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Now I have a lot of energy and feel normal

I must have turned a corner cuz now I'm ok. Plenty of energy. Feeling great. So scared this is something fake
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Good, Good, Good!
Yep, You have turned a corner for sure, However....Just keep your Guard Up, because sometimes it will still go up and down. Not as Bad..Just like in a Fun park and you are riding the Roller-coaster. You will have days on that and days on the Ferris Wheel where you feel like you are stuck at the top..LOL

You are most differently coming around..Yipppppiiiieeee!!!!

Be Good, Be Safe, and wear that Armour at all times against the Beast!
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Vic I'm scared this is just some fake thing and it's not how it's really going to be. Is this what normal is like?
I feel the same way.  I am day 19 clean off oxy.  Sometimes my energy is on fire and I can climb a moutain.  times i am dragging.  I am so thankful that the major physical withdrawals are gone.  I never again want to deal with that.  How many days are you clean?
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I am into my 8th week of tramadol withdrawal.  It has been hell.  I went cold turkey, since I did not know anything about pain meds and tramadol was the first pain med I ever took.  I am still feeling the mental issues with tramadol, the anxiety and depression.  The depression is difficult but all that I read about tramadol is that it has a anti depressant in the drug. No wonder I am depressed it is messes with my serotonin in my brain.  Had i know this i do not think I would have taken this drug.  I was not depressed and anxious prior to taking tramadol.  I am so glad this site is here.  Helps me to cope a lot better knowing we are in this together and that it will get better.  I am counting on being the person I was before this med got into my system.  Rooting and praying for all  here who have had to suffer thru this drug.  
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Hi.....well the phyical part should have run it course so thats why your feeling better....but it is the ''mental ''mindscrew'' that can take a wile  the antidepressant in tram makes it espically hard to kick  you just have to go threw it  aftercare is really the key to success here keep pushing the meetings and going to your intensive outpatient tharpy  your young you will get past this  keep posting for support.........Gnarly
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Congrats on winning your battle, many times the finish line is the difference of a few days for some people and for you it could be it !! take the new found energy and think positive because like many on the board say its as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing so take today and run with it.  best wishes
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I'm 14 days clean now. Thank you all. I could do so much today.  I'm so happy and feel free. I'm back to work and doing great. Going to rest today after work. I have also decided to move. I want a fresh start so my parents are getting me a one bedroom house for another 7 months until I get married in June!
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Is this what it feels like to not be on meds? Have energy? Or is this like extra energy for some reason? I'm scared this will be a one day thing. Looking at the positive but still a little reserved.
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Don't get me wrong I love it but I'm so scared. I pray tomorrow is the same but I'm not sure lol. I'll be okay. I just don't want to get my hopes up. Cuz if this is what normal feels like I'll take it!
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Hang in there, today makes 90 days for me.
Let me tell you that I'm feeling great compared to what I had in the beginning.  I'm sleeping great, I'm able to go all day, I eat like a horse (not wanting to but it's good lol) and I don't think much about pills like I did a month back.
You got this
Plowboy, I am day 19 no oxy. i was taking 10-12 pills a day for 16 months 10/325.  I cant wait to make it to 90 days.  I feel good but my emotions are up and down.  My energy is good, but i find myself worry about everything now...make sense?  I wish i never took those pills but i know i am doing the right thing.  I never want to go thru withdrawals ever again.  It was rough for the first 7 days.  I feel better and better with each passing day.  Congrats on day 90
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Tram, that's great that you feel good today. Listen to me when I tell you: don't freak out if you don't feel this good tomorrow. Detox symptoms come and go, as well as crazy moods, in the early withdrawls. I have been reading your posts and I know you've been having a rough time. Can you just appreciate how you feel today and whatever tomorrow brings, you can deal with?

Time and patience, my friend. Time and patience.
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You are so right jifmoc. I appreciated it so much! I know each day I'm getting better. If tomorrow is bad so what. Better days are coming more frequently!
Yes, exactly...you go girl!
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Amen sister! You are so on your way. Congratulations on getting back to work. I totally agree with jifmoc. You may have a bad day thrown in every here and there, but soon, the good days like today will will become more and more frequent. AnD when those bad days hit, you'll have the strength to know that it's only temporary. You're doing great!
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Thanks pup. You have always been so supportive and I so appreciate you.
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Today has been an okay day: not the best not the worst. I cannot complain.
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Good to hear.
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