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New post for the posse!!!

Hello fellow warriors! I thought I would post a question so we can all comment how we are doing on this day. It is getting harder to follow everyone's threads without missing one!  

Day 8 today and I am changing up how I do things today as the past few days just haven't been my best. Taking all of your advice to implement changes.  Today is a new day :) A sober day:) Another day I have won this battle:)

Nomore and charlie we are truly different people than last week. I was looking back and reading our old posts.  

To our new girls- keep up posted on how you are doing constantly! We care and can help get you through this.
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Good morning angels. Day 6 seems to be off to a little rocky start. Hard cravings, can't seem to shake. Working hard at staying busy. cleaning, laundry, garbage, and walk. Still not much relief. So what to do?

Find my support on this site and start reading posts. It always works. Looking back to my first post a little over 4 days ago seems like a lifetime. What a difference one hour at a time makes. From 38 hrs on Mon. am to 137 on Fri am. Some of those hours were really bad, but you know, I didn't get this way in a 100 hrs, so I can't really clean it up in a 100 hrs. But what I can do is read what my fellow addicts are going through and be inspired to keep fighting. Tina, you are leading the charge. Thank you so much.
Warriors don't give up. I refuse to give up the last 137 hrs of freedom because of my weak minutes. Already feeling stronger. And if today is just getting through the next 5 or 10 minutes at a time, so be it. I refuse to fail.

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I am doing so good! Off the gabapentin and feeling awesome. I'm on day 8. I'm in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight to Calgary Canada for the weekend. Life is good!
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Fantastic! I am so glad for you. Stay strong and keep posting. It does help some of us who may be weakening a bit. Have a great weekend.
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Charlie- I am sorry the morning is off to a rocky start. I feel ya…day 6 was not my best either but that is irrelevant as we are only moving forward.  When I am in bad shape I post and read posts. You have had worse days my friend but I know the feeling.  It is frustrating but you are correct as it is going to take time.
Try to get outside today and just sit in the sun for awhile. Go walk your dog again and again (dog probably loves your sobriety:)). Mine did bc when my restless arm was awful all I did was pet them for hours and take them for walks. They love sober Tina:) LOL.  Also try throwing something ?!:)  Are you taking vitamins?

Last thing charlie love- just know I felt the same as you just a few days ago and I am making it out… I am a chronic detoxer and have done this countless times before. If I am making it…YOU WILL make it.
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Wow !!! Good for you ! That is exactly what you need and deserve! A change in scenery..hopefully a vacation?!  Enjoy yourself and congrats on a happy day 8:)
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I have made this statement on here for yrs.

The detox is the easy part...(uncomfortable indeed). It is Working on staying Clean and Sober that takes all you got! Support & more Support is the Key to a new Healthy Life.
Almost at the 3 yr mark, off a ride since I was 14, now 59.
Always keep that GUARD-UP at all times.  At first I had to wear my Armour and carry a Sword!!
Life will always throw you those curve balls, but we must learn to deal with it, with a new clean and sober mind. No running and hiding anymore. LOTS OF CHANGES!!!!

Just know that it will take time for all those Nero-Chems in the Brain to Balance back and Fire-up again.

Good Luck to you new ones..One day at a Time!
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Thanks for your wisdom! You have fought a battle my friend! Wow congratulations! Is it still hard for you? Do you have cravings?
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Hi, my friend! I am doing great today. Feeling empowered and moving forward. I have absolutely no cravings for another pill. I just want to move forward at this moment in time and leave that way behind me. I am now shifting my focus towards a new, pill free life. I don't need them. My life is full and blessed. I posted on another thread that I think I won't be posting quite as much because I kind of want to move out of this mindset that is thinking about the pills all the time. Do you know what I mean? Now instead of thinking about them because I'm taking them, I'm thinking about them because I'm not taking them. Does that make sense? I don't want to think about them at all!! And I know I can get there. But, I'm worried this forum is keeping me in that mindset a little, so I want to break away and quit posting so much. Now, is it good idea? I don't know, but I'm going to try to back off and see if it makes a difference. Anyway, you have been a great help to me, as you know, I couldn't have gotten this far without you. I will be checking in to update every few days, I'm not leaving, just backing off. Have a great day today! Love to you!
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Sometimes I feel reading about them keeps them on my mind as well. I know what you mean. Just don't forget your struggle, maybe start a journal on here to look back at. Keep up that guard.
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That is a wonderful idea. I want to know how far I've come. Thanks a lot. Keep up your good work. Just from reading your posts, I can tell you are an extremely intelligent and caring woman. You have a good spirit that shines through. And a wonderful attitude that will help you to achieve success this time. I am rooting for you.
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WELL???? The Truth be Told..
I did not have cravings for the first yr. Doing Great and then both my parents passed away, and my Mom lived here on my property. My Boy Dog, (who was our only Boy Kid we ever had), and my Father-in-law. They all past within a 90day period. Then a few months later 2 good friends. I have lost many, but this time I could not run and hide under any mind-altering substance. This site & all my MH friends carried me all the way. This is all in my Journals.
This all happen when I had 18m in, and then at my 24m, I had to have 2 stents put in my Heart. SO It seemed like I was just flying high with the spirit of the Lord and then I was very hurt, angry and whacked out.  I was given another chance to live, because I did not know I had a small Heart Attack yrs back. Coming off 3 different meds c/t was no walk or run. Very long and intense detox and my Brain flipped back & fired up after 2 yrs.

Yes it was very hard. The detox and then the grieving. I had to stick very close to this site and journal. I had to UP my Outside Support in so many ways.

There is SO much work to do in order to stay clean. SO many changes and Behavior changes have to be made. It is like you have to start a New Life & make a New World for your self.

I have been on here for awhile and have read others who have had there trials by fire too while they were detoxing.

Just take it one day or min at a time, and PLEASE never put the Cart before the Horse. Are you going to hit some of those meetings like AA/NA?? Church has been a BIG blessing for me and my Grieving groups where too. We have to do what we have to do, in order to work on sobriety.

I wish you all the best!
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Hi Awesome Posse!

So good to see updates from everyone; maybe we should do a daily check-in thread? Today is Day 1 for me and I am hanging in. Had terrible stomach issues bright and early this morning; could be nerves. I have started with the hot/cold thing and skin crawling that I HATE, but I am at work so that is helping because i am busy. I am being motivated and inspired by all of you awesome people so thank you. I am ready to take this one hour at a time and just push through. I told my husband that even if a beg he is not to give me anything. I also told him, for my own protection because I have done it before, that even if I seem sick and miserable I am probably just trying to manipulate him into giving me something. That being said, I do NOT plan to even attempt to ask...I AM DONE.

I love the Charlie's Angels, by the way, awesome!

VIP, always learn so much from you and to go through so much heartache and still remain sober is a true testament to your determination, strength and courage.
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