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I think I should correct something - or add to something - that I have always advocated.  Vitamins...Vitamins are of upmost importance.  In our research prior to our detox, we learned that a vitamin deficiency caused by methadone is the primary factor in pain associated with withdrawals.  We then determined that a safe amount of vitamins is alot!  We eased through the detox with far more ease than others.  Our counselor kept telling me that I was not a doctor, but we were being careful, conscious...and applying common sense and natural healing techniques (very effective, not used by many dr.'s)...Still, doing great.
Steven was able to continue eating and I was starting to feel sick...I stopped getting proper nutrition but kept up with the massive amounts of vitamins.  I used supplements...but it would really take alot.  I simply did not feel like eating, so I listened to my body and I did not eat...I drank water, I did everything else right.  As our counselor said...I am no doctor.  
Vitamins are very hard on your stomach...especially coming off methadone because you lack proper gut function.  
Nutrition is of equal importance.  At least we tested our detox method and corrected it for others who might be helped by it.
I ended up very sick...but here we are on day 25 or something...doing ok.  Doing very well in comparison to how we could feel and probably should feel!
Thanks to all of you -
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Feohmoon, So nice to hear that your back! I to have had some eating or shall I say, not eating issues that lasted for about 2, to 3 weeks, & it really tore me up, I just wasnt eating, I couldnt, so I lost about 7 pounds in a very short time period, not good, as it is methadone detox makes a person feel physically weak & drained, then you top it off with not eating & you have a mess, it also makes sleeping even worse. I felt so bad that getting back into my size 4 pants didnt even make me feel happy, so nutrition does play a factor in how good or bad a persons detox goes. Im eating again, 3 squares a day, no red meat, no caffine or as little as possible, & no sugar. Im glad your back, cause I only have 6 days left on my small dose of methadone, I,d get off of it now if not for work, after this saturday Im off work for 11 days, I really hated taking my vacation for this! My co-workers keep asking me where Im going on my vacation? Hawaii, Vegas, California? I wish!!!! I cant tell these people the truth, they wouldnt get it, so only you & a few others know that Im going on a methadone vacation, for life! Take Care & Im so glad your back! Penelope
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Herbal therapy works wonders.  Everything we need grows from the earth.  
If you have a local health and nutrition store,,,they should be able to help you alot.  I am going to post some information on herbal remedies today.
That is great that you recognized the need to stop, this forum helps alot in that journey,
Are you considering coming off the sub soon as well?
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Thank you so much for this post.  I would really be interested in knowing what vitamins you used.  I am currently on B1 and folic acid, but I've got a list going of others that I have heard be successful on this forum.  Also if anyone who reads this has information on herbal therapy I'm very much interested.  I have been on suboxone treatment for opiate abuse now for two months and have been clean from the pills I took (percocets, darvocets, xanax).
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LMAO, Nout s from and fish market???

  I needed that laugh this morning.....
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Oh, I need to add that I possibly got nut poisoning - cashews...ugh.....bought them from a fish market.  It did not sound stupid when I bought them.
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