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Need help on quieting addiction to Codeine and pot

I'm trying to quietin my addiction to codine and weed. It's my 2nd day. How many days it would take to get convinced  dat i've lived through wd effect?
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i know you are in india arin, i dont know the health care system there, but again with respect i am not sure subutex is the way to go, best wishes.
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on my profile there are a few web pages you should look at
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http://sitemaker.umich.edu/terryrobinson/files/RB1993.pdf    ( Incentive-Sensitization Theory)


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well i came off codeine cold turkey, i can only tell you my experience as it differs for everyone.by the 5/6 day i did start to feel a tiny bit better, make sure you drink plenty of fluids ,that is important, and i did need the imodium, hot baths were very soothing, you can do this ,i found the hardest thing was not being able to sleep, but you can get some valerian root and melatonin , it can help a bit, keep posting and i wish you well,
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I tried the cold turkey twice, and even though on one of them I lasted over 2 months, I still felt absolutely awful, drained and lethargic, so bad I just couldn't stand it any more.  Once I took them again it took me 5 days to get back to my 100+ 30mg codiene tablets a day.  I was at my wits end as my body had really had enough of the codiene.  Basically I couldn't live with them, and I couldn't live without them.  Eventually I told my doctor I couldn't stand any more and he referred me to the Community Drug Team.  The doctor there put me on Subutex and I took my last codeine on Tuesday 22 March 2011.  I took my first Subutex on Wednesday morning 23/3/11 and haven't taken a codeine tablet since.  I felt fine.  No restless legs, no hot cold sweats, no sleeplessness, absolutely fine.  The miracle I had been searching for.  I started my reduction of Subutex about a week ago, and to be honest the way I'm going I hope to be off that in another two weeks.  I have no desire to take codeine, but I will admit the demon in me keeps wanting something to take me out of the ordinary, but that is just will power, not physical like when you try to stop codeine.  If you live in England I recommend this way.  I know Subutex comes across as hard core, and that is one of my downsides.  The other is I actually work in the health industry and know how the people I work with look down on "druggies", so I'd be absolutely horrified if they knew, but in my experience of taking it, it just makes you feel normal.  The way you want to feel.  Anyway, I hope you take my advice and if you live in England get back to me if you have problems getting it.  I know America it isn't the same, but they have Subutex too, so it must be possible.  Let me know how you are getting on, because I really do know how you feel.  You can do it and the easier you make it on yourself the more chance you have of succeeding.  Regard J.
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Well, it's my 7th day of living clean;free from any drugs. And u were right ,I couldn't sleep properly till yesterday.
Is there any other side effects?
U r right I'm from India and during this time of the year, weather is scorching hot. Unfortunately I work in a bank ,where I need to ware a tie when I'm inside the branch :).Normally I get rid of it,if I'm going outside to meet someone and ware it again when I'm back.Day before yesterday I noticed that I'm having problem in controlling my fingers while tying d knot of my tie.
Is it related to withdrawal effect?      
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yes, arin, that is a symptom of wthdrawal, i felt "all fingers and thumbs" and really clumsy, but you have done so well! and without the subutex, i am glad the sleep is slowly returning, 7 days is great ,am proud of you! stay strong and god bless.
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Thank you 4 being with me.
I consider myself very lucky,that I've found this forum when I needed it.
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I'm so ashamed of myself,couldn't resist the urge and relapsed :(.Had it yesterday and today.
But I'm ready to try it once again,hope this time I'll have less sleepless nights.
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