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Need some accountability

I need pain medication.  I'm pretty sure it's a mixture of really needing it, and liking the way it makes me feel.  Plus the fact that your body gets used to it.  I had a two partial knee replacements, and one total within three years.  The total was June 25, 2012.  I have osteoarthritis in my right shoulder now, and other joints are getting there.  I have lymphedema in one leg and my legs swell and hurt very much when I work, which I don't have much choice about at the moment.  I literally come home and either get on the bed or the couch, and can't get up to cook or clean or even go to my children's events after working.  I also have veinous insufficiency, which means the blood doesn't pump back up to my heart efficiently, and I think that adds to my fatigue.  (I was off pain meds from September 2011 to June 2012.  I went cold turkey off of 15 mgs. methadone/day and then cold turkey off of Norco a few months later.  I felt better mentally and worked smarter when I was off the meds but I hurt, a lot.  I am not able to take NSAIDs.  Steroid shots only make my bones worse in my opinion.  

  Here's what I'm facing tomorrow.  I was prescribed 180 Norco/month to take two, three times a day on August 12.  I took them in two weeks, fell back into addiction mode.  I'm still experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, night sweats and sneezing, but the worst of it is over.  I have refill tomorrow.  Would I be totally unreasonable to ask someone on this site to hold me accountable for the number of Norco's that I take each day?  I do think that the lower dose would relieve some of my symptoms, take the edge off of my pain.  I also feel like if I had the will to get off of the methadone, and the Norco, I should have the will to take my meds as prescribed.  I just have never purposed myself to do so.  Taking these meds in two weeks and going through the brain fog and withdrawals again in two weeks is not a bright idea for me.  But if I don't take them at all I don't know if I have the will to  keep working.  Seriously, I've already spoken to HR about what I should do if I can't fulfill my responsibilities.  I still have two children living at home who need parenting and a husband also.  My husband knows about my problem, but he is not able to help me for reasons I won't go into at the moment.  

    Thanks for your consideration.  I am open to comments.  
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To get help in taking your medication as prescribed, I can promise you that getting that help HERE won't make a bit of difference.  I mean let's face it, the people here can not reach out and take those extra pills out of your hand can they?  Sure this place is great for encouragement and support but it does not replace live and IN PERSON help.

Why can't your husband help you with this?  I'm not sure I understand that.
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Yours is a difficult problem to solve. You need pain pills because you have pain. But you have something of an addictive personality because you take more pills than you need. It would appear that you have not told your doctor about the  addiction. Is that because he might take you off pain medication altogether?

Yet you need to speak to someone. Is your husband helpful? Have you confided in him? How well would it work if he held on to your pills and doled them out to you according to the prescription?
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Hi there, i have allot of the same issues, i had 3 total knee replacements and a hip, and still in pain each in everyday.  It stinks and i am still not over the fact that i have to live in pain because i cant live on pills, the pills just took over my life.  Now with that said, she should not have to live in pain, but you  have to be able to take as prescribed.  Having me or anyone else on here is not enough to hold you accountable, you need someone at home dispensing the allotted amount per day, and believe me, its so hard to do, i have been there.  OUr brains will come up with anything and everything to tell us we need a pill, and we will feed it if we have the pills.  Have you spoken to your dr about this?  Is your plan to stay on the Norco's and take as prescribed?  What ever your decision, you have to do what works best for you, but please do not continue to abuse them.  HAve you tried other remedies to help alleviate you pain?  I also have severe osteoarthritis, and i take Aleve, heat pads, pain patches, and most recently i use a T.E.N.S. machine (stem), it does help, and honestly rest when i need it.  I have 2 kids as well, and everyone in the family has to step up to the plate, because i just cant do half the things i was able to do when i was taking Norco.  Also, there is such a thing called rebound pain when you are off the pills, you have to give it some time to really elevate your pain level.  I am so sorry you are going through all of this, i know all to well how you are feeling, and i am not happy about it, but i do not have a choice.  Goos luck to you and keep reaching out for help.
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Yes, u will get encouragement here but as far as accountability, you need your husband to hold your pills and give them to you as prescribed! Unless he has a pill problem as well and you can't trust he won't take them! Then that's an entirely different issue altogether! If u tell ur dr u have a pill problem he most likely will put u on something non-narcotic! Which u probably don't want do u? If you had will and desire to quit methadone without tapering down, you could absolutely control this... The facts are you need this med to function, but you're taking more than needed.. Can't ur dr change the dose since it seems ur body is used to this current dose? That way u can take them as prescribed?
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   I'll take whatever counseling I can get here, but 30 yrs with this man tells me that he doesn't get it.  He asks me questions like, "When are you going to get your pills so you can be in a better mood?"  My heart is hard toward him right now.  It puts a bigger strain on our relationship if I have to ask him for something and be vulnerable to his whims.
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