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Need to quit Tramadol cold turkey


I have a question but before I get all the standard replies on quitting tramadol such as don'tdoit, you run risk of seazures, it's the worst drug to quict cold turkey, you need to go into the emergency room after your last dose etc etc yes I have read all this. None of t helps me what it really does is make's you never want to quit.

However I really do need help and advice on what I can do in my current situation. I need to make it through this I have no other option, failure or dying is not a option either.
I got hurt over  a year ago and I have been taking trams snce then and for the last 6 months or so I have been taking around 1,500 mg or 30  50 mg caps per day. Never all it once. I normally take 500 mg 3 times a day over a period of 16 hrs. I have never quit before. My body actally craves for more tramadol than the 1,500 mgs but I have been able to keep it at this dosage.

Now here's what is happening and I cannot change this. I am living in another country not the US. You get all the Trams here over the counter and pretty cheap 14 cents for 1. Anyhow in 2 weeks I will be on a plane with my 4 year old dog returnng back to the US. That is a fact. I need t be clean before my flight takes off.
Only helpful suggestions please anything that is going to incite fear keep it to yourself. I only want to know what I need to do and what method will work the best for me during these 2 weeks.

Thank you
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Could you possibly tapper for a few days and then at a lower dosage go CT??
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I don't see why not? Anyone here knows how t make up a 1 week tapering plan?
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I'm sorry but it is a violation of our guidelines to provide tapering schedules.

I hope it all works out for you.
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I too hope it works out for you......
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It may help to read the tramadol&Ultram page.  There is lots of great positive info there.  And also the Health pages.  Look for the Thomas reciepe.  I have read if you start with all that before you actually quit it helps more.  Good luck
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Hi PG,

Are you able to go and see a doctor in your country.

As long as you are open with them about your habit, they should be able to calculate a safe tapering schedule, as well as prescribing anticonvulsants and other meds that may ease your withdrawal.

That would be the safest route to take by far.

Take care
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You're really in a tough situation here. I'll try to help. I'm not exactly an expert on Tram
but I know a few things.

First,I imagine you can't bring the tramadol through customs or can you bring some in a pill box or something?

Usually,slow and easy goes the taper with this stuff. A taper is simply cutting back on the  daily dose every 5 days or so...It needs to be slow so you can adjust...
We have a member on the forum who stopped cold turkey. She's done well but had the usual withdrawals. She took clonidine(a B/P med that helps A LOT) and Prozac to cover
the antidepressant portion of Tramadol. She made it through the withdrawals with a lot of help at home. She stayed at home for several weeks. She's great now.

If this were ME...I'd take what I could with me while traveling and detox back in the states. I'm not certain you can do an effective taper in two weeks. You'll feel like hell most of the time...

Hope this helps~
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Paradise, I know it seemed like they dont care or were not supportive with their replies but I will tell you they do care. There is probably too much liability for offering a tapering schedule. I would suggest speaking with a doctor or starting tomorrow try taking a dose that you can manage. It needs to be less than what you are taking now so you will feel uncomfortable. I dont know much about tramadol because my DOC is opiates but tramahater knows a great deal about them. From what I have read the WD's can be rough but its the price we must pay. Have you thought about tapering over a month? It just seems like such a high dosage to taper in a week and then be sick for another week but each person reacts differently to detox. Mine is rapid and never so severe I cannot function. I will say a prayer for you and I know you are scared but trust me, you are making the right choice.
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I'm going throught the samething you are only with vicodin 5-500 . I 'v been on a 100 sites with no magic answer.I'm trying to taper down, but I seem to have very little will power. I have some with me & have someone else hold the rest to help me with my will power issues.I much as I want this magic answer I am afraid there is not 1. Is there any way that you can try the tapper thing ???????????
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Oh...and there's a taper schedule in the "health pages". Click on that,upper right,and search the articles. It's an opiate taper but I think it would work for Tram.

I'm just thinking: Do this when you get back. You'll enjoy you're last few weeks without being sick and you can get with a doctor once you're here. You know?
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Thank you. Yeah I know I am in trouble.  I remember reading somewhere forget now a person was returning to the US from Mexico where she went to load up on prescriptions which were probably wrote by a Mexican guy sitting outside the Farmcia in any regard Tramadol was the on ly one they let her keep. Oh I am not in Mexcio. I like the idea of buying a bunch and tapper in the US but the problem there is what happens if they take all my trams then I am in instant Wd's that is exactly what i am trying to prevent

Does anyone know how I can contact Tramhater and the other lady tha went cold turkey
thank you much.

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Paradise, do you have an old prescrpition to them? If so, do you have the bottle they came in? I think you would be fine if you just put them in that or possibly try to pass them off as another prescription. I cant say for sure and please dont take this as advice but just something I would ponder if I were in your shoes.
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I can tell you that I am in my 2 week of cold turk w/d from tram  anywhere from 3-5 50 mgs 3 x's a day. My cold turk was unplanned to a hosp stay but I knew that it was "my shot" at getting rid of them. As this is my second go around with them my first time in 2008 was done on a pretty rapid taper nothing like I have been reading about but I remember that being a little easier than this cold turk stuff on the body. Please take care in your decision and keep reading all the advice on this site they have some pretty good things to say. None of us can advise you or tell you what to do only what we know from experience and only you know your own circumstances and tolerances and like I said what will work for you in the end to finally get rid of these nasty tramadols. stay posted with us and let us know what you need.....

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Thank you I really wish there was not all this stuff on the net to begin with. Seriously the info here can do more harm than good. I was just ready bite the bullet and quit my big mistake was reading these boards when  got done reading I was paralyzed with fear who wouldn't be. It;s hurts more than it helps having boards like this IMO.

thank you
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Guy~  I only know of one person who went cold turkey and that is Tramahater(Lee Ann).
I know she's away today but she'll see your post tonight,I promise.

One thing I do know is that this drug "flies under the radar". It's passed off as non- addicting or unlikely to create addiction. That's BS as we know.  Anyway,that's why it wasn't taken at the Mexican border. So,you have that on your side.

The other thing is this: You will not go into INSTANT withdrawals. When traveling,split them up in different places...put some in a medicine bottle and carry it with you. I do this all the time (legit) when I travel. Rx meds,Motrin,Sudafed etc...stay with me. I have more in my luggage which is stupid but I do it.  I always put the Sudafed in with the Motrin;it's just easier and keeps it all together. Sometimes,I throw Excedrin in there.
Another thing I've done recently(also legit) was ship my stuff ahead to my destination. It
made traveling easier because I was on crutches!!

Think about it...you're going to be okay...Tramahater will get in touch...
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Thanks you
That's a good idea but I wonder  am pretty sure when you come off a internatonal flight the only meds they let you bring in has to be in sealed unopen containers. It's way to easy to transport real drugs that way.
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Okay...just bring enough with you for the flight. Take the last one before landing.  Ship the rest home with some other things.

Will that work?
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Well not really I have no home to send it to.I guess I can just buy a bunch of boxes of thing here they are blister pak 20 caps with 3 t a box making it 60 caps.
I wonder if I bought like 10 boxes if they let it go through. they probably would as they really do not know what tramadol is at borders. These guys are programmed to look for certain things like oxys or perocet that kind of thng at least that is what I think. There only concern coming from a overseas flight are illegal drugs, precious stones that kind of thing.
they already know you didn't take a flight overseas to get a break on your pills and come back lol
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Hi!  I'm so sorry!  I just got home.....from being gone ALL day long.  YUCK!

Ok, I did go cold turkey from about 15, 50 mg tabs a day.  I took clonidine and used some other vitamins and natural stuff that is OTC to help the WD.  Some of it DOES work!  I can get you a list if you need it.

There are good and bad things about tapering and cold turkey.  I would recommend tapering some before you stop completely.  No matter what, it will not be easy, but you can still get through it!  You will have WDs regardless of what you do, but you can certainly make them bearable!

Let me know if I can help you in any way!  Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner!  WILD day!
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Great thanks I think I can get catapres down here so I will buy some to take home.
What do you think about using a sleep aid like in the family of Ambien there a bunch of them and they always worked find for me before I was on these trams I can buy those here also.

Here's the question that has been going around I leave here in 2 weeks do you thing it's better for me to detox here r in the US. I am suppose to go into a job when I get back lol.
You were on a much smaller does than I also. I take 30 per day now but there was a time I was at 40 a day with this stuff. Now my body is so use to it. I really just feel very normal energy level good I never get sick or feel tired however I really got scared once and it was a biggie. This stuff have a very long half-life of 9hrs. sometimes you have a loot more in your system than you think. Anyhow one day I woke up took my usual 10 caps. I had breakfast and at noon time I took 4 more don't know why and my dog Whiskey was ready for a walk I felt great so we went for a walk in the small town I live in. typical country town houses and behind the homes you have paths or open green spaces whatever. Well half way through my walk my feet just gave out and I was flat on the ground every time I blinked my eyes  could feel this rush sensation so I got up again and again I fell hard and again I got up  and again fell hard I had to do this at least 6 times my face black and blue because when you hit you just hit. I was luck there wer no big rocks around. Meanwhile my dog thinks I am playing and he's barking in my ear at the same time.After failure number 6 I rolled on my back and closed my eyes for around 5 mins. then I stood up I could feel my feet want to give way it was only through deep breathing and being as focus as I could that I made it home fell on the couch.

So after that I made darn sure I don't walk right after taking trams. It was really scary the only thing that helped me was in my early days I have done LSD and I have been able to control it somewhat keeping myself conscious that I am tripping well the same with this  was very consciousness what was going on. If I have no prior experience to these states who knows what would happen.

So what's the next step detox her or in the US knowing I am going into a job.

Thank you
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That is a tough question!  My first thought is that you only really have one choice......start tapering your dose.  You really do not need to stop that high of a dose CT.  It's really not safe.  It's also not safe to just buy catapres and ambien (or the like) and take it without being monitored.  I'm certainly not wanting to scare you, but I would begin a slow taper, and you shouldn't feel real sick.  Where are you and when will you be back?  You should let a doc help you taper.  They can help you do it quickly with adding other meds.  Is that possible? (getting the help from a doc?)  

Worst case.....you taper after you get to the US.  You can taper so slowly and use catapres under doc supervision, and you won't be too sick to work.  I hope!!! : )

I am most concerned with your current dose though!  I had seizures, many of them, on less than that.  And I had a pretty good tolerance to meds in general!  Not trying to scare you, but you need to get off of them for SURE!!! : )  I think you know that already though, don't you?!!!!

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Well I guess I can try taper but I know myself once I start takng less and feeling like crap I will just want to stop completely and get it over with.
Describe to me what your seizures were like.

Well I guess I need to stop frankly this is the only med I have ever taken that does not get my high but keeps me feeling normal and good. I tried every kind of ant-depressant out there and none of them help as much as Trams do. So I probably would just go on taking them if I could. the thing is I know what it feels like to be addicted to codeine, Vicodin, Oxys but all those do not work on your mood they just give you a high feeling if you take enough. Trams are different they work on your mood just as much or more than they do on the pain. The truth of the matter is if they took the pain part out of the pills and gave me only the anti-depressant part at the strength I am taking I would be fine.

I know how to take clondine don't need a doc for that however I do wish I could go into a hospital a couple days have them flush me out with IVs but can't have everything

I am not really scared of these trams mostly when people quit they do so because something happens they hit bottom or they are afraid they will take more and more and more. I don't have that when it got up to 40 I told myself that's too high and went down to 30 a day and been like this for more than 8 months I don't worry about them.
that's the thing when you don't see anything bad happening to you and your full functional and your depression is gone would you want to throw a monkey wrench in there and mess it up heck no no one does.
So that's where I am.
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I would try to taper as much as you can .CTing will be hell ..the reason we don't have or do taper schedules is because we dont know other med history and we would never want to hurt someone if there is a taper schedule in the health pages I don't think its for tramadol(there should not be a taper plan in there ) However there maybe .Is there a doctor you can see there to get you some meds to help you threw ...

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You are right about them effecting your mood.  I went on Prozac about 2 weeks after I quit the tram, and I felt better, but it was gradual.  It took about a month.  I had never been depressed, so I didn't know alot about it, but I knew that I didn't like how it felt!!!

As far as the seizures, I don't remember a thing.  They were grand mal.  I just remember waking up to everyone looking horrified or waking up in an ambulance, because I was in public and someone saw me have it.  They were awful and took me a couple of days to recover.  It is the worst feeling in the world.  I have been told by my parents and people who have seen me have them, including one I had while driving, that my eyes rolled back, I started to convulse and make an awful sound.  This went on for a couple of minutes I believe.  Then it took me another 5 minutes to come around where I knew people and knew who I was.  It's bad....really bad!  I wouldn't wish it on anyone!!!  There are different kinds of seizures though.  It is my understanding that those are the big ones.  

I totally understand what you are going through with trying to decide.  It's a real pickle, but you just have to decide what is best for YOU.  I wish there was a way you could see a doc where you are.  I used to go through WD a couple of times a month at least, and I would take clonidine.  The last time I did it in March, I also took neurontin for a few days, because I was honest with my doc about what was going on, and he gave me that for RLS I think??  3 days maybe??  Anyway, the clonidine helps a lot.  It can be dangerous if not taken correctly, but I'm guessing you know that? : )

Let us know what you decide!  You'll get a lot of help here!
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