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Looking for people's experiences with Neurontin 1) in general and 2) specifically if its helpful for withdrawal.  The poll is for people's experiences using Neurontin during withdrawal - not necessarily FOR withdrawal but just if you used during.   lso let me know if you feel like it, what it actually helped with.

If you have other experiences with it, please comment on this post and let me know.

I was prescribed it weeks ago for facial pain, but I havent filled it.  I dont like the 'stay on it for a long time' directions my doctor gave me.  Nor do I like the gradual increase is dosage he prescribed.  So Im kind iffy to fill it.

Thanks MH

Yours always - RB
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I have no info to give you on this as i have never taken it.

Girl we gotta get you moving in the right direction here......glad you are trying again.  What are you going to do differently this time??
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Oh sarah.. I just dont know.  I keep talking shi*t about needing to attend meetings, see a therapist, etc but I do none of it.  I think that is what I need to do.  Meetings/Therapy.  Ive tried maintenance (subs) but never dealt with the underlying issues. I think that is the core to addiction.
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Glad to see that you are giving it another go.  It takes a lot of strength to admit defeat and get back up to fight again. I send hope and compassion your way!!!

Good luck!
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Thanks Axl.  Admitting defeat seems to be what I do best lately.
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Awww....come on now!!!  Don't be so hard on yourself!  ;)
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i take it for a nuerological disorder i forget what it's called
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Just being honest. Believe me this is not a pity party. I am actually exasperated at how stubborn my subconscious addicted mind is.  When they invent brain transplants, I am first in line ..

laughter is nice :)
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it takes a long time to work ive been on it for ayear and a half now ..... good stuff for pain
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it's also a mood stabilizer i think !?
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I was prescribed neurontin for sciatica but it did not help that. I read up on it and found it is used in some detox clinics. I took it over a year ago after being on high amounts of hydrocodone for over a year. I think it helped tremendously! I still had the chills and a bit of anxiety but that was about it. It helped me sleep and didn't really get the depression associated with withdrawals. It may not work for everyone since we all respond to meds differently. By no means does it work magic but I noticed a significant difference than without it. I was still taking the amino acid protocol so I'm sure that helped also. I have read that it can be habit forming so I only used it for a couple weeks. I couldn't believe how well it helped me!
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I took it to prevent migraines. It is a anti depressant as well I was on it for about 2 years and I gained 35lbs on it. One of the side effects. I would have to say I really don't see how it would help with w/d's It didn't do a darn thing to prevent he headaches either.


Just some words of widsom. You sound like you know what you need to do to stop the cycle stop looking for a quick fix.
I am really glad to see you back here as well!!

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I know nothing really.
My father was on it for neuropathy, deadened nerve endings in his feet.  I think it wd be better not to take them. My father was a junkie basically. He trusted every dr he went to. They all had him on so many drugs he didn't know which end was up. Mom had to do everything for him for many years.
Just thought I'd throw that out there.    
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I worry about the fact that the doctor wants me on it for a while and that he wants to steadily increase the dosage.  I researched it a little and saw that it can cause seizures when coming off.  I dont want to mess with anything unknown you know. I know opiates.  I know the pleasure and pain of them.  I got the neurontin from a Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.  I have had sinus headaches and facial pain for many years. I ALWAYS have a sinus infection.  At least thats what my regular doctor tells me.  So I went to a specialist.  Had some CAT scans.  He has not read the films yet but said he does NOT feel its my sinuses since my nose is never runny or stuffy, its always clear and I am a definite nose breather..  but its always severe headaches and more than headaches its facial pain.  The only thing that really helps is ice and pressure on my face..  Last weekend it was so bad I threw up all day from it.  He thinks is facial neuralgia stemming from TMJ and then gave me the neurontin.  SO I dont know.  I have many doubts about using it - especially long term.  I have to see him the week after next so he can read the CAT scan results so Ill talk to him about it then. Thanks for everyone's advice.  
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I noticed when I did research on it that if you type the generic name of it which is gabapentin you will get a lot more info on it. I think the norm is starting at a low dose and working your way up. When I was prescribed it for nerve pain I was started at 300mg 3 times daily for 2 weeks and then 600mg 3 times daily after that. When I read about it being used in detox clinics the dose was (if I remember right) 1800-3600mg each night. The most I took at one time when I used it for withdrawals was 1200mg at night. It really helped with the sleep. I then took 1 600mg around noon.
You are smart voicing your concerns with your doctor before taking it. Many people and doctors think if it is a non narcotic med it is not addicting. From what I have read some people had some bad withdrawals from it. I wasn't on it long enough to notice any though.
Best of luck and I hope you can find some way to control your pain.
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Neurontin was compared with lorazepam in a recent double blind trial for alcohol withdrawal.

They found that withdrawal symptoms were significantly lower with high-dose gabapentin (1200 mg/day) than with lorazepam during treatment and follow-up assessments.

Compared with lorazepam, gabapentin was associated with significantly lower probability of drinking after day 1 and less daytime sedation (high-dose only), anxiety, and craving during the medication phase.

A lot of people have found it helpful for trigeminal & facial neuralgia.

It seems to be one of those polarising drugs that either totally suits or disagrees with people & has been described as a miracle or a nightmare.  You should know fairly early on if it's right for you.

Best wishes
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