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Norco or Antidepresant/anxiety medication, pain or pleasure

OK, have been prescribed pain killers for a few years. I was getting 180 norco and 60 Kadian for pain. I moved  to WA and have been with out meds for a while. I went through minor withdrawls, no sleep, fatigue, no motivation runs, etc. Now I got my Dr up here and am getting a referal, and more meds. I am kinda wanting to shy away from the pain meds and deal with the pain, but instead go on an anti depressant, anxiety medication. I have symptoms of dresion an  anxiety. At this point as well as getting rid of pain, I am just looking to get my self level. I have no motivation, no love or joy to do anything.  typical depression and anxiety symptoms. But also the symptoms you get after being off meds. SO! My question is, should I get the meds to treat my pain and get the depression/anxiety meds. Or just the later. I know the pain meds will get me to that, normal mental level as well as help with the pain. what will the anti depresants and anxiety do? Will it get me to that, 'joy of living' motivated secure state? Make scence? I'm a little off so if this don't make scence,  I appologize. What do you think?
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I think you know the answer. you need to avoid pain killers at all costs.

Have you tried the anti depressant Cymbalta? My doctor told me it actually has some pain relief qualites along with being an anti depresant.

There are non opiate options. Tlak to your doctor about it.

Good luck to you.
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I ws thinking about asking for Lexapro or wellbutrin for MDD/GAD and anbian CRr for sleep. I just want to have the joy of life back. I dont find joy in anything anymore, Movies music playing with my kids. Though on Pain killers, It helps the pain it puts me in that zone. I would like to get to that zone with out the opiates. Can a getthere with the other meds? I read a lot of HORRIBLE reviews about cymbalta and  wont go that route. I would rather deal with the pain then have the long term withdrawls and all that ****.
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Getting in that zone takes time my friend when you have stopped the opiates.
The endorphins need to wake up. Give Lexapro a try if you want but just know its a very specific SSRI meaning that it may or may not work for you. I tried it the first week I had some strange side effect but they went away after a month it seemed to work a little bit after 3 months I stopped as it was not doing anything.
What may work for you is a oldly but goodie Trazadone but take it at night only and 40-50mg at most you will get a good night sleep you might want to take only 25 mg at first. It is a AD med at a much higher dosage but at 40-50 mg it a great sleep aid for many folks.Wellbutrin will tend to make you speedy or maybe not.
I would not use Ambian or any others in that class too many strange things can happen and it is addicting unlike Trazadone.
The one thing that is most critical is lots of excercise every day as much as you can get. Differnt amino acid protocals can help out a lot also.
Hang in there and if you do the SSRI route try one for 3 weekdks to a month if it does not work just switch to another one.
Of course talk to your doc about all this first
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Not sure what the horror stories could be with Cymbalta, Lexapro produces the same type of wthdrawal after long term use. But if that is what you want to try, please, by all means. I hope it works. Like the other poster said, some may work, some may not.

Trazadone is a great recommendation for sleep. It is an anti depressant that produces the side effect of sleepiness. Doctors use this side effece and prescribe it for sleep. The anti depressant effects may help you to! And this stuff knocks you out! its great.
Stay away from Ambien, its addicting, and you don't want to replace your addiction.

Opiates flood the pleasure center of your brain, which is why we feel so good. But when they are gone, the opposite happens. We have nothing there, and our brain cannot compensate the loss of pleasure chemicals. So that creates a chemical imbalance. Depression and withdrawal fro opiates almost go hand in hand. And this site has proven it to me. I see so many people posting if depression is normal. And it is listed as a side effect of opiate withdrawal.

Goof luck to you
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Wellbutrin has been a lifesaver for me.  It has given me joy back in life as well as energy and I started to lose weight too - not craving comfort food.  I think all these medications can be addictive, but with depression (if it's clinical) than there's nothing wrong with using them.  

Good luck!
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