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Need help with vitamins

I've been taking the following from beginning of my detox - now day 8.  Please let me know if I am taking enough/not enough or too much of these vitamins - this isn't breaking any rules is it - it's only vitamins after all.  Just wanted to get it right.

5-HTP - took only 100mg/day  is this enough??
Vit B-12 - took 100mg/day       is this enough?
Calcium/Magnesium  333mg    is this enough?
Omega 3-6-9   1200mg    don't know why - just had it in the house
Potassium  100mg          is this enough?
and flax   1000mg      don't know why - just had it in the house

Anything else I could take to help with depression??  This is the worst of my wd's right now.

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Hey!  (smile)  

It looks like you are on the right track!  (applause)

What regiment you are on now looks alright.  You can actually go up to X2 100mg  5HTP. I take one in the am and then one in the late afternoon with a snack.  

Omega is good for the brain and the heart. And Flax, excellent for the elasticity of the skin.  

You could always look into taking St. Johns Wort for depression.  BUT...check with your Dr. first;  as even herbs can be dangerous to dabble with when you know little about them.  

If you care to trust me enough, I can give you some advice on herbs.  I practice herbalism here in Maine.  

Keep well,


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Hi Kim ;)

Thanks for the advice - yeah, I thought I should be taking more of the 5HTP - I read somewhere on here 100mg three times per day - does that sound too much?  Also, yes I trust your judgement on this - is it safe to take St. John's Wort along with the 5HTP?  Aren't they both for depression?

I don't take any other meds so I'm not worried about the herbs mixing with other meds.  As for the other stuff - flax, omega 369, I used it when quitting smoking over 7 months ago at the advice of a herbalist here.  Now let me tell you THAT was difficult!!  Now during my wd's from oxy. really wanted a smoke boy, but staid strong.  Thanks for you help.

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Not to hijack your post but I am also curious as to taking both St. John's Wort and 5htp together.  I am 41 days clean from Tramadol and started taking both about 7 days off of the meds to help combat the depression and anxiety.  I take them both twice a day two 300mg St Johns and one 100mg 5htp.  I have been doing great and they really seem to be helping a lot but I don't wont to overdo either of them.  I am not currently taking any medications.  I take a woman's multi-vitamin, B12, St. John's Wort and 5htp.  I still occassionally get RLS at night and sometimes take Hyland's Leg Cramp for that.  I would hope I can continue to take the St. John's as long as needed since it helps/helped a ton with the depression.   And Michelle big congrats on day 8!!! You are really through the worst of it.  After day 10 I started seeing improvement everyday.  Except for a little energy slump still lingering  I feel terrific now so hang in there because you really can do this ;o)

Blessings, Lisa
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THanks Lisa - how many days are you at now?  You way after day 10 eh?  Looking forward to that boy, I'ma t day 9 today and feel pretty good actually.  But I felt good yesterday too after getting up, but as the day went on I started to go downhill.  By the end of the day I was in tears (again) and I don't even know why.  I hope today will be a better day - and as you said, keep on getting better!!

Thanks to All!
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If you up the dosage of 5HTP-that should be sufficient enough to start helping with the depression....it will start working, give it time. :)
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What is 5HTP?
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It's an amino acid known to help stabilize mood and sleep patterns....people swear by it.my cousin takes it and doesn't take antidepressants anymore.
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Up it to what?  I've heard I can take 300mg three times daily.  Does this sound excessive??
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You should also get some EmergenC (frizzy, yummy Vitamin C drink with some other minerals and vitamins in it). Heroin addicts in detox swear by it. It has saved my hiney a few times also......IF you can't find it (you should be able to at your local healthfood store or even a Wal Mart (okay, side note: I CAN'T believe I just suggested Wal Mart to someone--UGH!!!) ) anyway, if you have to get Vitamin C chewable tabs instead....really load up on it. It does help.
Also Please Remember:
Oral nutrition: Increase the right proteins!!!! Proteins are the building blocks for neurotransmitters and neurotransmitter receptors…as well as the building blocks for your natural opiate receptors

For 3 weeks remove all red meats from your diet. Red meat has chemical components that increase inflammation and pain. (Fish, chicken, eggs are good sources of protein). If you are having a hard time taking in solid foods go to a health food store and buy protein powders that can be made into smoothies or drinks. You absolutely must have increased protein intake…proteins are the building blocks for all enzymes, neurotransmitters, and enzyme receptors in the body. No chemical works in the body without receptors. Just like opioids have to have opioid receptors—which are down regulated during methadone use—this is the reason people have long-lasting pain and aggravation coming off methadone…this isn’t much of a problem with heroin use because of it’s short half-life…proteins are essential for the repair work in recovery…

-  L-Methionine—a sulfur bearing amino acid…necessary for the production of S-Adenosyl-methionine (SAM-e)…SAM-e is a necessary cofactor in the production of the master neurotransmitters—serotonin, dopamine, adrenalin, and nor-adrenalin…this must be added to any amino acid therapy directed at rebuilding neurotransmitter production and function…500 mg—two twice per day

-  Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables…you get little or nothing from canned foods…fresh fruits and veges are loaded with fiber which help bind and remove toxins from your body…they also normalize gut function

-  Stay AWAY from candy, and other sugar heavy foods

-  Drink lots of 'good' water, (green teas are good for the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties)…no cokes or soda waters for three weeks

-  You have to exercise everyday…swimming is best because it is low impact exercise…yoga…tai chi…walking daily…detoxing or otherwise…exercise is a normal component of good health

Supplements: Some need less and some more…remember the efficacy of all nutrition and supplement use is ultimately guided by your genetics…and we are all different to some degree…
--  Multivitamin with a strong mineral component: in gel caps only…an excellent quality multivitamin is absolutely necessary…remember that vitamins and minerals are cofactors/coenzymes for repair, healing, and normal function of the body…

- Fish oils, or flax seed oil are necessary for repair and proper function of cellular membranes…anti-inflammatory…these need to be mixed omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 oils—4000 to 6000 mg per day in split doses… some can be purchased as liguids and mixed with your smoothies.

-  L-Glutamine 500mg caps …at least 2000-3000 mg per day…split the dose so that your doing it at least twice per day…helps heal the gut and the building block for GABA…the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter…helps slow things down…Do not take GABA as a supplement…GABA is made in the brain…when out side the brain the molecule is to large to cross the blood brain barrier (though there is argument that us addicts have a damaged blood/brain barrier and the molecule can pass through because of it) anyway, the building block for GABA is L-Glutamine or Glutamic acid…these building blocks CAN readily cross the blood brain barrier.

Full Spectrum antioxidants:
relieves inflammation and helps normalize inflammatory pathways and reduces damaging molecules (free radicals) present in the system while detoxing

- Vitamin C:
2000-3000 mg per day divided doses (see the EmergenC thing at top of post)…

- Reduced L-Glutathione 300mg per day:
Helps liver detox metabolites of methadone…Detoxing agents can be found in lots of products…most in combinations…

Adrenal Support (i.e. Adrenal FACTORS (NOT adrenal glands ground up-this is very different):
Research has shown that drug use has profound effects on the adrenal glands. The Adrenal FACTORS are little vitamins and minerals that help support the gland so you can get back to feeling normal (no fatigue and lack of energy)

- Milk Thistle with alpha-Lipoic Acid ---for liver repair and detoxification…follow dosing directions on the bottle

These are some of the basics. There is absolutely no way to eliminate all the problems associated with withdrawal ..
REMEMBER:…This will not kill you…it will be yucky, but you will survive and be better for it.…

Stay Strong,
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ps...not that you are on METHADONE or HEROIN.......as suggested in the protein building blocks section...........the PILLS we take do that same damge (probably a lot MORE because of the tylenol etc)...so the damage to our bodies is somewhere closer to that of a Heroin addict (and the withdrawals are relatively 'short' compared to someone who is on methadone) but the damage is still the same and we addicts need to help our bodies get back to our pre-addict state (physiologicallly speaking).......the mental part of addiction, well that's another story all together.....it takes a lot longer to fix that damage-but you are getting there for sure by stopping this horrible merry-go-round of addiction!!
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second correction: (my brain works faster than I can type at times):
'so the damage to our bodies is somewhere closer to that of a Heroin addict'.....should read 'so the WITHDRAWALS for our bodies is someshere closer to that of a Heroin addict'...........I'm hoping I don't have anymore screw ups in my post!!! sorry :-)
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if i am right, SAM-e and 5htp are not to take together, correct me anyone if i am worng, pls.
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