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Need your help PLEASE

My boyfriend wrote a letter he wanted to put on here for some advice.
Im a Heroin Addict.
That seems such a mad thing to write or say but its true. Ive just told the girl i love very much with whom i have 2 kids with and 2 kids im very proud of. I have broken my girlfriends heart for obvious reasons. Im so ashamed of what ive done and still having to do but just until i can get to see a doctor but why does it take so long.
All i want to do is to get to see the people i need to see and get this stuff out of my system.
You may have heard this many times and by reading your comments i can see you have. I cant carry on going out every night and morning to score just to feel normal. I cant believe this situation ive got myself into and the things i am putting my small but beautiful family through. I hate myself now more than ever, why cant i just be happy with what i got, and believe me i have everything. I know i have done this to myself but it has affected everybody around me.
I was doing well hiding it (or so i thought) i feel now that i should have kept it to myself because all i see are the tears from the people i love the most.
I was smoking £50 a day but now down to £20 which i find hard as it does not feed my habit. I feel as if they better off without me and thats when other ways out cross my mind.
I am so desperate now i want out of this situation and dont know which way to turn.
I heard yesterday it takes 3 weeks to get a script surely not!
I cant handle another 3 weeks of watching my kids faces as i tell them im going for a pint or 2 if they dont come straight away.
If anybody reads this that is thinking of trying heroin, take it from me DONT.
You dont know what your messing with i thought i could handle it but believe me you cant.
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HI welcome to the forum you dont need a doctor to detox from heroin you can do it at home it wont be pritty but it will get you over it it has a strong grip and takes a good week to run it course but your better off just kicking then going on a maintenance drug like methadone or sub both are ruffer to get off of in the long run heroin is a tuff 7 days but methadone can take 90 days to get better and sub can take 3 weeks look to the lower right for the thomas recipe pick up the stuff pick up a case of gatoraid and just stop your withdrawals will be ruff butb they dont last forever and whats a week in the sceam of things keep posting we havew members here who have kicked that will be on to give you advise good luck and God bless....Gnarly
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As always Gnarly has the best advice...it sounds as if you are truly ready to ens this madness so just DO IT! Easier said than done? Of course but 100% the right decision for you and for your family. Tell your children you are ill and will have to stay in bed for a couple days... And try not to psyche yourself out by this being so hard/painful to overcome. It's difficult...yes! But with the right attitude and commitment going into it you absolutely can do it! So much support here...Gnarly being one of the most knowledgable I have run into.
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some good advice from mike and gnarly.suutex and methadone are generally used by people who need to rebuild there lives.your lives are intact.go for it
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Hi and thank you everyone for your advice. My boyfriend will see your comments when he gets home.
I was thinking subatex for him and taper in 21 days. He cant take any time off work and neither can i to watch over him while he withdraws, so medication is the only answer really.
I have been reading up alot on subatex, (its the only way i cope with the fact he has admitted this addiction to me).
and it seems although he will be in w/d for about 16 hours before he can take it i think the fact its got an agonist in it means even if he wanted to take heroin it wouldnt effect him.
Also he wants me to have control of him taking the medication.
Do you think this is a good idea?
I also dont want the children to witness him cold turkey my eldest is 15 and need them to have as much normality as possible. they dont know any of this as he has always hid it well and done it outside of the home.
Also i hear people who have been on methadone for years so i dont really even want him to consider it as treatment.
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I dont know much about Heroin withdrawal as I was an avid opiate user. However my little brother was a user for 5 years. (HES CLEAN NOW FOR 4+ SO PROUD), anyway, he tried the sub and what not... It didnt work for him.He needed inpatient and was successful at quitting after his 30 days. Everyone is different but sub/meth is a bit of a prolonger. So my suggestion. only a suggestion is to go cold turkey! Even if he goes his 21 days on sub he will still withdraw... God Bless, in my Prayers
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Hi.  Here's the problem I see with him continuing to use heroin until he can get to see a doc.  Every time he uses, he risks losing his life.  Cold turkey seems easy compared to that.  It will be 3-5 days of sickness, and then it's pretty much over for the physical part.  Then it will be time to really start some hard work.  Staying clean is so not easy.  It's VERY hard!  He will need support.  So will you.  You can go to AlAnon.  He can go to NA or therapy.  Whatever you choose, please think about what I'm saying.  Each time he uses, he risks his children finding his body.  I'm not trying to be morbid, but it's happened to so many people.

There are other meds that a family doc can prescribe to help with WDs that are not habit forming.  Try going in and being honest with the doctor, and let's get this DONE! : )
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Hi i agree with you LeaAnn, i worry about this everyday, he hasnt got a phone now either so when he goes out i start panicking, especially when hes longer than he should be! Has he had something done to him, has something happened after he has smoked it. It kills me.
I have only just been reading up on the thomas recipe, but not sure he will want to or feels like he can do it?
I will show him all the posts when he gets home from work.
Thank you all sooooo much.
This forum is also helping me with all this as i wouldnt know what else to do to help him.
We have an appointment at the drug intervention centre tomorrow. Im scared about this also, it is a one to one for him.
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Hi hun, and welcome!
About your first question about you controling the maintenance meds... do u feel that he has no self control, when it comes to prescriptions? Does he feel he has no control to take them as prescribed? That is something that both of you need to agree on... my advice to you hunny, is to be as supporting as humanly possible! That is the only way that he will be able to do this! CT or taper, it does make much difference when it comes to addiction in my opinion. Either way the addict will still go thru wds, and teach themselves how to live without the drug. I think that subutex or suboxone may be easier on him, due to your situation. That way he doesn't miss work, nor do you... the only thing about it, is that CT is 7 days to 10 days depending on the person, and maintenance prolongs the wd symptoms for 21 to 90 days. It's all about personal choice, what he thinks he can handle... from my experience that is the hardest decision, deciding what is easier or what is faster, or even what is healthy and best for your own situation. I hope and pray to god that you both gain the strength to overcome this... whatever you two choose, we will be right here to support your decision! Keeping you in my prayers as well! God bless you!

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If the only problem you are having as far as getting off heroin is the physical withdrawals and your trying to get off using some sort of perscription that can help you get off I have another suggestion that is def worth tryin first. I was a 3 year $100 a day (at the end) heroin addict and went on methadone another year and a half. Today I'm 30 days off methadone and I found a way to avoid the majority the horrible withdrawals. If I had of know now what I didn't when I started methadone I do not think I would or ever needed to go through the daily dosage which will have a much more extensive and painful longer withdrawal process compared to that of heroin. It's alot to write so reply if what you are having problems with sounds like I could help with. I'd love to tell you how I've delt with this in a manageable way. It does work in many ways but getting on anything of any
Kind to get off boy should only be the last resort and only after this doesn't work first. You have a want desire and need to get this out of your life forever which is the most important thing.
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Also I did work everyday full time thru this process. Even with a 21 day sub. Detox it's sill gonna get bad enough to make work hard and difficult its choosing one battle over another I really think what I've experienced could help this guy i'd really like to make contact.
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Also I did work everyday full time thru this process. Even with a 21 day sub. Detox it's sill gonna get bad enough to make work hard and difficult its choosing one battle over another I really think what I've experienced could help this guy i'd really like to make contact.
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Well today is the day we go for induction.
We are both feeling nervous about whats ahead.
I have told him i will support his recovery and do whatever i can to make this better for him.
Its going to be hard so i will be probably posting alot for advice.
Wish us good luck for today.x

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well went for induction yesterday and he felt it was a very positive session for him.
He has to go to triage today to meet his keyworker then into see the DR next wednesday!
Cant wait for this treatment to start.
Feeling very frustrated at the moment because it all takes so long.
Hopefully though this will give him time to think that actually he will be free from heroin very soon and to actually get round his head hes going to stop.
I think we are going to go down the subatex taper within 21 day route.
Im going get prepared for him and get some vitamins, immodium and sleep aids.
I also need to look at some new hobby for us all to start as a family as i know boredom seems to be a key in relapse!!
Any other advice on how to prepare would be greatly recieved
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Have you thought about recovery care?  This part is very important also as using is just a symptom of this addiction.  The mental game will kick in after the sub treatment.  Aftercare gives us the tools we need to live a clean and healthy life not to mention we meet alot of people who share our feelings about being clean.
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Try to save the sleep aids till the last few days of the detox.The immodium should also be saved till the end of subutex use as it is kind of a opiate.The subutex seems to take care of the diahoria(can never spell that).vitamins are good i also found omega 3 very good too
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To dominosarah, yes we are going to enrol at NA i think or some sort of after care will be arranged by the drug intervention centre.
I know that aftercare is a key part as i have explained it to him also.
And for me! finding it really tricky today.
I feel like it has all hit me like a tonne of bricks. I feel paincky and shaky, but hopefully going to work will give me abit of normality!
Just waiting for him to return from his triage appt so we will see how that went.
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