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Not many withdrawals Subutex normal? Or not?

Hi I've been snorting Subutex for over a year. Recently found out I am pregnant I had tapered anyway due to me wanting to get off them. I tapered down to 1-0.5mg roughly. Well I'm on day 3 and I have been feeling not that bad. I'm still eating. Still sleeping. Rls is annoying though an the chills! I'm constantly cold and goosebumps are bouncing off me. Energy isn't 100% and my emotions are everywhere. I cry over anything. I'm not taking anything else apart from pregnancy vitamins and paracetamol I can't take nothing else due to the pregnancy. Is this it? I've managed to walk around town yesterday. I did have to keep sitting down and I was a bit paranoid. Back hurts and a headaches. I'm worried because I've heard all these horror stories is it gonna get worse? I'm a Christian and I've prayed and prayed that he can make it bearable and it has been. My question is is this just the start am I in for a rough ride? Or am I lucky? I will say today is where I'm feeling the rls a lot more. Thanks
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Hey, I've never been a drug user, but I assume Subutex is a form of medication for people who are withdrawing from drug use? Not sure why you snort it though? That will cause an even higher risk of overdosing, especially when it sends out massive amounts of buprenorphine, in turn breaks through the brain-barriers.

I too am Christian, and all I can say is have faith in our Good Lord. He is righteous, and merciful. He will get you through this, just trust him. No one can tell you if this will get worse. Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes days or even weeks to start getting full withdrawal symptoms. But push THROUGH!

No doctor can tell you whether or not you will have withdrawal symptoms. Your body will decide that. And it is up to you to decide whether you want a life of using. Or a life of happiness. Don't allow this to take over you. Pick a hobby, a craft. Start writing your feelings, emotions. Break that barrier that mamy people fail at breaking. Do this for your child. Your beautiful baby. Remember that not everyone is blessed to fall pregnant. I am a mother of 3. And I have always put my babies first, and you can too!
You are strong for starting your oath to FREEDOM. Oray, pray, and pray some more. God will never fail you. Just believe.

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Hey thank u so much for replying may I ask u pray for me aswel. I only started taking them due to me having. Addiction to co codomol after the birth of my second child. I live in the uk and the doctors here give them out like no tommorow. I snorted them because it was cheaper for me to do that. There is no way I would ever ever go back to them. And to be honest i haven't craved them since I started the withdrawals process. I have come this far there's no way I'm going back to square one plus the baby is too important to me. I am extremely blessed I already have 2 children full time with me and I'm doing this for them. I think today is the worst I have felt. I am gonna attempt to take them to a massive children's play centre today lol. I'm trying to keep busy. My children should not have to suffer because of my stupid decisions. I feel so proud o myself. Prouder that I have Subutex on the cupboard and I still don't want them. I am prepared to face whatever pain I have too to get clean so I can have a healthy baby and healthy mamma. They say Day 3 and 4 is the worst so hopefully after tommorow I should get better. I will continue to pray as we know god is good. X
Of course I will. Be proud, you should! You're doing an amazing job. IF you can, maybe try and go a step further and throw the whole thing down the drain. I know it will be hard. But remember, life is never easy! I am proud of you too! You are doin more than many others! Well done! YOU got this! You and your family are in my prayers!
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Well itt is day 4 and I am feeling so much better yey! Thank god!
Hello Londonlady, welcome to the forum. Congratulations firstly on your pregnancy. I am concerned about how you've ceased taking subutex due to your pregnancy. It is not recommended to stop taking opiates abruptly as it can result in miscarriage due to your drug use passing onto bub.

How many weeks along are you? Have you started prenatal care?

Please go and see a dr so you can get the advice and support you need.

You are very welcome here. No judging.
Hi thanks! I'm 4 weeks so early. Yes taking vitamins baby is fine and I'm over my withdrawals now no more chills I've managed to go out and clean the house. Eating sleeping fine just a bad back I have now which I had anyway before the opiates but coz of the withdrawals i am feeling the pain a bit more. I'm irritable more than anything but other than that I am really ok. Still not 100% but I will get there. Today I've had the sweats more than anything but nothing I can not handle. I knew I was risking a miscarriage doing this but I was willing to take the risk especially seen as I have 2 other children aswel. Sleep was not so good last night I did sleep but was a light sleep. Just waiting now to feel "normal" I guess everyone who has been through this will know what I mean. My brain is all over the place. I have been listening to music all morning aswel help the endorphins and dopamine lol I'm so bloody proud of myself!
Congrats on day 4, subs come in waves, just take it easy subs have a nasty half life.
Thanks! I haven't felt ill at all today hopefully that's it I lowered my dose so much throughout a few months so hopefully I'm over the worst. I'm prepared to face whatever it's a no brainier for me keep on using i will eventually lose my kids and have this baby in my belly withdrawing when it's born... I'm not risking it. My kids are my everything I can't believe I'm nearly on day 5! Never ever would I thought I would be clean from this ****. I was terrified but I've faced it. :)
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Well day 5...I am also tired today! I've been up so early this morning I'm sleeping but I'm waking too early and maybe it's coz I'm pregnant so I'm gonna be tired. Physically I feel ok achy legs but not as bad as they were! Feeling quite depressed today and lost and irritable. I don't know wot to do with myself I'm bored ********. I don't have the confidence like I used with subs. Plus the weather is horrendous here so that's depressing enough I can't go out anywhere it's cold wet and pouring down outside. Just no motivation. Only thing that is keeping me going is thinking it will et better. This is all normal. And it won't last forever. Strange I felt so happy yesterday dancing singing cleaning today I want to hide from the world I hate my life  Lol
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Ok so i alsoshared this same type of storie..Of course.**** what they say.what are u comforfable doing? I snorted through both prego. Babies tirmed out perf. 1 in houschool and ome in 6th grade. Perfect kiddos.
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Hi Londonlady, subutex has a long half life, a lot of people don't start feeling withdrawls until day 2-3... So it is early days still. This is why you are experiencing the ups and downs, the ok moments and then the not ok moments.

Please think about speaking to a dr.

You really are doing really well though on the withdrawal side of things. I'm feeling for you. The weather being yucky and withdrawing and a tiny new life staring is a lot.
YOUR SYMPTOMS WILL PASS. Try to get out. Just baby steps. Getting out and doing something will help so much especially when you feel you have no motivation without something. Then you can go," wow I did this ........ without anything. I thought I couldn't do this without my crutch."

It takes motivation to come on here London Lady, you so do have it, what's happened is these meds have you convinced otherwise.

Just do something today you wouldn't have thought possible yesterday and lets us know how you went.

Thinking of you and very proud of you also.
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Hi I've cleaned the house today so kept busy another day nearly done. Feeling a bit better now not so depressed had a few chills but I'm struggling to recognise the difference if it's withdrawals or just I'm genuinely cold lol but physically again I'm fine. I might go on anti depressants for a bit I have a history of depression and anxiety anyway so maybe that will help I don't know? All I know is I will never go back to that ever! What was I thinking! I must say being clean is a amazing feeling. Even feeling the shower on my face feels amazing haha
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Hi I'm really glad ur babies were fine wen u were sniffing but I'm really not prepared to take the risk. I'd rather go through months of feeling like crap if it meant I kept my babies well and healthy. This is no judgment to u by the way. I'm enjoying being clean just hard sometimes but it's expected. What goes up must come down....
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Hi Londonlady how are going today? Youve done the right thing, thankfully you weren't far along. You keep going girl!!!
Hi Sarahoz I'm good thanks just woke up it 7.20 am here I'm good I feel okay! I'm anxious more than anything but I'm ok I'm over the worst it's all up from here! I am buzzing that I'm on day 6! What a amazing feeling! I'd just like to say thank god for this forum it's held my sanity talking to others and writing what I'm feeling daily itsvreally helping. Still having trouble falling to sleep takes me a while but I'm getting atleast 8 hours so that's good x
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Hi! So good to hear from you!!!
Congratulations on 6 days of not using. That's awesome!

I know it must be annoying not being able to get off to sleep, it's part and parcel of withdrawl. But hey, you are getting a decent number of hours once you get to sleep.

Feeling anxious is the same. You really seem to have a great attitude and it's great you are coming here and sharing, it so helps. Catch you tomorrow.
Day 7 and the cravings has hit me full force I'm really struggling this morning! It's literally all I can think about I want that nice high feeling back yet I know I can't any tips on how to cope with cravings?
London your brain is wanting to be fed. Our brains stop producing the feel good as well as pain hormones, because you have been taking subs.

Right now you need to find support. How would you feel about looking into NA/AA or a therapist?

The cravings will pass, easy for me to say, but the truth is they will. You need to fill the hole which has been left behind.

What is happening is natural and normal. You are doing awesome.
Take each day mentally as slow as you need to in order to get through the hard times.

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Hi Londonlady, I'm sorry to hear of the attack. How are you? How are going?
Hi it's been a very sad day in uk today and yesterday. It hurts just thinking about it. The bravery of the police is astonishing it was a sick and vile attack. And I'm sure the rest of the world was thinking about London last night ...I'm Day 8 now and I'm fine. No cravings and psychically I feel okay. I'll never make that mistake again if using especially wen it was all to do with being addicted to pain medication that's how it all started.
Hi. I've been watching the news. I didn't know most of the police in UK didn't carry weapons, not even a taser.
All our police do and well we must be the 2nd strictest country in the world with you guys first anyway that's for your country to decide.

Us Aussies are very close to you guys, so yes we are really and truly feeling it. We had one female aussie injured.

It's great you are handling things. Be proud of you (:

Thinking of you..
Oh I'm sorry to hear she was hurt over here. Something hasn't got to be done now. We are on severe threat alert at the moment :(. No we don't carry guns or anything sometimes the police will have a taser or a little bat thingy but that's it. The footage and pictures I've seen was quite disturbing x
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Hi how are you? Is this day 9 or 10 for you? How are feeling inside, what is life like?
You're  another week pregnant?!. Sorry if I've missed it, how's your relationship with the father of your child?

Yes the attack is the first thing on the news on TV and online. I wish they could have been revived him so he could face his consequences.

It's great to read your posts. You're doing awesome.
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Hi I'm Day 9 today :). I'm feeling really good I'm so proud of myself. Me and my partner are really good thank you and he has been amazing helping me. I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and other than tired I'm ok. I do find myself getting bored in the days. Funny thing is I never used to do anything different when on subs but now that I'm clean time and the days can drag so I try to keep myself occupied going out for walks etc. The weather is getting better here now as it's spring so that helps a lot I suffer from SAD anyway so when the weather is good I feel good. I am sneezing A LOT now though lol x
Hi! Wow, that's so good to hear you have a good relationship. Time wise etc, you've landed in the normal zone..
you're brain isn't being aided with chemicals which can cause numbness, being unfazed, going with the flow etc, so now is that how you'd descibe it?
So now you are more grounded, conscious and aware, is that where you're at, how does this sound?

Well here it's meant to be autumn, but we are still having average days of 27-30 degrees Celsius. I'm the opposite of you with the weather. I can't stand Summer, especially the one we just had 52 days in a row of over 35. Then just before Autumn we has a Saturday of 39, Sunday 43 then Monday 28 crazy hey? I know SAD is very real and wow you're living in a country where one would really feel it. I hope you feel the Sun's warmth, it's great medicine on a cool day.

You are doing awesome, don't you forget it...a lot of people will read your thread now and in the time to come and you will motivate and inspire them to break free just as you have.
Hi, I waa wondering...where were you getting the subs from? Clinic or someone you know (knew)?
Have you taken any steps to cut your source off? Eg Deleting numbers, telling them you are no longer using if they contact etc.
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Hi Londonlady, how are you?
Hi Sarah I am good thanks very tired guess it is normal at this stage in pregnancy other than that I am fine still going strong :)
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Hi London! Wow it's so great to hear from you. Yes you could be tired for all sorts of reasons. What is the quality of your sleep like? How were you getting the subutex? Have you dealt with this?
Congratulations London you're doing so awesome!!
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