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My husband is trying to quit Oxys cold. He wasn't taking a whole lot just a 30 a day.... He's going thru the WD now. Been 3 days since he had any. What can I do to help him?  
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Hello mate n welcome need abit more info chick is it 30mgs a day or thirthy tabs n if so whaat strength what day of withdrawl is he on mate theres a thing called the thomas recipe on here for withdrawl it helps it really does there might be a link on bottom of page. Keep posting theres so real amazing people here that will help yous both.  
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Sorry just seen he on day three mostly the wds go for three to.four days the worst will be nearly over by now. Has he been able to sleep or eat
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It's 30 tabs 2 or 3 a day. He's sleeping but not eating. He's also vomiting anything he does eat. Pretty sure it's been going on for a few months... He isn't real sure when it got to that point. He has no pain... Started with a little fun then next thing it was out of control.
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Hello and welcome. Physical withdrawals last about a week. Look up the Thomas Recipe here on this sight. The mental battle comes next, and he will need help: N/A, counseling, reading a lot on this site.

Mostly he will have to really want to quit, it is a life and death issue. Many people here are willing to help, so keep coming back.
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