming off of my medications. I am really worried about my chemical imbalance quitting cold turkey has left me. Its hell of a rollercoaster. No local practices will see me mostly because I was discharged from there practice. Most of the doctors that specialized in this discharged me to. At the time they did not know I was addicted. They probably associated having multiple doctors for my prescription was more towards selling it or something. Im not sure. But it was to keep my supply on hand. The doctor I last seen said she would put in a referal to the closest addiction recovery place and they have yet to call me. I feel alone and need help. That doctor also discharged me from that practice and would not write my depression meds or bipolar meds meanwhile. Now I am out.  Thuss going through withdrawls on them now to. Scarey. Not having a doctor help me scares me to. I never told them before that I was addicted for many years. I was to scared they would take it away. I wish I would had asked for help. I dont know what to do. I am driving myself off of anxiety mostly and my stomach is in knots. I dont know where to turn or what to do now. Any advice for me?
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Hi, take a deep breath, you are not alone.  I am fairly new to this site, I am tapering off Hydo's (8 per day, now down to 4) and i too take AD meds.  If you don't mind me asking why were you discharged from each practice?  What was you doc and dose each day?  If you have to go to the emergency room and explain everything that is going on, someone will help you.  I am not sure why you physician stopped writing for you AD meds, that seems rather cruel.  Are there any other dr's in neighboring towns you can see?  I am sorry I am not more help to you, but I am here to talk if you need it!  Stay strong, I know how hard it is for you right now!!  Ladydi4185
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Here is what happened to me, i was heavily addicted, and in very deeo depression, i tried to take my own life ( DONT DO THAT!!! ) but i did i saw no way out of where is was. I couldnt work had no income my house was sold for taxes and lost my truck, and almost my family. But when i id what i did, i woke up in rehab, which got me into treatment then not later. If there is a hospital with a psyc ward call them tell them what is going on they will tell you what time to come to the ER and that might help you get treatment asap. BUT DONT DO WHAT I DID but while in rehab they told me what i should have done to get help right away. Hope this might help. Aaron
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I am thinking of going to the ER today to see if someone may help. When I ask for help what should I say? Do I tell them I was addicted to Adderall for these many years and now I am to this point? Will they even help me? I am really nervous and so scared they will turn me away.

I was taking Adderall 30mill. tablets anywhere from 6 to 8 a day. I was prescribed to take it 3 times a day. I personaly have went to the ER before to get Adderall when I was out or running out and they would tell me they could not write this type of medication for me that I had to see a specialists for this type of medication. I have tried there a few times over the years. Once in a bluemoon they might write it.

Other than that I was discharged over time from different local phy. offices because they would find out that I had got the medication I was requesting like 2 weeks before that and the medication is supposed to last me for a full month. I have been struggling so long trying to keep this going that I am suprised I have made it this long.

Its a class II substance and every pharmacy records it so it can be monitored. Sometimes a pharmacy may call that doctor and the doctor will tell them to hold onto the prescription so I can not get it.

Im  in a bind here. I dont know where to turn. Please help!  

I am a wreck. Trying to do whats right for me but I am falling apart it
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seems to me that should be illegal for a doctor to just cut you off cold turkey from depression meds and pain killers knowing that they are addictive and dangerous to just quit all of a sudden. at least that is what the pharacuetical companies say on those little leaflets you get. i would think your doctor that was perscribing deppression meds is responsible to at least set you up on a tapper to stop. they can set you up with a contract for only meds perscribed from them and the drug stores can monitor it. hah- threaten the doc with malpractice. because that is what i think it is.
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Erica, whatever happens what ever you decide you need to know we will be here to support and help anyway we can.
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