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Neurontin for Chronic Pain

I was curious about Neurontin.  I have been told that this medicine is good for Chronic Pain. I know it is also for use with people that have seizures.  Could someone tell me how Neurontin has helped or hurt them.  I have been taking it at night 300mg small dose for sleep and Chronic Pain.  I dont want to go to a higher dosage until I research more.  My doctor says this is a good helpful medicine.  I just want to get more input.
Thank you very much for your help.  Shelly.
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After my pain started following a car accident I was placed on Neurontin.  I didn't notice any effect at all in my case, so I got off of it.  I also wanted to know more so I did some research on the net (just put neurontin in any search engine you'll get lots of hits).  It appears to work for pain by increasing your pain threshold.  I don't recall any "bad" side effects listed.  Also, Neurontin goes by the chemical name gaba pectin.
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sorry to break in on this thread, but I could't post a new question. I ran out of my lortabs last night and I have been without all day. I feel like hell. I'm shaky, clammy,depressed and cranky. By the way, I too was given Neurontin and like Joe, I didn't notice any difference. My doctor gave it to me for nerve pain and he pointed out that it was "non addicting." I took one that night and never noticed anything. The pain was still there. I read about it on the internet and read that it was for seizers...so i stopped taking it. when i had my next appointment i mentioned that i read on the internet that it was for seizers and I had stopped taking it. I got a royal ass chewing from my doctor about using the internet to diagnose mysef. So he changed my doasage to 3 per day instead of just one at night. still I don't notice anything different. i also have some robaxin that don't me a bit of good either. The next few days will be hell for me. ok, thanks for listening.
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lortab withdrawal -- been there, done that a million times. I empathize with your situation.

Valium or a valium class drug like Xanax can help you make it through the withdrawal. If you don't have access, Valerian Root extract from the health food store is very valium-like in its effect.

Take hot baths or jacuzzis for the muscle aches.

Take Immodium for the runs.

That's about all you can do, but this is the tried and true way to ease the withdrawal to a bearable level.

Take care. Post some more here if you want to talk.
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Hi Tom, thanks for responding....I was wondering what happened to everyone! Tom, I went back and read some old posts. I was trying to get everyones story straight. If you don't mind answering a couple questions for me?? First...if I read correctly you said you have been addicted for 30 years? And now you are taking darvon and are hoping that buprenorphine will be allowed in Calif soon? I, too am in Calif. You seem to be pretty up to date on all this...do you know how long before buprenorphine will be available here? I mean, is it a possibility or is it something in the real distant future? And about the darvon....is that the same as darvocet but without the acetemiphin (spelling??) And is it less addicting? I need to do something....and soon!!!!! I am off work right now....due to my health (mostly this damn addiction but no one but this board knows that) I need to get back to work soon and I just don't know how I'm going to do that. I'm scared to death. I cannot function without these pills. I still have refills...I can't get them till next Wednesday. This will be the longest 7 days of my life! Tom, any advice, any information, would be greatly appreciated. Is the darvon easier to withdraw from than lortab? What is the reason you are on darvon and not lortab anymore? I'm assuming that you were on lortab at one time because you said "been there done that" so how and why did you make the switch to darvon? I'm sorry to ask so many questions but I'm just trying to get a handle on this? Thanks for your help!
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yes, Neurontin is for seizures, pain, anti-anxiety. It gives some tiredness but is a very usefull drug to control seizures. I am going back on it to control my seizures. The Klonopin is not enough.
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Well, Tom. Here I sit. 2:30 am and haven't slept a wink yet. ****! Thanks for the info. You'll never know how much of a relief it is to know I'm not the only one to get in this mess. You know, reading your post made me think back. I've been thinking this addiction started about 6 years ago...when I first "met" lortab. But I think that I was in trouble way before that. I can remember about 1976...I was a junior in high school and my mom was having "female problems" she came home from the doctor with a bottle of bright pink pills....yeh, you  guessed it! Darvocet!  I used to sneak into the kitchen cabinet where she kept them and pop 1 or 2. Then about 1979, right after I started my first job (which is where I still work) I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I came home with something like 12 percodans. To this day, I've never had those again...not for lack of trying, I might add. Then after I moved out my dad ended up with rheumatoid arthritis and his doctor gave hime tylenol 3's. And again, when I came to visit I would help myself. My poor dad was suffering and I was stealing his pain pills. Geeeeeze! Then about 1990 I got a prescription for Filornal (spelling??) with codeine. My doctor started me on 100 with a couple refills.And he kept giving me refills. I took those up until 1993 when good old Lortab came in the picture. So I guess my problem goes back farther than I had realized. I just don't remember suffering this way ever before. Maybe because I was taking them the right way back then?? "One every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain." Now the only reason I even read the label is to do the math to see how quickly I can get those suckers refilled. What goes around comes around...now I'm the one with the rheumatoid arthritis...and I'd probably kill someone who came near my pain pills!!!! If I had any! Double ****. So you were up to 75 a day? Did you have a doctor prescibing that many or where you getting them another way? You mentioned jail time?? Did you try and call your own prescription in? The reason I guessed that is because a week or two ago you mentioned something about sitting in your bedroom and if you called in a prescription you could be on your way to jail but there was still no hope for buprenorphine right now.If I'm getting too nosy..just tell me. I guess I'm rambling but now it's 3:00 am and I'm still not going to be able to sleep. I guess tomorrow I'll head to a health food store for some Valerian root. As for now...I guess its back to Nick at Night. Wonderful. Thanks for your support and for answering my questions. I may go back through some more old posts and maybe I won't have to bug you with so many questions. I'm sure you've talked about all this before. Have you guys ever heard anymore from Brian?? When I first found this board about a year ago, he was very active in it. Then I read his post when his wife left and yours and Brighty's and everyone elses concern. But as far as I can see he hasn't showed back up?? Unless I missed it. Ok! Hopefully...good night!
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