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Nicorette, how long does it stay in your system?

I am not a smoker. For some dumb reason I got addicted to nicorette. Yes, I know I am an idiot. I want to quit but can't seem to kick the habbit. Anyway, I am wondering how long it takes for nicorette to get out of your system. I am getting a test for insurance and want to make sure it doesn't show up and want to give up this gum habbit for good. Anyone know?

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Nicotine period is tough to quit no matter what form.  I never knew that nicotine was an insurance deal breaker.  As far as system...I don't really know.... It's never come up before cause it's legal to be high in nicotine in everyplace I know.
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When nicotine shows up in the urine, insurance companies automatically think you are a smoker.  And the insurance rates for smokers are higher and some companies won't insure smokers.  I quit smoking about ten years ago with the help of nicorette.  But then I got addicted to the nicorette and chewed it for a year.  
Jason, you might google how long it takes for nicotine to leave the system.  Quit chewing and drink lots and lots of water.
Good luck,
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