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Need help sleeping

Had shoulder replacement surgery 45 days ago and after the 3rd day on hydrocodone I started having anxiety attacks at bedtime and could not sleep.  This turned into more anxiety starting around dark because I knew what I would be faced with at bed time. I was told it could be the hydrocodone so I stopped 10 days ago. I was given .5mg xanax and 10 mg ambien. The panic or anxiety has prettymuch gone but I still am not sleeping listening to a sleep / meditation cd 2-3 times a night I NEED SOME RELIEF.Eddie
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29 days off of HydroCodone here and I'm finally getting some real sleep. I used hydro off and on for 18 months, I was taking it on a steady basis for the last 3 months. My doctor has helped me along with the WDs from getting off it. He said Hydro doesn't allow REM sleep. So I didn't get the correct kind of sleep. And I'm assuming you might not have slept correctly for 35 days according to your post.  From my experience you should get back to normal sleep soon, I hope! Both Xanax and Ambian are habit forming. I ended up stuck on Ambien, but I'm weaning myself off of it with the help of my Doc.

I never did Xanax, but I did some research on it when I had my WD panic attacks and depression going. I can see how it helps people, but I'm scared to death to take it myself, being a recovering addict and alcoholic.

Get well soon and keep posting!
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Hi Eddie -

You'll have to hit up your doctor.  There are a lot of options available to you and I'm thinking it's just a matter of trial and error right now until you find something that works.  That's awesome that you knocked Hydro with no trouble, it seems.  Right on.

Ask him his thoughts on something called Trazadone.  It's a nonaddictive, mild antidepressant that has some serious sedating side effects.  For this reason, it's usually prescribed at night.  When I would take it, I'd read before going to bed - knew it was time to shut off my lamp and put the magazine down when my eyes started crossing.  Literally lol.  But your doc will know what's better for you than me.

Good luck!  Let us know what happens.  :)
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