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No energy or motivation

What can I do to help me get energy? I'm in day 11 of not taking subs and I also don't sleep at night really at all maybe a hour or two and it's frustrating
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Hi and welcome. At 11 days, you are still in withdrawl. Not having energy and insomnia is completely normal and those 2 are the last things to get back to normal. Ya need to be patient as hard as that is. We didn't become addicted in 11 days and we don't get better in 11 days. Subs take even longer than regular opiates so hang in there.
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Just hang in there. 11 days is amazing but you are right in the thick of it. Suboxone has a very long half life but you are doing great at 11 days. over 4 years ago I came off of subs and it took a few weeks but it happens and you will feel good again. Just remember after the withdrawals comes the hardest part. Staying clean... Good luck and God BLess
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Get some gabapentin. It helps in many ways.  I'm on day 7 clean.  Anybody have any sufferings on when I'll get any energy.
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There is really no time limit. Your body has been dependent on drugs for so long. It just takes time. Eating healthy and drinking water ... will aid, but time is what will heal all..
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I was taking 210mgs daily of oxy for 6 years. My energy came back at 60day mark. I read this site every hour for those 2 months literally sayin liar under my breath as i read. Just stick with it. U start with 30 mins of cleaning then 1 day u wake up and you forget u were ever dependent in the first place. The brain will heal i promise.
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I'm on day 15 now and I've gotten a little energy at work the last couple days and my sleep but still need more energy and focus for the fact that I do construction but I'll see if I can get gabs. I also don't have a hard time getting the will powere to get out of bed
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Hi....well sub is only second to methadone and can be a ruff detox  it also has a onlg 1/2 life and builds up in your system  so it takes some tome to get over it....you dident become addicted overnight and your recovery is the same  just give it time   get up to walmart and pick up a can of ''whey protien shake mix  it will help with the energy and also has a boat load of amino acids to heal the brain  a 2lb can is around 17 bucks  just one scoop to a glass of milk  drink 2 a day  give it a try it really helped me....they also carry a really goood tea for sleep   it is the single best thing I have found for sleep  it is traditional medicinal's nighty night ....it is a combination of several herbal's together  just seap 2 bags for 20 min  add some honey for flavor and in a 1/2 hour your ready for a good nights sleep  give it a try....keep posting for support
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OP u got wonderful advice.Hey gnarly I haven't been on here in a while. overopiates is my screen name(Sabrina).I wish I had come back to visit a lot sooner.I hope you're well.You helped me so much.I will always be greatful. I've got over 5yrs now.For you newbies please know that gnarly was/is the absolute best.He's helped so many he probably won't remember me. It that shows how many he has helped.Listen to him because he knows his stuff.
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