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Need to tell dr no more scripts

I just about dialed the dr office where I get norcos, but hung up cause didnt know what to say or who to ask for. And my addict mind is telling me not to do it. I want to tell them not to write me scripts of pain meds anymore. I just feel weird calling them and dont know what to expect. Any one have opinion or advice. I really know I need to do this cause soon I will be getting a job painting my neighbors home and already had thoughts of going to the dr. Any one have opinion or advice. Please feel free to let me know. Im still early in clean time 27 days which scares me. Thanks
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dont do it.  Please dont do it.  You dont want to be where im at right now.  You have given me such good advice.  Read your posts you have sent me and remember what you went through to get to where your at now.  If you call that dr, you will have to go through all of this again.
please dont.
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im sorry, i read wrong
Do it...hehe
tell him no more.
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Its ok. Thanks Im just trying to figure out what to say.
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Hi jrizzy - guess who? :)

You already know what I'm going to say to this but I'll say it again (I'm good like that - I have NO problem repeating myself :)


And I think it's best that you actually SPEAK to the Dr. and not leave a message on this with one of his staff members.  This way, the Dr. will have a complete understanding of where you're coming from and he is going to respect you SO much for this decision - you wait.  This is good news from a Dr.'s standpoint - so stand up and take the bow and hear those applause!  You DESERVE that and it is going to feel GREAT.

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Cravings are part of the battle unfortanetely. It does get easier with time. I remember my dogs had gotten into a fight last summer and I stupidly went to break them up ( I have 2 German Shepherds). Well, in the process, I got bit in the leg which required a trip to the er and 6 stitches. It was quite painful, and bled alot. I was in early sobriety and was looking at this as an opportunity to get some pain meds. Sick right? Thats how we think! I eventually did the right thing though: I told the ER doc to not give me anything for pain, because I would abuse it. She was kindof taken aback by what I said and thanked me because she has encountered many who come in looking for narcotics. I actually felt really good after cause it is the first time that I had been honest with someone, and I won that battle.

Fast forward almost a year, and I haven't had any urges in quite some time. Remember to just take it 24 hours at a time. It's alot easier than looking to far ahead because this disease can sneak up on you pretty easily. You did the right thing by reaching out. An important step in recovery is realizing you can't do it alone.
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Remember why you are staying clean, and keep going strong.

You know why you are doing this, and you know you are doing right by a couple people.

You can do this man, stay strong, you know I am always available to talk to, and you have a pretty good amount on the forum.

Stay strong.
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Thank you all for you support and advice. I always seem to get the responses I need when posting qustions. ImDONENoMore, Yeah I think that would be wise to try to get ahold of dr. He is a understanding guy and would definitely respect me. I guess as a addict I just feel a little embarassed calling them, but its something that has to be done. Stevo977 I was looking toward the future and plotting. So to get this out of my hair would be great. trdofbeingtrd- I appreciate it and thats the thing I stay clean for everyone else but myself and thats not a bad thing. Just hopefully soon enough I will be doing it for myself. Thanks evereyone.
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Ok whooo that was nerve racking. I couldnt talk straight to the dr. cause in appointments,but the nurse wrote it in my chart and said she will tell him. Wow, I am feeling alot of mixed emotions. but releived.
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Then maybe it's time you have a picture that shows you also. You need this for yourself as well. You are worth it, you need to know and accept that.
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Thanks yeah I put the picture not cause im doin it for him I just like to keep his memory alive. But I see what your saying. If you want to see what I look like all you had to do was ask. Haha lol
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You is being funny isn't you?

It's good to laugh, it's good to joke, it's good to find humor in things. It helps. If it wasn't for me thinking I am funny, I would have been gone a LONG time ago.
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Yeah you know it. Me and my brother were always the comedians. Anyway how was that movie.
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Terrible, can't people just make movies where the monster dies for sure?

Jessh, they took 2 hours of my life, and I want them back.
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Congrats to you!!!  YAY!!!  And yeah, I guess it can be a mixed feeling - but those feelings are covered by empowerment!  You may not feel it yet, but you will.  :) p.s. and even more if the Dr. calls you back to confirm it.  That will feel even better.  :)  You should feel SO proud of yourself and again, if you don't feel it yet, you will. :)
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Just a piece of my story....
Got clean in April 2010. I DID NOT call my Dr., thought it was out of my life. HAD I CALLED, AND DONE WHAT YOU NEED TO DO, I would not be where I am today. In HELL, remember day 3??? If you don't, think back, THE WORST!
Clean from April until Oct....my back went out and pinched a nerve in my hip and leg. Thought just a few would help....those 'few", turned into 18 a day, again.
Had I had the courage, to put my pride aside, and my sobriety at the top of my priority list, I would not be here.
CALL.....why do we care what others think so much??? We need to take care of us....the words will come to you. Trust yourself. What a smart, responsible thing to do!!! Good luck!
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Yeah that always seems to be the case in those movies. Thats funny never thought about that. ImDONENoMore Thank you so much everyone. Yeah i do feel better. I have been thinking about doing that for months. Any time I want them I would just go. Even if I skipped months thank godits out of my hair along with my subs. Yeah I feel more confident.
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Thanks  Yeah I did it thanks for the advice. Well appreciated. I was using it as a crunch if I felt like using so it is a relief to have done it.
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You just put the biggest smile on my face.  Thank you.  (see, how you're helping others - how great is that?)  :) there's the smile I was talking about...
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Your welcome. Didnt know I could be that influential. Thats nice too know along with your advice and everyone elses thats what pushed me. So you all are influential as well.
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Well you are that influential.  Very inspiring !  :)
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Great job on calling the doctors office.  That took alot of strength~~~~sara
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I actually felt really good after cause it is the first time that I had been honest with someone, and I won that battle.

this what we call a moment of clarity..
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