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Need help with my addiction

i am addicted to pain pills.. Norco, vicodine, hydrocoyine.. I am tring to find a doctor to help me get off of them.. I have been on suboxone before and it worked well. so i either wanted that or somethng else that will work.
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I agree with all Jaybay had to say.  I'd also add, try reading the posts on the substance abuse board.  You can find some great information and support there.
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I'm not surprised Suboxone worked well for you.  It's a whole lot more potent than any hydrocodone preparation on the market.  It's a very long-acting synthetic narcotic with a half-life of some 36 hours.  Suboxone is also a whole lot more difficult to detox from than hydrocodone.

Do you get your pills from a doctor for a pain condition or are you getting them on the street and using them recreationally?  Just trying to determine if you're talking about physical dependence or true addiction here.  

If it's really addiction, detox is only the first step to sobriety.  Unless you do some work on your mental house you can expect to relapse.  Give some AA or NA meetings a try and see if you recognize yourself in the people there.  Listen to what they say and see what resonates.  Try to keep an open mind about it.  You have nothing to lose but a few hours of your time and it may be the most important thing you've ever done for your life.
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