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New Med That Doctor Wants Me To Try "Lexapro"

Has anyone here used this med or do you use it now? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking for any and all information that you might have such as all the pros and cons of using this med. Needless to say I'm paranoid due to being an addict!! Thanks in advance for your support!!
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Hi I havent taken lexapro myself I take cymbalta but my friend bladerunner said it worked great for him. He tried alot of others and this was the 1st to work for him!!
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Hi Rose,

I took Lexapro after my divorce and while going through wd's becasue I had the crying and anxiety that most of us have while withdrawing. It worked great for me. It evened out my moods and I had no side effects. I was able to stop it with no problem as well.

You're going to get mixed reviews. I know people here that have used and it didn't work as well for them. Others have had the same experience as me. You just have to try and find the one that works best for you.

Good luck,
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Lexapro is a great prescription to help with depression and anxiety. Sometimes these ailments tend to hit us at the same time or cause each other. Many people who take Lexapro have reported that it has better effects and lower chances for side effects than other SSRIs and if there are side effects, they seem to be less harsh as with other SSRIs. Discontinuing Lexapro is harder than other SSRIs and has been known to cause mania in bi polar patients when on Lexapro and while discontinuing its use. Just remember that once you start Lexapro, give it at least 4-6 weeks and when discontinuing it, let your doctor know because he/she can advise you on how to discontinue the use of it over a period of time.

Good Luck!
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Rose...I did take Lexapro for awhile before I had my son and it worked great then.. but when I had my post partum issues it didn't cut it for me... of course we are all different. My sister takes it and it works great for her...I wouldn't worry about it being something you could get addicted too... I think it could help you. Also, I didn't have the nasty weight gain side effect that some have.

Hope you are diong good!

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yes lexapro can be a great help with depression, generalized anxiety disorder and other depression-like disorders. my ex-girlfriend has been on it since she was 16 she is now 21. she started on it wehn her father was given two weeks to live due to kidney failure and depresssion, she also had anxiety disorders. she was on 20mgs a day and it did help alot with her problems. there was a defintely if adifference in ehr while being on lexapro in a good way. it helped her amage ehr anxiety in public settings and helped her keep her depression at bay and enjoy life. it is a SSRI anti-depressant and with all of those comes other adverse effects as well. a lack in sex drive is very prominent in users, fatigue is common, and along with all others there is withdrawal syndrom in stopping its use. i have seen it before when she forgot to take it the day before and the withdrawals were the scariest things i have ever seen. ive been through extreme opiate and benzo withdrawals and benzos were the closest thing to resemble those. her brain would shake along with electirc pulses that striked her all over ehr body it was horrible to witness i cant even imagine what it fealt like to got through. as long as you are properly tapered down it will be genrally  unnoticeable with withdrawals. i know for a lot of people it can be life saving and extremely helpful in getting youre life bac, but just be careful in remembering your doses and tapering down to get of of it. also remember it takes about two weeks to notice the positive effects lexapro can provide for you. good luck and remember totell yorue doctor about everything good or bad
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I have taken lexapro in the past. I have chronic depression & anxiety.
Lexapro was not strong enough for me. The dr switched me to celexa.
If taken correctly,( like all anti-depressants) .it should make you feel better but it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for these drugs to work.
Good luck to you
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I have been on lexapro for several yrs...IT was a god sent for me..I had tried many SSRI's and this one was the only one to work for me...
I was started on 20mg, but felt it was too much so went down to 10mg...During detox, i uped to 20mg again, and it did help...Now i am in the process of weaning, as i feel it is time to get off....But if i think i need it again, i will get back on..
The only side effect i had was if i took it in the morning, I was very nauseated....So took it at night, and the nausea went away...
Good luck
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Thank everyone so much for your responses!! I feel like this will be a good thing so I will go ahead and start it tonight! Thanks again for all of the replies!!
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Good luck, Let us know how it goes?
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I take it for about a year now . I take a low dose (5mg) a day and it works great for me. Ofcourse look at interactions with other drugs before you start taking it...Jim
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