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Nicorette substance abuser

Hi, I'm an addict.

I use 4mg ice mint Nicorette lozenges and smoke menthol cigarettes. Since I started combing smoking and Nicorette lozenges, I have developed the mother of addictions. No, it's not prescription pills, not Herron, not crack but its a powerful addiction I can't stop.

Does anyone else have a problem wi smoking and using Nicorette?
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I chew tobacco, which one chew is about 5 cigarettes of nicotine. I was up to a can a day, 60mgs, or 60 cigarettes a day. I used patches and ended up using tobacco too. I'm surprised I didn't get sick. Nicotine is the most addictive drug on earth, it's destruction takes time, but it causes death like any of the worst of drugs. Anyway, I had to stop the extra nicotine and go back to just tobacco. I've tried to cold turkey it, but it takes too long and I have to be careful with other my bipolar. I know exactly what you mean about excessive and obsessive nicotine use, you're not alone. I am try to taper down. I wait until I really really want some before I use it. I bargain
With myself. I'll think, "It's dinner time soon, I'll have some after that." I have managed to reduce it, I figure it's like any drug, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable for awhile. So, I think waiting until I am uncomfortable before using more has helped me most. Part of it is the mental part of getting ready to go through it and let it go. I wish us luck and miracles, at least we're trying.
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