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Neurontin is wonderful for opiate withdrawal!!

I would never have believed it.  I have been on Percocet for 10 years and then was taking Ultram to not have withdrawal but after reading all the horror stories on here about Ultram, I tried the Neurontin.  I have been on it for 3 days and no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever.  I am shocked.  I heard it is not addictive either so I'm staying on it for a week or two and then stopping to see if the Perc are out of my system.  This pill does not make me sleepy or drowsy, I just feel normal and can go on with my normal life while withdrawing..  anyone looking for something to take the edge off and can't do cold turkey alone, try and get some of these.  Lycria is also the same family I have heard.  Just my opinion but it sure beats cold turkey, that's for sure.  Anything to get these Percs out of my life!
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Please be very Careful........

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Thank you for that information!  Can you tell us how much you were using (percocet) when you switched?  This will be helpful
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Hi there, I was taking Percocet 10's, 6-8 pills a day for 10 years.  I also sometimes took Ultram with the Percs, sometimes not.  I would advise anyone trying the Neurontin to start with a small dose to see how it acts and adjust and also check for any interaction of any other meds they might be taking.  I just know if I didn't have a Per for 9 hours, I was in major withdrawal and it has been 3 days and I have no withdrawal, nothing.  The Neurontin just makes me feel normal, I really am not craving a Percocet and that in itself is amazing.  And since Neurontin is a nerve medicine, I thought I would be too sleepy but I don't feel anything at all on it, just normal.  I know how horrible withdrawal is, I just couldn't face it without something to help and I just had to share this info with everyone out there suffering.  Please let me know if it does help you.
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Gabapentin seems to have many off label uses. My doctor prescribed it because I was getting panic attacks.
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I've had a prescription for gabapentin for several years. I take 1600mg daily for neuropathy. Don't take that as what you should take, however. I've had no ill effects from it at all. Not addictive, at least in my long term experience.
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Very well done........:-)))

Keep in touch.  Don't make me come hunt you down and gut you like a fish....LoL!!


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Please be careful.  I was taking one 600 gabapentin everyday for pain in addition to hydro and once I figured out how it helps with withdrawals from one of my previous times and elevates the mood, I began taking one in the morning and in the afternoon, that two a day went to three then four... to feel normal.  It was definitely habit forming in my experience and a **** to withdrawal from.  When I quit it created drastic mood swings and was very similar.  
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day 4 and I still am having no withdrawal symptoms.  I should be having had major withdrawal after being on Percs for 10 years.  I don't think I will have any problem getting off these though because I don't "feel anything" off of them but normal.  I'm going to stop them cold next week and see what happens and see if the Percs are out of my system.
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I see Neurontin as the "golden pill"  it solves just about everything in one pill....(for me)  It takes away my pain, stabilizes my mood, and controls the beast, for when aunt flo comes to town......Yay!  tmi....lol.

Not a med to screw with.  Don't ever think you can have it both ways.  Neurontin can work for withdrawals, but remember its the mental part that many have described that is the Biach......Neurontin isn't gonna fix that.

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I'm coming off a 100 mg Vicodin/ percocet daily dosage prescribed by my doc for back pain (one previous surgery). Almost day 3 and minimal W/D's due to using neurontin. Small dose as well , say 600mg to 900mg a day. It's been almost 3 days and I should been in hell but I'm not. I'm sluggish, but I'm sleeping, eating, and up beat. Neurontin is the wonder drug for W/ds. If you can get them, use them. Best of luck to all
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ok it's been almost 4 months since you posted this about nuerotinin. how are you doing now? and please tell the truth. i'm trying to get off of supboxone. i'm down to 1mg from 8mg & trying to do it on my own. I can't seem to get away from the 1 mg.   sal1031
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IMO it is not good to replace one med with another! YES WD's are NO fun but they do not last forever....
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