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OMG It Happened!

Well, I just started to go to NA meetings and wouldn't you know it?!?!?! My worst fear came to fruition! I saw someone I knew, on a professional level at the dang meeting! I had this intense deer in the headlight, get up and run, omg I've been found out, what have I done, kinda feeling. However, I looked around the room and noticed no one else was freaking out like I was, so I decided to stay. And, when this person introduced themself as an addict, I was like, okay, maybe this isn't so bad. Then when everyone was talking, this person shared a little and I realized--this person is just like me---holy cow! I am okay!
I don't know if this will be helpful for anyone, but I just wanted to share. If this is a fear, don't let it stop you from going! I am so glad this happened because it taught me a valuable lesson: I am not alone. It can happen to the best of us and it is okay. Our addictions didn't happen overnight, and we won't heal overnight and the very people you think are better than you can be just like you!
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So many have expressed this fear of seeing someone they know.
Usually it is because they live in a smaller town.
Our response has always been if you see someone at the meeting guess
They are an addict too.
The meetings are confidential. What goes on there stays there.
Just like in Vegas. Hehe
I see people whom I have seen at meetings Outside of the meetings and the meetings are never talked about.
Congrats on taking the plunge.
The first step into the meeting takes alot of courage.
Great job.
Keep up the good work.
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I love this!  When we are so afraid of being seen at these meetings.  I actually go to meetings in another town b/c I own a business and do NOT want to run into customers in these meetings.  Of course, I did anyway, so that was pointless!  You know, the only thing I could think was, well, if their here, they must be here for the same reason???  I'm telling you, there are hundreds of thousands of us!  Way more than you think!
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Remember NA and AA are anonymous. You may run into someone you know but you are all there for the same reason. Don't worry about it. Unless he says something to you put of a meeting, it is no big deal. And if he does, listen to what he says, it may be him genuinely caring about how you are doing.

Keep going!! You are doing great.
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I am really proud of you~
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Addicts are everywhere, in every walk of life, every profession, every social status. You don't know it, but you're surrounded by them, and interact with them every day. Some are in recovery, some are using, but no matter, they are there. Don't be too surprised about what you find out as time goes on.
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I live in a very small town and IF I see some out and about and we yack, but not about the meetings or us unless we get in a private setting. I do not hide the fact I had a Addiction problem because how else will other people know anything about this unless we share.
I am going to be 58, (Oh a girl never tells her age haha) and used most of my Life for this reason or that..SO I am living the Best Yet then I ever have and I want to scream it out loud to Everyone!!! It works if you work it!!!! One day at a time is all we have and that is the truth.
Proud of you..Your Angle is in there just waiting to take you under there wing!
PS A BIG Thank you for your Post because I was not going to go tonight, but now I miss my NA/AA friends.lol
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Hey.....you know that is probable the number 1 reason people dont go...and you know what  you will be suprized at at first but once you see them and hear there story you know there there for the same reason you are there is no shame at a N/A meeting I have seen people from my church there who I always felt where ''normies'' just remember the ones there should bring you no shame it is the ones still using to be careful with im so glad you posted this the more fears we can get out there the better chances you have of getting more people to go and if your a recovering addict you need this critical part of recovery like you said after the intial shock was over it was not a problem if he is a old timer he should have approached you and said '''welcome home''' im so proud of you for staying you are doing everything to make your recovery successful...''keep coming back''.......................... Gnarly............................
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