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Not seeing the light...

OK I'm on day 5 and I still feel like ****. I keep hearing it's going to get better, but it hasn't yet.  I am certain that the 4 @*&%$ hours of sleep a night is not helping but I don't know if this feeling like crap is in my head or for real.  I wake up prepared to feel bad... I am having terrible body aches and so tired. I have to go to work so I don't really have time to take a bath... when is this going to end?!
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Well your almost there so just stay strong!!  The sleep thing I would say your lucky to be getting 4 hours of sleep a night right now.  Your about through the worst of it and will start feeling better every day from now!!!!  Trust me I just went through all of this as I am only on day 17!!  But you will see your at the turning point now so just hang in there.  Oh and the sleep thing thats gonna be the last thing to go back to normal I am still having to take benadryl every night to sleep, unfortunately!!!  I tried sleeping without it last night but no luck:-(  But I know it's getting better cause at day 6 or 7 2 benadryl did not let me sleep more than 2 hours and now 1 benadryl puts me out for like 6!!  So your almost over the hump for the physical w/d and you just have to stay strong through the mental part!!  But you got it, you have already made it to day 5 so it's gonna be pretty much downhill from here!!  God Bless
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Hang in there! It will get better I promise. I know it doesn't seem like it now but you are better then the day before! Are you doing the "Thomas Recipe" that can help. I took advil for the pain. I had the worst back ache and my headaches were horrible. By day 17 you will see a change but this can take up to 30 days. Do not be discouraged because we have all been where you are now and some are just starting. Keep telling yourself tomorrow is a new day and that your one day ahead of getting your life back!
Praying for you! God Bless!
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the tunnel is a long one, yamaha... once the physical wds are gone, the mental battle starts and it takes time so please, give yourself time... But it is true that you should start feeling better... Four hours of sleep is not bad and you could even find time to have a bath during these hours cause it helps with muscles pain, up to you... are you taking magnesium and potasium suplemments ? they help with muscle cramps and aches too... hang in  :)

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It will get better.  This takes a bit of time as our body has to heal itself from the abuse we put it thru.  I know patience isnt one of our better qualities during this time but please try and be patient.  Try getting up in the morning with positive thoughts.  That will also help.  You are doing a great thing here by getting clean.  Hang in there........sara
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Hi -

Day 5 was not my best day either. I started to feel worth a damn on 6 or 7. decent by 10 and better than average by 14. I'm on day 17 and I feel great. All symptoms seem to be gone. Have a little energy...even sleeping 7 hrs a nite. The fact that you are getting 4 hrs a nite speaks volumes, thats really good. I know it seems like it will never end but I assure you it does. Right now I can't tell you I feel normal. But thats because ofter years of pills and drinking before that, I have no friggin clue what normal is. But I do know I feel good.
You will too. Just alittle while longer..Trust me. Hang in there

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I'm with tryingtochange and Laurel on this one.....4 hours is AWESOME.  I went quite a few days without 4 hours combined for all of them.

The fact you are getting 4 hours now means you are very close to being done with this.  As the others have said, be patient it will come.  It took much longer than 5 days for you to get addicted and it certainly takes more than 5 to feel normal.

KEEP keeping!!!!  You'll have better days soon.

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Well I have to admit I've on;y been getting 4 hours with the help of lunesta... But anyways, like jimimiddlefinger was saying, I don't know what normal for me is anymore, I have been on some kind of pill for 15 years now... I hope the real me is happy and energetic! I was taking adderol and ritalin for a long time before I discovered the opiates.
Well I got through work today, supposed to go to to a concert tonight.  That's gonna be great I never have been a drinker, but I sure wish I had something to take tonight with all these people partying around me. Don't get me wrong I've gine to shows "sober": before but on pills! LOL which is sober for me !! Man what a mess. this *****!  Then again, I used to not be able to go to a show without taking ecstacy or coke, and I haven't done any of that in years. So I guess I can go without taking a pill too
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