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OKAY Im In DAY 1 HELL....not givivg in!

Ok so It has been about 24 hours since my last pills. I slept ok last night. But I feel kindof tingley if that makes sence as if all of my sences are on overload. I am also sweating like crazy, its disgusting to be completley honest. I guess it is all the toxins comming out of my system. I feel shakey litterally as if my hands are shaking but I dont think they really are (I know It sounds strange). I definatly feel fluish. My husband is the only one who is aware of the truth of whats going on. I have 3 daughters,18, 12, and 7. I cant tell them the truth my 18 year old doesnt know I relapsed and I am terrified to ever tell her we are close and she has accused me a few times but like the addict I am I always deny it.So if you guys dont mind I am going to keep posting throughout today and the next few days mabye me doing this and explaining step by step will make someone else realize that they can make it. Im not giving in Im going to beat this once and for all. Get my life together....Im hurting a little right now....But I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!
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You can and will do this......It is not fun but it is something that needs to be done to get to the other side of this.  Keep following that light at the end of the tunnel.....We are here to help so reach out..........sara
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yes you will survive......all you are experiencing is completely normal....my hands felt like pins and needles for days....it gets so much better....honestly...im going on 267 days and life couldn t be better...good luck to you...hang in there...maria
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you will get through it i promise, it seems really tough at the min, but it passes i spent most of my time on here reading loads of posts, it kept me busy and my mind of the wds, keep you chin up... emma xxx
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Hi there-
I am hoping that I can get some advise.  I have been addicted to percocet/vicodin on and off for 6 years.  I have always been able to get clean for my pregnancies.   About 3 months ago I went on Suboxone.  My husband and I want another child, but I have to get off of these first.  My habit was never this bad in the past.  I can take around 15 5mg. percocet a day.  I started at 8mg suboxone, then tapered down to 2mg. three times a day, then to 4mg, then to 2mg, then .5mg and now at .25mg.  I read somewhere that suboxone is 25-44 times stronger than morphine.  Coming off of this is hell.  I don't know if I should just taper off of percocet (I can easily get them) or stick with the suboxone.  I just want off so bad and can't stand these withdrawals.  Any advise would be appreciated!  Good luck justme2262!  I have 3 kids  (twins that are 5 and a son that is 2)
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