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Need help with withdrawal from opiates? Then, I can help. PLEASE READ!!!
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Hello everyone. I see, through many questions, that some of you may need solid answers to opiate withdrawals as well as tapering off. Well, I can tell you from my personal experience how to beat the withdrawals and how to taper off at the same time. If you are not ready to quit, then I can still get you through the withdrawal part. First, I will tell you what I've done so many of you can get an understanding of where I'm coming from. Ok, my name is Mark and I am a cross-addicted alcoholic (Intro to AA & NA also letting you know I'm an addict). I am a 22 year old male who, at the age of 15, was addicted to heroin and oxycontin's. I have snorted b/t (between) 3-7 bags of heroin a day as well as snorting many oxycontin 40 mg. a day. I have been to rehab 3 times, and all times were unsuccessful. What really made me wake up and stop quitting the opiates, forcefully, was getting locked-up in a Juvenile Placement Facility. I used to sell bundles of heroin and the day I went to court, well, I was too "high" to remember. I actually had the staff feeding me because I couldn't stay awake or "nodding-off". I had no choice but to quit. That was very dreadful. When I was released I felt like a new person with a future to look forward to (I'm not telling you to get locked-up, so read on). Well, I was sober for 5 years and I got myself into a college studying Sociology/ Anthropology, with a minor in Criminology, and a double major in Psychology. I was diagnosed with viral meningitis my sophomore year and when I was in the ER I was prescribed percocet 5mg. I failed as an addict to tell the Dr. that I was a recovering addict from opiates. Well, my family Dr. was supplying me with 120 Percocet 10/325 mg. every three weeks. I did that for 5 months and I told the Dr. that I didn't like the Acetominophen in the Percocet because the long-term use can damage my liver. So, he eventually put my oxycodone 15 mg (a generic for Roxicode, which is also considered generic oxycontin's). Well, 120 of these every three weeks was making me "high" everyday. I was still doing my school work, but slacked here and there in the process. WITHDRAWAL: The percocet were by far the worst for me. I had body aches, especially in the legs (Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). After about 4 days I was done withdrawalsing, but I still had a problem. I had psychological damage, which included anxiety, deression, lonesome, etc. This laste for about 14 days. The 14 days were the longest ever. After about 3 weeks you should be FULLY recovered with no withdrawal or no impairments (psychologically speaking). HOW TO AVOID WITHDRAWAL: After the percocet I decided I can take the oxy's because I could quit again, WRONG! Well, I became more addicted to these. I now decided to come off of the, but with a psychological experiment of my own (similar to Freud and Dr. Hill). I decided that I didn't want any withdrawals or any impairments with my life. Now, what I did is I took 3 Oxy's and put them to the side. I woke up last Friday, only 2 days ago, and I took the pill and made 4 quarters out of it. I took 1/4 (one quarter) every four hours. That's day 1. Day 2, I woke up at 7am and had a sever cramp in my leg. I took a 1/4 and passed back out with no pain. I woke up and around 2pm I felt symptoms coming on, so I took another 1/4. If you follow what I said, I started with every 4 hours and by day 2 from 7am to 2pm is every 7 hours. At 9pm that night I took another 1/4. I woke up the NEXT day and from every 7 hours it went to 1/4 every 12 hours (tapering off). Now, I am on my third day and I did not take anything and I have no withdrawal symptoms or little to any. A moderate sweat here and there. Yes, you think about it, BUT THERE IS NO PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPAIRMENT--Your'e NORMAL! I am done for good. If you can do what I just explained, then you will feel as normal through those 3 days as if you never took anything. The hardest on the 2nd day, when taking a 1/4 every 12 hours, is during the night it is a little tough to sleep, but there are no pains or aches or impairment. Just tough sleeping, thats all.FOOD FOR THOUGHT: If you decide to do what I said, then you will not make yourself suffer. What I told myself the whole time is, "I will refuse to let myself suffer, if it comes to it, then I may take more than necessary, but to never exceed 1/2 within a 12 hour limit." Please for all of you who read, it is possible to not make yourself suffer or to resort to other addictions, for example Suboxone (a partial agonist/ antagonist) or Subutex ( 100% Antagonist). If you have any question please do not mind asking. I am here to help and with educational experience with "Psychology of Addiction" and many other classes that have taught me about drugs and their ability of affecting the body's biological chemistry, I will provide 100% professional feed back, some opinionated through my experiment and other based off of professional studies. Good Luck!! Cheers!
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Thanks for sharing your story and Congrats on getting clean!
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Maybe you can help me out on understanding the psychological part of my addiction. I had mild-moderate depression issues before I became an addict,(which I believe might make me a little more addiction prone). Since I went c/t from 5-7 hydro a wkday and 8-10 a day wkends I've been struggling badly with the lost hopeless feeling you had. I did some E this wkend (one of my  dealers needed money and all I wanted was to be happy!)  Would you recomend seeing a doctor at this point (It's been 10 days since I used)? To be quite honest I scare myself at times!
    Please excuse the disorganized rambling, my mind goes a mile a min. and jumps around a lot. LOL
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I am happy your plan is working for you,,,,,I do have one question, tho.  My daughter can beat the physical w/d's,  or make it thru those,  it is the mental that is the absolute worst.  And yes I do know how long she has not used due to the drug testing.   After 2 or 3  or 4  weeks of being clean she will relapse.    What do you use for the mental addiction?

Thank you for your input!!!
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I think it is great that you found a way to minimize the w/d symptoms...but of course...to be reasonable...it isn't foolproof....for one....MOST addicts absolutely do NOT have that much self control.  Also, it depends on the amount one is taking when starting to quit.

Lastly...while the suffering *****...there is something beneficial to that as well.  It almost serves as a VERY hard reminder as to WHY to never go down that road again, ya know?

I wish you well and glad that it is working for you.....I'm for anything to get clean...but always like to be honest and look at all the sides to it.  The main thing that made me want to speak up is your verbiage of almost a "miracle cure"...and people are very suggestable....especially when they are suffering.  Being realistic is vital too!

Take Care!
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hun - get into some sort of psychotherapy to deal with your depression.

i think i posted that before.  there is no magic bullet.  you will be wasting your time looking for a "quick fix."  it simply doesn't exist.

you want to get to the root of WHY you feel depressed. and there is no easy way around it.

once you go thru therapy, if there still is depression, then it's possible you might need a mood stabilizer.

but until you face that you need some help, the depression will remain. and instead of just covering up with drugs (illegal or legal) it's best to sse if you can get rid of it yourself, with good help.

i can tell you for certain, with a good therapist, your life can feel about a million times better.

there is no magic bullet.

good luck to you...
the other "mj"
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Hello and I hope I can offer you some advice. The psychological effects of narcotics vary with individuals, their moods, and social or environmental settings. Psychological effects can be acute and chronic. Some acute effects can be observed OUTWARDLY as a behavior pattern of lethargy, lack of concern, and ability to concentrate. INWARDLY, users report peacefulness, feelings of well-being, and eventually euphoria. These are the acute effects. As with chronic effects, the existence of psychological dependence, as evidenced by craving, is well established for narcotic use. Heroin as well as any narcotic are strong positive reinforcers for the addict. Studies show that animals (mainly rats and monkeys) will self-administer continual doses of narcotics without the needs for other rewards, such as food and water. If the drug is then withheld and the animal experiences elements of abstinence syndrome (no drug available), the effects of negative reinforcement are added to those of the positive reinforcement. The result is a strong desire to repeat the experience, both to enjoy the positive effects and to avoid the negative ones. This is the nature of being human. As with any addictive personality, a person will love to experience positive effects and avoid the negative.

To understand addiction one must understand the chemistry within the brain, both psychologically and physiologically. Lets start with endorphins. Endorphins are morphine like substances produced and released naturally in the human body. After long-term use of narcotics an individual will get sick and suffer from aches and pains. This is from the lack of endorphins that are naturally produced in the brain. When you feed your body narcotics you are actually releasing large amounts of endorphins into the body's blood stream, which is also the euphoria experienced. However, long-term use of narcotics send a message to the brain telling it to stop naturally producing this chemical because the person is actually self-administering it. When the brain stops naturally producing endorphins, the brain becomes reliant on the person to administer the drug into the body. Finally, when a person quits administering the drug into the body the brain becomes confused because it is so used to the person supplying the brain with this chemical. The body then goes into a detox mode, which the liver processes and cleans out large amounts of narcotics. The brain then needs build up its natural chemistry by producing this chemical again. This chemical is released when a person falls and hurts themselves. Endorphins are a natural pain reliever, so thats why aches and pain occur as a result from a withdrawal effect because of the abstinence of the drug. This is just a brief summary of endorphins. I can get more into depth with the brains chemical structure, but I do not know if you would want to know. Lets move on.

Psychological effects are a result from a persons social environment, environmental settings, and moods. I like to use social and environmental settings because this is the major influence in a persons recovery. From a Freudian perspective, behavior is learned. Within a persons environment there can exist societal norms that enable a person to use drugs. This can consist of friends, relatives, neighbors, and even doctors. The psychological part of addiction is very extensive and can be overwhelming to any person suffering from it. Addiction is a way of living as opposed to working is a way of living for me. It becomes a lifestyle that only the addicted person can abide by. Addicts may be scared to face the normality of life and resort to their old habits because its less stressful and very easy to maintain. I like to say that an addict has no identity. For example, I used drugs to connect to myself and to feel good. I grew up parentless and had no structured identity to follow after. I was a clueless person just living the present and not worried about the future. But, it is possible to fid your own identity. I found my identity while going to school. I enjoy it and it give me a heck of a lot to look forward to. I know who I am now and I also know what my purpose in life is. So, you need find your true identity to where you feel comfortable living in your own skin. Second, find a very different hobby that will enable a person to enjoy positive effects without the use of drugs. Chances that one find a hobby that give them positive effects will reinforce the person to continue with their life doing what the enjoy without resorting to drug use. Addicts do not give their self a chance to connect with a hobby or sport they would enjoy doing, but rather give up to easily and want that positive effect immediately. Thats why they resort back to drugs because it gives them that immediate positive effect. Thats just one theory. It's very important to note that a person only changes gradually over time. It is not a sudden change. Time is the cure for addiction. If you are a parent you must maintain patience and persistence. Isolate the negative factors involved, which can include people, places, and things, and start concentrating with your child on finding an identity that they can relate to, OTHER that the addict lifestyle. If you should have any questions please ask. Cheers!
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How important do you feel a good aftercare program is in staying sober?  For the most part, what I have witnessed is people make it through the physical w/d, and then succomb (sp?) to the psychological aspects once the physical w/d is complete.
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