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Hi everybody, Im new to this forum. Here is a short version of my
Story..i was heavily addicted to painkillers for 2 yrs (percs).  
All I lived for was getting my next pill.  I stole, lied, & manipulated
People just to get my next fix.  In one week got my gas & electricity
Shut off. I lost so much money & my kids always went without cuz of my horribl
habit.  I woke up 2 weeks ago & realized I truly hit rock bottom
I knew it was time to stop I put my fiancee thru hell cuz of my addiction
anyway got up & said thats it, its now or neva I went as far as quitting my
job cuz that was the one place I had unlimited access to them.  So 2 weeks later
Im still sober.  I detoxed at home & It was hard but was more motivated
Then ever to do it...but im really scared of relapsing when I stopped before I went 3
weeks sober & ended up relapsing.  I still have the urge all the time but I do what I have
to do to fight it. I came clean & told my family bout my addiction now they will be hear for me
& help me in anyway they can but they also told me if I slip just once they will bring me to
rehab & take my kids away & my fiancee agreed with them he himself will leave
& I will lose everything they are my world.  I just came across this forum & know that I am not alone. I really
Know,that I can do this its just I cant let the devil take ova cuz thats what I call percs the damn devil & all it does
is put u thru this vicious cycle that I want no part of anymore
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They key is aftercare.  Either a counselor or an NA meeting ... something.  It seems the difference in those who don't relapse and those who do is that those who don't relapse have some form of aftercare in place.  You've done a great job getting through the physical withdrawals.  And you obviously have support and great motivation with your kids and fiance on the line.  That's too much to lose by blowing things with not doing aftercare.  This is a great forum and gives terrific support but it doesn't substitute for in real life aftercare.  Think about what type of programs you'd be interested in and go from there.  
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Thanks for your response, Ive actually called a few programs & also thinking of going back
to therapy. I know that I cant do this alone because the threat of relapse will always be there & ive relapsed a few times already. The longest I went before was only 3 weeks.
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recoverycare is the way to go.I see a therapist but there are lots of other choices its just finding out what is your best fit . You may have to try a few things until you find your fit . Let us know how you are doing .welcome to the forum
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ty avisg :)
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